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  1. After shooting with Canon 60mm for a year, I think it's about time to jump up to 100mm for macro shots. However, I'm not sure about focus gear for 100mm lens. Though I've heard AF speed of 100mm is very slow and manual focusing is more efficient, but I guess its AF won't be that bad in my 7D with focus light. I want to know what you guys think about it. (The lens I'm going to buy is Canon 100mm f/2.8 Macro USM.. )
  2. I have no doubt there'll be ports for Tokina and other common UW glasses sooner or later. However, for who want upgrade from compact cameras w/ wet mount lens, it would be very nice if those wet mount lenses are also availabe for NEX-5. Buying a new lens and a dome port will cost much more than buying an adaptor, I guess. I just hope Inon or Fisheye will test their wet mount lenses and provide adoptors. :-) BTW, thank you very much for kind offer, Mr. Chae. Will PM you later.
  3. Of course, it'll be nice if Nauticam makes ports and focus gears for Tokina 10-17 or Nikon 10.5. By the way, I think it might be possible to use wet mount Fisheye conversion lenses from Inon or Fisheye, if there's an adaptor for 16mm pancake port.
  4. Thank you, Tim. Magnet and power setting were as usual. I'll try one more at faster shutter speed. (The pictures above were taken at relatively slower shutter speed...) Another question : if it's due to the failure of sTTL, what about non-Inon strobes? Some Sea&Sea strobes can be fired by optical cables and they are told that TTL works. Moreover, will this failure not happen when using Ikelite strobes with sync cord or using Sea&Sea strobes with TTL converter & sync cord?
  5. manual mode, same shutter speed, optical cable Camera flash (above) D2000 strobe (below) http://blog.naver.com/jongwonwoo/10089784658 Those two pictures should be identical, if sTTL works as Inon told. Is it just my strobe's problem or the failure of sTTL? What's your opinion? (I've been using this strobe since I started taking u/w photos and quite satisfied with its performance so far.)
  6. Thank you, Steve, Chris! As there're no Nauticam dealers here, it's not that easy to get some (simple) technical supports.
  7. As I am the one of who seeking for a glass dome port for Nauticam housing, I'd like to get some advice. Sea&Sea Optical Dome seems to be good, but do I need to have an adapter ring for this port and a gear adaptor to use a S&S zoom gear? Thanks.
  8. Thank you all! Will try Bali in May.
  9. Hi guys I was planning to dive at Bali in this May, but happened to hear that Bali is not quite recommendable in that season because of tough diving conditions - strong currents and windy weather. Should I change the plan, or go ahead? What do think?
  10. Thanks for replying. Here's another picture of this one. I found it lying on the sand, with no holes nearby. It moves little, and does not seem to be sensitive to light. http://www.flickr.com/photos/27925731@N05/4207573072/
  11. Do you have any idea about this fish? (I took this picture while night diving at lembeh.) http://www.flickr.com/photos/27925731@N05/4205940864/
  12. Patima has EF-S 10-22 ring w/ zoom, which can be used with dome port. They say you can control the zoom outside the port. I once told them about 10-17 zoom port, but it's not in their interest. Though ports are limited, it looks good for its price and sockets for fiber optic cables.
  13. Patima launched Canon 500D housing last week (in Korea). I still wonder what modification should be needed for 500D housing as 450D and 500D are almost same bodies in size and buttons. However, they introduced a new one and it costs more.
  14. Patima D90 housing has no sockets for optic cable. Only nikonos 5 pins or so-called "Patima-type" 5 pins.
  15. For macro shots, I use Olympus PTMC-01 lens on PT-027 housing(for C-7070wz) and results are not bad. However, to do some super macro, I'm thinking about using Inon close-up lens such as UCL-165M67. As Oly PTMC-01 fits 67mm thread on PT-027 housing flat port, UCL-165M67 seems to fit well, too. Can I use it alone as PTMC-01 or will adapter be needed? Is it possible to combine PTMC-01 and UCL-165M67?
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