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  1. Hmm, I have to rephrase my inital post a bit.


    I just received the boxed upgrade and installed Neo 2.5 on my machine which is Vista x64.

    My previous test was with the trial on a clean Win 7 x64 installation on the same computer.

    At Win 7 I experienced a much better performance then I do now on the Vista system.


    I need to dig deeper in this.... :island:

  2. 2009 marks the year when I got my first FF camera and it gave me back the joy of uw-photography...

    Now I have to decide each time to film or photograph.... aah...


    I choose this image because it kinda shows what diving is to me. Weightlessness, Silence and Joy.


    I wish you all a happy and healthy new year!



  3. I am not into bashing or pushing one or the other manufacturer but my guess is that most of you

    who think the Ikelites are inferior to others by any substantial meaning never ever used one.


    I have used my old and 300D/digital rebel housing for nearly 6 years now and it never had any problems

    with fogging or its port system!


    In fact I liked it that much, that I bought the 5D Mark II housing from Ike and I am very happy with it.

    Because of it filming friendly SET-button control and thre tripod mounts the Ikelite is perfect for filming

    with the 5D.


    Buy whatever you think is the best for you or your wallet.... but please dont diss anyone because of non

    existing flaws.

  4. It's only for a few weeks or something hey, then they forget.



    No, no, if you keep up with the training it works far beyond that point.

    Our little Paul (no kidding) is 10 month old and still gets his diving treatment every friday... :-)


    Here is a little clip I shoot when he was something around 4 month old.



    The diving happens quite late in the clip to rise the tension ;-)

  5. @Matt

    Sorry, your gallery isnt working probably on IE (script errors) nor Firefox (no pics at all).

    It seems a Mac only thing to be :-)



    From what I get out of this thread and some PMs is that I should avoid the small Ikeliteport at all costs. But the 8" modular port seems to do fine.


    To make sure I put my money into the right housing. I like to ask everyone to please post some sample shoots of...

    - 5D or 5D MKII

    - Ikelite housing with 8" dome

    - no crop

    ..to make up my mind about corner sharpness.


    I really appreciate your help!!!

  6. Hi Paul,


    since I use EDIUS NEO V2 I just have the sam import process like you.

    New project with desired fps. Drop all clips in the bin, mark all, right click -> convert to Canopus HQ


    For export I mark IN and OUT, press f11, select quicktime, change fileformat to mp4 and go to the extended

    settings to configure my h.264 settings.


    Works great, even on my Core2Duo CPU!

  7. Well, after a lot of reading I am very unsure of which WA lens to get.


    I will go for the 8" dome! BUT I still think many people have (strong) soft edges

    with the 17-40. A fisheye is no option for me because I will be mainly filming and

    this lens would be too unflexible for me.


    So which WA zoom would you consider the best choice behind the 8" Ikelite?

    I saw one thread regarding the Tamron 17-35 but no sample pictures...

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