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  1. Local store isnt really an option where i am in Thailand as there are none. All would involve multi hour trips to a city and back and even then the chances of them understanding what i need are slim! Its a genuine, newly bought Nauticam housing so the parts themselves should all be Nauticam. Its the reducer thing i need really as without that i cant screw the handle down.
  2. I've got a Nauticam housing for my Canon EOS 70D and in the process of reconfiguring it slightly and have lost some original bits. Currently i have a ball mount for a gopro mounted which i want to remove. The problem is, removing this requires some sort of reducer and screw to complete the housing setup but im unable to find the name (or part numbers) i need. This is the mounting hole with the ball removed. The other side has a reducer of some sort and screw as can be seen here:- Basically im after the name and/or part numbers of these items (reducer thingy and screw so can order them and remove the unneeded ball mount.
  3. Cardiff specifically, Doha and other places they didnt care less. I was 7.2kg, had to lose 200grams (and then unknown to them collect the other 7kg id left with relatives outside the check-in area....
  4. Qatar Airlines from Cardiff ruthlessly enforced hand baggage to the gram. The other one now is all flights at KLIA2 (so Air Asia main hub) they now weigh after checking and before immigration. I end up wearing 2 pairs of shorts and hiking trousers with stuffed pockets every single time going through there now as a result.
  5. We go there roughly once a month (OK less this year due to the crazy myanmar visa price and new $1000 per boat fee they've introduced!). Myanmar can be highly variable. Typically 3-5m vis and green, sometimes the Mantas are around Black rock (and the Twins), sometimes not. Once a year in roughly February they seem to congregate for a few days in large numbers then vanish (this video was shot over a period of 3 days/12 dives - normally we do 1 day at black rock but customers kept voting to stay so we did). As far as IDs go, we had 50 different individual mantas on this particular trip and yes, I submit to Manta Matcher). Unusually the vis was 15m+ and blue water as opposed to 5m of green as well. The following year we only had 1 day of Manta madness there but got 20 different IDs over 4 dives, the next day there they'd all gone. This time though they were breaching, sometimes as 1s, sometimes as pairs so behaviour was completely different. What was interesting is both seasons we didn't have the same manta on more than 1 dive so that hints there's a very large number of them moving through the area. A lot of the Manta IDs came back as new but several had been seen at Koh Bon / Similans several years previously. Also some of the ones we get in the Similans come back as being at Black Rock and further north so they clearly move around a lot over several years.
  6. I can see both sides of the coin as im a photographer (or claim to be) and also a guide. Personally when ive got my full camera setup in photographer mode i would NOT want to guide me. No matter how much i try to be a good buddy and good group person i simply cant pull it off. As advice above, going when its quiet OR getting a private guide is often the only sensible option. Speaking as a guide its a nightmare when you have a group of "normal" divers who want a tour and 1 proper photographer with a camera. Its impossible to please both.
  7. Thought i'd posted this before but i don't think i did. A slightly-too-long compilation of 3 days of Oceanic Mantas at Black Rock in the Mergui Archipelago, Myanmar. Very unusual trip in that (i) lots of mantas there and (ii) the visibility wasnt 5m of green for once! Underwater shot with a Canon EOS70D with and without a magic filter. I know there are frame rate stutter issues in places. No sound track as i dont actually have any music stored locally to put onto the footage.
  8. OK the new board finally arrived, was duly changed but same issue- nothing happens. Must be a failure battery unit side. So far in the 9 months or so ive owned the light, its been broken for 5 of them.
  9. A few things ive noticed. It depends on your strobe design. If you have a type with a long, straight tube which is relatively small (Inons etc) but id say yes you're likely to need one to spread the light. If you have strobes with big, circular tubes like Ikelites then possibly not so much. I have DS160s for example. Personally i find i get significantly more backscatter with diffusers vs none (and dome diffusers take it to another level...) so in silty/messy waters such as myanmar i pretty much never use diffusers. If im doing CFWA or just "really close" then i do use them pretty much always.
  10. Yup its not the button unfortunately. I contacted them and they instantly said they'd sent me a new board and links to videos of how to change it myself (which leads me to believe maybe this isnt a rare problem!) Does mean ive had to go and buy a soldering iron. I like the light but not overly impressed by the fact i got 2 months use, it broke, lost it for 2 months for a repair and now its happened again...
  11. Not sure if anyone can offer advice here or if ive had yet another breakage on one... Ive got a Scubalamp V6K that simply wont turn on at all. Battery is showing 3 x solid red LEDs which it normally does when charged. However when trying to turn the lamp on nothing happens at all, no flashing of the button, no head flash, nothing. Ive tried the holding the button in to get it out of hibernation mode but the same problem - nothing happens. So any suggestions as to what to try next? Not too happy with this light - i bought it in March, had about 2 months use before the head died and had to go back for 6 weeks for repair. Ive had a little bit of use out of it, stored it for 2 months and now it seems dead again. (I know the dealer i got it from has stopped stocking Supe as well they said due to reliability issues).
  12. Glad of that! I thought it would - as i said, the only reason i didn't bother myself is because i upgraded the housing. That and the last time i tried to do it myself on another port i own i made such a mess of it i had to send it to a professional to do properly! I still get nervous selling anything with a "defect" no matter how hard you try to highlight it to potential buyers! Also a bump, the other items are still available and as an added bonus, they dont need micro-mesh!
  13. Update.. The MINI DOME has now been sold. The 8" dome and flat port remain available.
  14. The issue is i already have 1 x V6K (non pro) so just need one extra. I found the pro significantly heavier and bulkier for travel and hard to fit with my already excessive baggage.
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