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  1. New firmware v21 announced. http://av.jpn.support.panasonic.com/support/global/cs/dsc/download/fts/dl/gh4.html
  2. Nice write up Simon. I specifically like "make the child do the rebreather washing" part.
  3. Haha... Ok! Only if you allow me to fill my o2/dil bottle myself.
  4. Looking good Simon. I feel I don't need to go Lembeh anymore in my life. Thanks!
  5. Sorry Nick, You're right. I have bunch of those similar 1 inch ball head and typical size one is not fit. I just don't remember where I got this ball head which does fit on GH4 housing.
  6. Nick, I had a spare one (ball base) and screw from somewhere else (maybe it's not the exact EX-iB model). Do you mean offset between two hole is far or?
  7. I mount one of this ball base (EX-iB) for DP4 housing. http://i-divesite.com/product_arm02.html
  8. You can find firmware here (Oly 60mm update for Panasonic camera body). http://www.olympus.co.jp/en/support/imsg/digicamera/download/software/pana/m_ed6028macro.cfm
  9. Hi Peter, Do you meant Panasonic PZ 14-42mm? I might try that lens. Cheers,
  10. Check your focus range switch. This lens focus very close.
  11. Hand carry your housing with port. They don't weigh camera. Sometime I even carry with tripod attached.
  12. Yup, sometime I add 1 or 2 Jumbo stix floats depends on the light configuration (2 x sola 5k + 2 x Fix 7k).
  13. I only using Ø60x200mm carbon fibre float arm (Buoyancy 240g) x 1ea on R/L arm for all setup (Macro/WA) now. It's heavy but it's work for me.
  14. http://www.newsshooter.com/2014/12/04/atomos-shogun-4k-recorder-delayed-due-to-firmware-issues/
  15. Anybody want a new Apollo Edge Drysuit (Male)? Size L and boots size is 290mm. I won this as a prize but I never use it because size mismatch. $400 + shipping cost. Ebay listing is here. http://www.ebay.com/itm/NEW-Apollo-Edge-Drysuit-Male-Size-L-/321589965993
  16. I find better corner with 16-35 f/4 then f/2.8L II but maybe it's negligible behind the dome.
  17. I been testing 16-35mm f4 topside with f2.8 II. New f4 is sharper corner and have better lens coating (better sunball). I couldn't try it behind dome but still if I don't have f2.8 then I would buy f4. IMHO, both lens will give you better sharpness and contrast then 17-40.
  18. I don't have direct comparable image from both dome but I can say 180mm dome is pretty good with wide aperture at 7mm.
  19. Wonderful! Very glad to see you had great trip with family.
  20. Hi Bob, Thanks, So far, I like the new Aquako Cylux 4K lights. It's very compact and powerful (about 5000 lumen) and very wide angle beam (no hotspot) and the very warm color temperature (5000K) is really nice for tropical blue water wide angle shot. Battery life also not bad (1h at max out and +10h min). The only cons is you can't check the battery status during the use (led battery status on the battery). I heard they're working on this and there will be new update version.
  21. https://vimeo.com/105530046 https://vimeo.com/105530046 http://youtu.be/ZX1oAGWmFh0 http://youtu.be/ZX1oAGWmFh0 A sampling of underwater 4K footage shot on Panasonic GH4. Filmed mostly in Tulamben, Bali in Indonesia and some more from Anilao in Philippines and Maldives. Panasonic GH4 in Nauticam housing, Panasonic 8mm FE & 7-14mm, Olympus 60mm lens Fix 7000, Aquako 4K, Sola 1200 lights, Nauticam SMC & Aquako diopters, Xit404 tripod. Cheers! Ej,
  22. Pete.It doesn't have af gear. Normally I just pre focus on my fin and start shooting.
  23. recd, Balancing is better then 6inch acrylic dome. I'm using Ø60x200mm carbon fibre float arm (Buoyancy 240g) x 2ea and it's still negative (which I prefer). http://wetpixel.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=52332&p=349304
  24. Hi Davide, I have that Nauticam dome (prototype) and it's glass, no need extension for 7-14mm. I think they'll release it soon.
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