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  1. Type 3 or 4?



    I have two unused Inon Z-240 Strobes for sale. Purchased Spring 2008 and never even been wet. Come complete with all literature, spare O-rings, lube, diffusers, etc. $450/Each, shipping/insurance at cost. Buy both of them and I'll include an equally unused Sea&Sea two-into-one cable with Nikonos 5-pin connector. USPS for CONUS shipping, international for all others. Photos upon request.

  2. Which Force Fins do you use?

    I use the Extra Force model in the

    Tan Delta material and don't have

    any issues.

    I'll sometimes dive with

    ankle weights if I remember them

    but don't necessarily notice a big


    I did find that changing my

    BC made a big difference in

    bouyancy control.

  3. I was there with a buddy in Dec of last year and had a great time.

    Jan at MRBH in Yap is in charge of the dive operations and made sure

    everyone had a great time. We saw many Mantas and a ton of sharks.

    Depending on what spot we were at vis was poor to excellent.

    The restaurant down and across the street (Thai I think) was the best

    for the money. I recommend the seafood curry.


    The vis at Palau was nice most of the time and again saw tons of sharks and Mantas.


    I used a FF camera but my buddy used a DX format body with the 10-17. I wish they made

    something similar for my FF body. He really had outstanding results. We shot a little macro too.

    He used the 60mm.


    The currents varied at both places depending on tide and location. Reef hooks were necessary

    at a few spots and Peleliu Express was ripping.


    Enjoy your trip!



    This October I'm on the Peter Hughes Tropic Dancer in Palau followed by the Manta Ray Bay Hotel in Yap. Since this is my first visit to Palau and Yap I would like suggestions on what lens to use on my DX format D2Xs.


    I am assuming that I will need wide lens like the 12-24 or 10-17. But how about medium lens like 17-55 or 17-70, or macro lens??


    Also how bad are the currents?

  4. What is the average cost of a surf housing for the 5D MKII?


    James - I was promoting my Sea & Sea as it sounds like Ben wants to use it for pool work and light surf which the S&S can handle, but with a budget of less than $2K he can't afford mine.


    I would consider buying a surf housing if I could get it for less than $2K....are there used ones on the market?



    Most of the used ones that I've seen on the market (Craigslist, Facebook) are for previous model cameras.

    I have seen some surf housings retrofitted for newer body styles ie: 40D to 50D etc. Generally that includes

    some sort of trade off control wise but people shooting in those situations generally utilize less controls than

    we in the UW crowd do.

    A new housing for the 5DII with a FE port is $1800 through SPL. (one of the housings I checked on personally).

    They weigh about 3 pounds and have controls for the critical functions. You can also (at an additional cost) get

    setups for Pocket Wizard control of off camera strobes.

    Again these setups are only good to a depth of about 20-30 feet, so not for diving.

  5. Some good surf housings I know of are:


    SPL, Delmar, and Aquatech.


    They are made for shock, come with pistol grip options w/ remote trigger, pocketwizard housings, etc.





    I've researched them lately myself and the majority of pros I know are shooting these brands

    with a few additional regional brands thrown in for good measure. Good call James.

  6. Subal CD5M2 housing for Canon EOS 5D Mark II w/ GS 180 Viewfinder $5200.


    Takes Type 4 Ports (newest style) Ports not included.

    Excellent Condition. Aprox 6 months old. Extra O ring.

    Dual Nikonos 5-pin type flash connectors.

    Comes with handles and hand strap. Body cap.


    Reason for sale - Switching to different camera.


    Prefer not to ship but will if necessary within CONUS only.

    Buyer pays actual shipping costs - nothing added beyond actual cost.

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