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  1. Really! I had heard that the 8 inch full frame and 17mm (17-40) was not a good makeup.


    Would using the 12 inch dome help here?


    8" is what I have and am not happy with as far as the 16-35 goes. I've

    heard rumor that they are designing a larger dome (not their existing

    larger dome) because of complaints with that combo. The 8" works great

    with my 15FE though.

  2. you could get a brandnew 5D2 for $2079 after Bing cashback.

    I don't see where I could 'save money on camera plus no tax'.

    maybe you could enlighten me?


    Didn't know this was the spot for debate.

    I kinda remember hearing the adage if you can't say anything nice...


    I guess your inference is that I'm trying to rip people off. You are mistaken.


    $2499 B&H Photo

    $2499 Adorama


    Thanks for the input

  3. I run two seperate pieces of 3/8 bungy cord through the hole in the handle of my Aquatica 200 housing. I tie the ends, each one seperatly ,then I tie aloop in the other end with both bungy cords and put a small carabiner through it. I can Hook it too a nylon wrist sling and I carry two short john lines to hook it to my bc and to a small lift bag while on the surface waiting for a ride.



  4. Cary what load batteries do you use? With 2700mah batteries I get over 400 full power shots from the Z240. The recycle time is not as fast as the 250 with NiMH batteries but now I've switched to NiZn batteries and it's fast!


    I have the Eneloop batteries. 2000mah. You don't have any heat issues with the 2700's?

    I already use 2700's in my topside 580's.

    I may have to switch what I use in the 240's.... :)



    and for the OP, like Drew I utilize the smaller 240's for macro and the bigger 250's for wide angle

    but for the last few months find myself solely using the 240's for both.

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