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  1. Don't set other then Full. Other setting will not focus closer and can't do 1:1 magnification.
  2. Sorry for the stupidly used epic kind of music (again) on not epic footage. This is my last footage from GH4 which I don't have anymore (GH5 coming). I liked GH4 except some purple color cast on wide shot with manual WB (hopefully GH5 will be better). Shot on GH4 with Panasonic 7-14mm in Nauticam housing, Fix 7000 lights. All clip shot on 4K mode & no post color grading done. Ej.
  3. If it's about EF-S 60mm then you can't mount on 5d3 which is ef mount (unless use tc or extension ring).
  4. Ok, I'm just curious. [emoji12] How do you normally response for free request of your work? Ignore? Polite reply? http://ejlabs.net
  5. I was on Dolphin dream few years ago. Very relax in-water operation which I did like very much. No chain mail suit, no force be overweight. Unlimited water time. http://ejlabs.net
  6. Of course Tim. I don't let go my baby. Lol. The housing going in overhead bin. FYI.
  7. Hand carry? The picture is GH4 setup but I was doing same with 5D3 and 230mm glass dome. Another plus is they don't weigh camera in airport.
  8. Hi, anyone using Aquatica 5dmk3 housing with Nauticam hdmi bulkhead? If yes, what size of thread? Enough space for hdmi cable inside housing? Thanks!
  9. What lens? Sounds like AF motor for me.
  10. Thanks a lot to everyone for comments. Maybe I should try Simon's method. Ej.
  11. I'll try it next time. Thanks for the reply.
  12. Hi everyone, I recently start using sony a7s because I needed high iso. I like the camera and the lens. Superior Sony FE1635 and some Canon optics with metabone. The problem is mwb issue, very often getting error message if I'm trying mwb or I'm getting very poor color with what ever method I try (different PP or without). So now I'm shooting everything with "underwater auto" which is just ok (getting lot of red with strong light or shallow). And "Underwater auto wb" tend to change color reproduction (so they call auto) each time when I start record (this is more problematic in post). I can reduce some red in post and possibly makes them usable but most of time I need throw them to client directly without post-edit. Normally I do mwb on sand or other object and I didn't have any mwb problem with Canon DLSR (7D, 70D, 5D3) or Panasonic GH4. Do I need more accurate white or grey card for Sony? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Ej.
  13. I had a experience with only RX100 mark 1 but maybe you could try nautcam cmc which is specially designed for compact camera lens? Because I was having more difficult with very short working distance not because of power of diopter. Ej.
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