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  1. "Purple Highlights Please" is my fave. :notworthy:

    Love the Manta's too. The water looks so much clearer

    than when I was there in Dec.

    Hopefully it'll be that nice in Sept when I'm there.

    Did you do land based or live aboard?


    ps: I had issues the first couple times I tried to look

    at your Flickr stream because of the slashes instead

    of dots in the url.

    Took me a bit to figure it out.

  2. Yall make me feel so much better, thank you Cary! I feel like Im at least heading in the right direction now.


    Was your 16-35 losing sharpness (soft) outside of water too or just in water? If just in the water then that will make me sad because I was looking forward to using it UW.


    Anyone used both the 16-35 and the 17-40 before? Opinions vs each other UW? I know in my normal photography my 16-35 blows the 17-40 out of the water, so Im pretty interested in the differences UW?




    16-35 is razor topside.

    It's a bad combo of +2 dioptre and too small (8") dome.

    I think it needs a +3 dioptre or a larger dome. (strictly based off opinion not testing or scientific fact)

    Though I have heard many complaints about the 16-35 uw.

    I just got my larger dome today but haven't had it in the water yet.

  3. Hi Peachy,


    I'm a Canon shooter but use a different housing than either of those.

    That said, I have used S&S (with a Nikon F5) in the past and was

    pleased with the rig. The only issue I had was some scratches on the

    dome that happened when I bumped a 7' Blue shark that was a bit too

    close for comfort at one point.

    I use the 5DMKII UW and my best results have been with the 15mmFE

    and the 100mm Macro lenses. I was unhappy with the sharpness results

    I was getting with the 16-35.

    The 17-40 may be a better choice (tho I have no experience with it UW).

    You can always purchase S&S ports used too as an option.

    I use both Inon Z240's and S&S YS-250's and have been mostly happy.

    The 250's are heavy....



  4. (I'm not looking to make much money as this is a hobby/goal, but I do not want to screw the industry by offering free photos.


    Maybe contests are a better way for you to to get published without lessening the value of yours

    or anyone elses work....?


    Perhaps a regional (near you) publication ie: CA Diving News etc. They have a "my best photo" or

    something like that section.


    If your work is professional quality and you want to be considered such then maybe looking at a photo

    group such as http://editorialphoto.com would help lead you in that direction.


    I think most everyone receives some value from the recognition that they get when others "like"

    or publish their images. It makes you feel good. You seem to have a good sense of what's "right"

    by considering others in the industry. Commendable!

  5. When you say a few days....... do you mean literally 3-4 days or are you talking potentially

    a week or two or more?


    If I'm on a trip I open the housing only to clean the O ring if I'm in a silty environment

    and to change port/lens, batteries and card daily. IMO the less you mess with things the better.


    If it turns into a longer break it's best to take the time and clean the gear properly.


    AC/ no AC probably doesn't matter as much for storage as it does for condensation

    build up when going from cool to warm environs, such as from the hotel to the dive


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