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    photo subjects that stay still, getting back to land with all buddies and equipment

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  1. Hello all! I'm from the Northeast US. I have lurked before and finally worked up the nerve to post to thank everyone for the wisdom in these forums. I joined to learn more about UW photography as a way to express the beauty of the underwater world to my family and friends. It is definitely still a work in progress. Using a Canon S95 + Ikelite housing + Sea and Sea YS-01 and gopro.
  2. Thanks - sent a (probably way too long) PM about the tray and arms.
  3. Are you still selling the tray, arms and clamps? (Sorry, already have strobes.) Thanks and good luck with the strobe!
  4. Really last minute, but looking for people to fill 2 spots on a trip to Raja Ampat, Indonesia. Itinerary includes Fakfak, Triton Bay, and Raja Ampat. Charter leaves out of Ambon 3/31 and ends in Sorong 4/10. Can offer big discount off the regular price and me as a dive buddy. Or not if that's more enticing. If you're already in the area or have a flexible schedule and want to go, please PM me. Thanks!
  5. Greetings! I'm looking for a housing for my Canon A570. Could be Canon WP-DC12 or Ikelite #6140.57. I'm just getting into underwater photography and hoping there's someone out there who has upgraded or somehow has an extra housing you'd like to have a good home for less than the list price. If this is you, please let me know. Thanks!
  6. Thanks to everyone for all the useful info in this thread! I've got an A570 and am hoping to pick up a housing for it, but I'm not ready for a strobe yet and the cheapest housing on ebay is missing the flash diffuser. I'd appreciate if anyone who knows could comment if that would make the housing useless without a strobe? Much gratitude in advance if anyone has any advice for someone just starting out in UW photograpy.
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