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  1. Hmm, I have to rephrase my inital post a bit. I just received the boxed upgrade and installed Neo 2.5 on my machine which is Vista x64. My previous test was with the trial on a clean Win 7 x64 installation on the same computer. At Win 7 I experienced a much better performance then I do now on the Vista system. I need to dig deeper in this....
  2. Jep! They even charge for the update from Neo 2 to Booster (which is V2.5).
  3. Well, I did a quick test on my core2duo system which cannot playback one single file on tthe timeline witth neo 2. With Booster I was able to work with at least 4 realtime lines and added colour correction and other filters. Give it a try... EDIUS rocks!
  4. Hi Wagsy, Install EDIUS Neo 2 BOOSTER and you will get far better performance. At least I get it with my MKII files. The new booster functionality will come to the big EDIUS 6.
  5. Well, the prompt reaction of mine was placing an immediate donation! The videos show (mainly the third) that they where rammed with the clear intention to sink the vessel.
  6. Kim, those links are broken.... :-( EDIT: Now it works :-) Thanks!
  7. Hello Kim, great results... Congratulations! I read on some 3D webpages like http://www.rbt-3d.de/index.php?idcat=21&am...mp;changelang=4 that a 6,5cm clearance between the lenses is best. How much has your setup? I read that a larger clearance has impact on how the 3D effect appears and you might get a miniature-effect if it is to large.
  8. 2009 marks the year when I got my first FF camera and it gave me back the joy of uw-photography... Now I have to decide each time to film or photograph.... aah... I choose this image because it kinda shows what diving is to me. Weightlessness, Silence and Joy. I wish you all a happy and healthy new year!
  9. I am not into bashing or pushing one or the other manufacturer but my guess is that most of you who think the Ikelites are inferior to others by any substantial meaning never ever used one. I have used my old and 300D/digital rebel housing for nearly 6 years now and it never had any problems with fogging or its port system! In fact I liked it that much, that I bought the 5D Mark II housing from Ike and I am very happy with it. Because of it filming friendly SET-button control and thre tripod mounts the Ikelite is perfect for filming with the 5D. Buy whatever you think is the best for you or your wallet.... but please dont diss anyone because of non existing flaws.
  10. I got myself an Ikleite housing just a few weeks ago and it was the right decision!!!
  11. Aquarium alternative link Hello everybody, for all non-ituners here is the vimeo link. Although, for the very best quality I suggest getting the podcast version!!! Please let em know what you think about our little clip. Unfortunately feedback seems to be a bit low at the moment...
  12. Well this topic is really interesting but in my case I did not had the time yet to research and confirm underwater other PS then the ones that are build in. From the build in ones I am using landscape so far.
  13. I am very curious how the new IS will behave in the video mode...
  14. Cheb, if I remember correctly L&M has several different ways of configuring the Stingray trays. So you can use the same tray for a lot of different camcorders. I also think the tray has the camcorder model number engraved and you may need to turn the tray 180° around. Please double check this.
  15. James, Wolf considers the Rebel not the 5DII. And the Rebel does not offer any manual control! WITH manual control the 5dII rocks, of course.
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