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  1. Giles, 3 has the "power of the ocean" for me.
  2. Hi Wagsy, can you suggest a good flash encoder for HD material? I would switch from DIVX to Flash but the low cost tools dont have proper HD suport and I am not willing to pay more than 100 for such a tool
  3. I suggest you try EDIUS Neo. It is a blast! Really fast and easy to use... Colour Correction Filter is powerful and comes out of the box.
  4. Hi Ali, depending on your subjects and what scenes you like the most I suggest to go for the strobes first and use the kit lens with the standard dome port. Later on you can add the 10-22 plus 8"dome. Otherwise you are stuck to filter photography until you get the strobes. Going down without filter and the posted setup is IMHO opinion rather useless (no pun intended). Light is life or in our case color. ...just my 2 cent...
  5. Hello Bryce, great trailer!!! I like how you created a tense mood through music and highspeed/slowmo secenes. How and where will the film be distributed? Germany?
  6. geodive, thanks! Source is HDV and I edit with Edius Neo.
  7. Hi Andy, it looks like you enjoy your new toy... :-) I guess you meant this video as an example of how auto and MWB works with your camera. The difference is tremendous! Allow me to give you some advise if I you want to create a clip for people to enjoy which where not part of the action. - shorter is better, 4 min max. - add music - use only the best stuff (MWB, interesting action....) BTW youtube is HORRIBLE!!! They convert everything down until you canĀ“t see the difference between Jenifer Lopez and Arnold Schwarzenegger. Keep posting!
  8. Hi Wagsy, no DV for me, sorry. I started with HDV :-) What exactly do you mean by "have you use the Canopus HQ codec for the HDV". If I understood Edius right it automatically converts everything internally to the HQ or lossless Codec (depending on the project settings)?!. I had a little trouble with scene detection (Edius import) and still use HDVsplit to extract my tape to the hard disk. The I import them into the Bin of my project and start. I find Edius blazing fast on my system (Core2Duo E6550, 2GB). Memory usage never goes beyond 50%. Both cores are fully used. I even did an install on our olp Pentium4 Notebook with 1GB and we where perfectly able to download, review and cut our HDV material. Obviously it was not 100% smooth but it worked none the less. With other products tihs was absolutely impossible! For the normal "shaky hand" correction I use a setting which reads (translated from german): Handcamera: Harmonized picture THen I play with the upper left (expert version) slider to fine tune the amount of correction. Wagsy, do you import directly to Edius? What approach are you using with Mercalli?
  9. Hello everybody! We are back from egypt and I completed the first clip. It is about the nights we spend underwater (filmed during two dives). Please let me know your opinions and see if I learned from your remarks of my last video (Canada). Here we go: http://stage6.divx.com/user/ChristianFries...,-Egypt-@-Night
  10. Hi Troy, I like most of the shots. The school of Jacks is really great. It seems like you have a lot of fun with your rig! Keep posting... PS: I dont think it is fair to judge picture quality from those mini jpegs
  11. Hi wagsy, I just received EDIUS Neo in the mail two days ago. In addition I go myself Mercalli Expert and I am as much impressed as you where! Saturday we had a trip to the European Astronaut Training Center in cologne and "played" around in their training pool. In the evening I had the edit completed. The performance is marvelous! Thanks a lot for your tips!!!
  12. All of you have to take a step backwards and realize that there are huge (!) differences between the image of and thinking about underwater hunting in Europe and the US. The med sea is totally overfished and illegal hunters (on scuba or not does not matter) did their part of killing the larger species in most of the popular dive sites. If you have a chance to do a dive in protected waters (in the med) you get a good idea of what it was years ago. In the US uw-hunting is a popular sport and mostly accepted within the diving community. I did two trips to the keys some time ago and was stunned to see hunters and lobster collectors on the same boat as leisure divers... I was totally shocked! While I totally NOT agree with any kind o uw-hunting you have to see this thread through "two different pair of eyes"! Please folks don't be to harsh to each other! I have the feeling that the once very friendly culture of WP is in free fall right now. Even eric seems to have his nerves on the edge.... PLEASE relax... PS: I also think that such a photo does not belong on WP. But it is not (!) a violation of the rules.
  13. This thread is really getting out of hand! Where is the problem to upload a uncropped/unmodified macro image to any webspace out there and let people compare for themselves?! I am 100% confident that DSLR shooters will do the same and anybody will be happy. Unfortunately my DSLR rig is a bit out of age and would be no match for your machine.
  14. Yes, really nice work! I really like the voice over bits of the passengers. Perfect for a promo video. I don't now but diving from that boats would make me really lazy ;-)
  15. hi wagsy, I am ready to jump to Edius within the next weeks. Right now I am working with the trial version and really (!!!) love it! I also tested PE4 and it is utter rubish! Because of limited budget (I dont earn money with video... :-) ) I will choose the Edius Neo pack. Are you aware of any limitations that will hinder me with the usual uw-stuff?
  16. Hi Anthony, we choose British Columbia as aour honeymoon destination this year. Real great diving spots out there but alos quite "chilly"... On our trip a great guy (Dynamike) explained to us the three rings of marriage 1) engagement ring 2) wedding ring 3) suffering
  17. Congratulations to both of you!!!!!! When are the "internet folks" allowed to view those masterpieces? :-)
  18. I followed your advise and got myself an SLR Zoom, too! Fortunatly the Topdawg Housing has a tripod screw in its baseplate. We are leaving for Marsa Lam at the 9th. Afterwards I can tell you how it worked... Heres how it looks:
  19. Hi Lance, really nice shoot! Please tell us about your first step into uw/photography. If I get you right you are a prof. photographer and exp. diver but never before took pics underwater, right? What where the most difficult things you had to master?
  20. Hi Adrian, a real pleasure to meet you HERE! ;-) Enjoy your time....
  21. So, you saved some money this year! Happy Thanksgiving.... :-)
  22. Hello Troy, I also see the copyright issue... maybe you can choose a pic which is technicaly (exposure/focus) fine but has no real value to you. I will of course respect your rights but once something is out on the net you never know... A full size pic after postprocessing would be great. Macro or WA is not important.
  23. Hi Dan, what are you trying to prove with a little birdie in the frontyard (which is btw slightly out of focus)? Go and get yourself an EWAmarine bag, stay shallow and get some pictures. Those bags are on the market for years and many people have them. For the first tests its just fine!
  24. Hello Troy, thanks for the pictures. I think you have a nice tool at hands. Although I dont see real differences between other high quality 35mm cameras (5D and up). I would really love to see a picture at its original size. Would you mind to upload such a file to any website? If you dont have access to any webspace I would love to host the file for you -> contact me via PM
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