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  1. I guess yes. This is range map on wikipedia. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Enteroctopus#/media/File:Enteroctopus_range.jpg
  2. David, I think that white patch is scar. I heard that they're often fighting and eating each other (cannibalism) in nature. Ej.
  3. Thanks everyone for comments. Peter, I guess the one in the video about +1m long and weigh 30~40kg. Depth was 34m and water temp about 3~5C. I've seen much bigger (+2m) one at +50m deep training dive but I had only a gopro that time (unusable noisy footage). And thanks for the nice tips about flashed frame, I'll try it next time. Ej.
  4. Hi Moses, Thanks for the comment. This is part of the tv program (about diving & uw photographer in Korea) shooting so I asked him to fire the strobe infront of camera. We had some cool action like octopus trying to steal camera but producer doesn't want to publish before the program on air. Re. 4k I forgot to export 4k.
  5. The Giant Octopus (Enteroctopus) filmed in East Sea of Korea. This octopus may grow up to 3m(10ft) in length and weigh more then 70kg(154lbs). All still image courtesy of JungKwon Park (Diver in this video). Shot on GH4, 7-14mm in Nauticam, Fix 7000 lights. Cheers, Ej.
  6. Is it possible to see some wa sample from a7s + shogun? I'm very curious why it so bad.
  7. Nice job again Dustin. I know it's your style but I would not crush black that much because it will look too much black on uncalibrated screen like tv or projector. But maybe it just me.
  8. Yup. Fn1 is my focus peaking toggle.
  9. Just wondering why not use AF/AE Lock button (lever on the housing) as a AF (you can set that in the menu). Then you don't need to switch back and forth the focus switch. My focus switch stay at MF position always and I just press AF/AE lock button if I need AF (and peaking is working).
  10. Honestly I just figured out zoom control working without touch screen. Thanks!
  11. Ok, another lazy test. Min size to fill the frame. GH4 + pz 14-42 at 42mm. Please note, this is not magnification test and wet diopter will work completely different when underwater. CMC 17mm at 4cm SMC 24mm at 6cm Aquako IV (2.5x) : 20mm at 5cm Subsee +5 : 40mm at 10cm Subsee +10 : 27mm at 6cm btw, it was very interesting how you attache zoom gear on pz 14-42. I haven't try this lens underwater yet but so far footage looks reasonably sharp and OIS working well. I think it should be good for medium size shot in mid water with handheld (Thanks Peter).
  12. It's works better with compact and m43. http://www.nauticamusa.com/news/2015/2/3/the-cmc-has-arrived
  13. Ok, just lazy quick topside test. Min size to fill the frame. GH4 + Oly 60mm. Nauticam CMC : 8mm subject at 2.7cm Nautcam SMC : 10mm subject at 2.8cm Aquako IV (2.5x) : 8mm subject at 2.2cm Subsee +5 : 11mm subject at 3.2cm Subsee +10 : 9mm subject at 1.7cm I guess CMC will be best choice for 60mm and personally I'll bring down CMC and Aquako IV with 60mm. I'll try to do similar test with 14-42 when I have port. HTH Ej.
  14. Just got Nauticam CMC so hopefully I can try all three with 60mm and 14-42 soon. Water temp still damn cold here (3~5C) for macro shooting.
  15. Hi Bona, Yes, it's #18809 180mm optical dome and you need N85 to N120 port adaptor. I'm not sure you can use zoom and focus gear same time in this configuration (check with Nauticam dealer). And last, you can't use 180mm dome with 8mm FE because it will not fit without adaptor.
  16. So I'm the only one happy with Oly 60mm? I even thinking why there's no teleconverter for m43.
  17. FYI, GH4 4k crop factor is 2.3x (below is screen grab from video file). https://www.flickr.com/gp/ejbali/n0Z28b https://www.flickr.com/gp/ejbali/7F89WD Now if you bring down this underwater FOV will decrease even more. The barrel distortion of 8mm fisheye with GH4 in 4K is much less then FE lens on the other dslr in 1080p. I shoot 8mm and 7-14 but I often feel 7mm in 4K mode is too narrow.
  18. Looks good but what about tripod leg (center one)?
  19. Yes, it does display same as on board lcd with all information. Pushing DISP button make different set and you can turning off onboard lcd too. I found that camera not going to sleep mode when feeding hdmi signal to external monitor (I just push LVF button after shooting). I still can't decide between 14-42 and 12-50. :-p
  20. Looking good Adam. Is it MBW balanced when you shooting?
  21. Hi Nick, You know already I have dp4 in nauticam housing. It's work very well wth GH4, syncing faster then my other canon dslr and I like focus peaking too (combine with GH4 color focus peaking is great to use). Battery life also good with Canon LP-E6 x 2, I did 3 dives in Lembeh! (dead at night dive). But, If I have to buy ext monitor now, probably I'll consider other option too because it seem the that company now more active about their bigger monitor. Example, they stopped release new firmware for DP4 already long time ago. FYI, I have friend who own Wahoo monitor (Sony CLM-V55) and it's actual image on display was smaller then on DP4 (even screen is bigger though) from DSLR HDMI feed. Cheers, Ej.
  22. Same here. Still waiting official release announcement. I have couple of filming project in dark, deep water so I'm thinking to a7s + shogun 4k now. Regards, Ej.
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