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  1. Our flight with Silk on next tuesday has been cancled today. I Heard- that the same thing happened last tuesday...
  2. No, not too bad, but i know Rob and want to have a chat with him after a long time. We did a lot exploration dives back then and the Resort wasn't fully operating. So i can't really say how it is today, after the Resort and Dive Op is running for two years. I think diving was good, but they found some extraordinary spots. Cheers Markus
  3. Hi Rob, I have been there two years ago. PM me for details. Cheers Markus
  4. Forgot to mention this before. This trip will be led by the renowned Luke Inman, who knows these waters well.
  5. Some other photographer and myself are running a trip to Baja California (Cabo San Lucas) in December. The main thing we are looking for is Marlins feeding on Baitballs. I asked our contact what we usually can see there. The answer was: Silky Sharks, Blue Sharks, Black and Blue Marlin, Stripped Marlin, Sail Fish, Pelicans, Sea Guls, Cormorants, Minke Whale, Brydes Whales, Whale Sharks and if we are lucky, Humpbacks, Fin Whales, Blue Whales The plan is: Fly to Cabo on 8th of December, fly out of Cabo 16th of December 2013. Beiing out at the sea from 10th of December till 15th of December. Prize for the Marlin trip is € 2300,- including 8 nights hotel (single occ.) 6 days boat charter inkl. lunch Airport transfer Some of us extend the stay for 3-5 days and shoot sea lions in La Paz. The Marlins is freediving only, but the sea lions are on scuba. If you are interested shoot me a mail. markus(at)maro-visions.de Best fishes Markus Btw: Sorry for my bad english.. ;-) Here are two images from my last years Isla Mujeres trip. "Just" sailfish, but it shows the spectacle. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10150244712159967&set=a.286613089966.36978.185225584966&type=3&theater https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10150311625824967&set=a.286613089966.36978.185225584966&type=3&theater
  6. It is really a shame! It was a brilliant Magazine and I was very happy about the graphic design of my contribution.
  7. Looks like the water we had last year! :-/
  8. Oriental Siren sank yesterday!!!
  9. Hi, OK, I will think about it... Cheers Markus
  10. How much is shipping to Germany? Is paypal accepted? Cheers Markus
  11. Amazing shots, Jeff! We were on the Lilly before you guys get on the boat. I think you also stayed at Playa Media Luna!? A shame that i didn´t really recognize it at the time we were at the hotel... :-( We had 4 days with nothing but waves and wind. One day was so, so, with just a little bit of action. The last day was a bit better. Some good action but still bad visibility. Cheers Markus
  12. Thanks a lot for the info! I thought that they are closer to the wreck! I was thinking about a nice cfwa shot of the ghostepipes with the wreck in the Background... CheersMarkus
  13. Really nice pics. I will be in Lembeh in a few days and i´m thinking about diving the backside of Lembeh Island and also one or two of the wrecks. Which wreck did you dive to get the Ghostpipes? Cheers Markus
  14. Stunning, just stunning! Cheers Markus
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