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  1. It's completely different feel from mechanical manual focus lens (Canon 100mm and 60mm in my case). I think because the focus motor does not 100% follow my pulling speed.
  2. Normally I don't use tripod/tray for wide shot except If I planning to shoot WA lock shot. I set mine negative without tripod for wide or macro so It's very negative with tripod & legs. I prefer neutral only when I'm shooting photo.
  3. FYI, I was shooting with a smallhd dp4 external monitor and it's works well and syncing faster then my other Canon DSLRs.
  4. Thanks all for the comments. I usually don't bother to shoot bargibanti but I was surprised to see one just look at the camera.
  5. I have some footage with less powerful wet lens. I'll try to post GH4 highlight video (WA + Macro) when I'll be back from Indonesia. BTW, Ex Tele mode (in-camera zooming effect?) not working when 4K mode. I could spot only 7.
  6. I went to same dive site with different setup. The diopter is Aquako 2.5x. http://ejlabs.net/?attachment_id=6187
  7. https://vimeo.com/103312019 4K on youtube: http://youtu.be/8tc8XEAUiHc A very short video of Pygmy Seahorse (Hippocampus bargibanti) from Anilao, Batangas, Philippines. Shot with a Panasonic GH4, Panasonic 7-14mm and Olympus 60mm lens in Nauticam housing, Aquako 4K lights and diopters. I was using Standard profile (-4,-3), crushed black a bit in post. Oly 60mm produce very sharp image but I'm not happy with working distance (too short) and "by wire" manual focus. P.S Try spot the seahorse on a seafan (WA shot).
  8. https://vimeo.com/100966621 https://vimeo.com/100966621 Underwater footage filmed in Southern atolls, Maldives. Footage shot on 70D, 5D Mark III in Nauticam housing. I included some footage of human garbage in the ocean(#floatingdeath). For more information, please read Floating Death by Tony Wu and Ghost net article on wiki. Thank you!
  9. https://vimeo.com/100683243 Everyone loves the frogfish! This is some of my frogfish footage from last 3 years. Enjoy!
  10. Hi Kaj, your link is video gallery. Awesome images and I like your rhinophis and phantom aerial. Any sign of Psychedelic? even in pasar? Cheers,
  11. Just got my Nauticam GH4 housing. Ergonomic is much better than what I was using (GH3 + upgrade kit). Now it's more like their DSLR housing which easily access all necessary button/wheel when holding the handle. One small complaint is the front wheel (rear wheel is ok). It's not smooth (because wheel is small?) as other housing which I've used (7D, 70D, 5D3) but it's no biggie since I can use rear wheel as a aperture control.
  12. I just did firmware update. Hopefully they fixed lock up problem. BTW, anybody know why no teleconveter (1.4x or 2x) for m43? I would love to use 1.4x with Oly 60mm.
  13. I just received rendering image of Nauticam NA-GH4. I'm not sure this will be same as actual product but looks like button layout changed a lot (WB, ISO, shutter lever, handle...) from GH3 housing.
  14. Did you try this? [media]https://vimeo.com/XXXXX[/media]
  15. I'm not good at color correction and need to learn more. :-p Enjoy your GH4!
  16. I'm using spyder for all 5 monitor including notebook. Once you get color profile file after calibration then no need plug in device in one computer all the time. But I do calibration once per 2~3 months.
  17. https://vimeo.com/98986532 Original and after grade footage (4K UHD downsampled to 1080p). Cine-D (contrast -5, sharpness -5) and other setting were default. Crushed black, lifted red & blue channel each clip differently in post.
  18. - Widest rectilinear for GH4 is Pany 7-14mm but on 4k mode FOV is not that wide (for me). - I have smallhd dp4 and it's works nice (syncing faster then my canon dslr). - Focus Peaking and Zebra function is great to use. - I'm not happy with ergonomic of MIL housing when using with tray & handle (buttons on these housing are design for without handle). - I don't like color of MWB wide angle footage (compare to canon dslr) but surprisingly, native file include lot of color data and planty of room for fixing in post. 4K resolution from this small camera is great. I can't wait to try some macro shooting.
  19. Panasonic GH4 + 8mm FE, 7-14mm vs Canon 70D (APS-C) + Tokina 10-17mm, Canon 10-22mm. This is frame grab from video clip.
  20. Hi Pete, I guess they'll release it with GH4 housing in a next few weeks.
  21. Last week, I was testing the new 180mm glass dome from Nauticam. Optic quality is excellent and balancing was way better then 6inch acrylic one. Here some frame grab from 4K UHD 3840x2160 clip taken with Pany 7-14mm (original resolution on the link). I'll try to share some sample footage soon. http://ejlabs.net/wp/wp-content/uploads/2014/06/GH4-frame-grab-01.jpg http://ejlabs.net/wp/wp-content/uploads/2014/06/GH4-frame-grab-02.jpg
  22. I can see M14 hole on the back, so M16 and M14 x 1 each?
  23. Hi Richard, yes, holder + rubber pad. Instruction is here. http://www.nauticam.com/news-detail.asp?id=77#.U4GG7MumrqA
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