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  1. For sale Nikon D600 with ikelite housing, precision 5” dome for sigma 15mm. Includes sigma 15mm f2.8, Nikon 24-85mm VR, vacuum pump, pelican 1510 with padded dividers and mesh pocket top side. One small scratch on the dome I’ve never seen in a photo and didn’t know was there until taking photos for the sale. I tried to capture it the second photo in front of the rear eyepiece. I pressure tested 2 days ago at -10 psi for an hour, no drop. asking $1900 shipped but will entertain reasonable offers. Will consider trades for Sony rx100 IV or newer camera plus difference. Shipping in conUS only.
  2. So... Back in 09' I had a housing that I sold on here. Most of this is my fault and I'm sorry I didn't come back on here to warn everyone. But, I was so infuriated with what happened I didn't want anything to remind me of getting stolen from. There is a member who I do not think is active anymore on here, LEPHOT. I put a housing for a D300 on here and he messaged me. We exchanged emails a few times and agreed on a sale. He paid me $1,190 for the housing, flash, and shipping. I shipped the package but tried to save him money so I went USPS. He didn't ask for this. My mistake. Some weeks later he refused to reply to my emails and whether he received the package or not. Then he challenged the transaction with PayPal. I had the declaration from the USPS of it being shipped but that wasn't good enough. So I had some friends help me get ahold of the French Post Office where I was given the package scan with Jean-Marc Courtier name printed and signature receiving the package. But still, PayPal gave the man his money back and he never responded to me again. What a hard pill to swallow. I'll give that one to me being dumb and in my 20's. The reason for coming on here now... I've been on here a lot lately as just a few months ago I got back into underwater photography. And, there is a lawsuit against paypal I just joined for account holds and improper handling of disputed cases. We'll see what happens. It really sucked having my blood boil again. Anyhow, here are a few photos of late so you all don't think I'm just a big baby as I have not contributed here, just browse. Hopefully you all do not mind spearfishing.
  3. I have never shipped internationally till this, no wonder why. Thanks for the reply.
  4. Buyer LEPHOT approached me about buying a d300 housing about two months ago. As soon as he didn't get the shipping info the first day he started a paypal dispute about me trying to scam him. I supplied paypal the shipping info after I shipped the housing to France. It takes 17 days for the USPS to do an international investigation on a package in which time paypal refunded LEPHOT his money and he has not returned a single email of mine. This was a scam from the beginning. My issue is being appealed but beware of this buyer. Hopefully paypal has enough sense to see my tracking, through the postal service, at 10 lbs., shipped to his address showing $60 shipping cost. What a joke.
  5. I have not sold it. I already sold all the ports. Sorry for the delay. Thanks, JP. Photos upon request... perfect condition.
  6. Since i'm new on here, anyone inquiring can check my ebay feedback. Member name Tryzatt7. Thanks.
  7. Ikelite D300 housing price dropped. NOW $1120 paypalled and shipped conUS. Like new!!!
  8. Since I have the housing listed, I also have a Sigma 30mm f1.4 that was used for about 4 weeks. Its like new in the box with all original paperwork and warranty card. Asking $335 paypaled and shipped conUS.
  9. DS-51 strobe SOLD. Housing still for sale. Perfect condition, has bracket with handles that came with it. Been used less than 5 times!!! $1150 shipped paypaled, conUS...
  10. D300 housing dropped to $1150 shipped conUS. Like new condition. Photos by request from serious buyer.
  11. I will take offers for the equipment, I will put unsold items on ebay in a couple days.
  12. Ikelite 6812.3 housing for Nikon D300 with One DS51 3944.51 with ball socket arm and ttl cord. They have both been used about 4 times. The housing has all collar zoom and focusing adapters, and iterature with port cover. The flash has the ball socket arm and TTl cord. The flash did have a battery that leaked in it. The residue was cleaned and I have been assured by ikelite that the battery compartment is sealed well and that it should be fine. I have used the flash since and it works fine. In simpler terms, some brown battery acid got on the walls of the compartment which has no effect on the flash whatsoever. I'm thinking $1250 for the housing and $450 for the flash and arm. Maybe some money off if you want both. Pay via paypal, plus S+H. Thanks, JP.
  13. I'm selling my ikelite nikon gear which consists of the housing for the Tokina 12-24 if your interested. Its been used about 10 times. Oh, sorry. Its the dome port specific for the 12-24. My mistake.
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