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  1. Hi spider, yes on my homepage I have another video of a nightdive at the local lake. But it is standard def because my computer was not capable of HD at that time. For the link please have a look at my signature | | V
  2. Hi spider, yes HC7 with Topdawg Housing. It is a great camera, you wont regret the upgrade. If you have the money get a housing with "manual whitbalance" possibility.
  3. Hi Jonny, yes, very nice footage!!! Where exactly did you take it? I am not very good in Australias geography.... :-)
  4. Hi Nigel, I can recommend the little village called KAS. Superb diving (for the med sea) and not very crowded with tourist. Its calm and laid back. Check this site to get an idea: http://www.kas-diving.com/eng/index.htm
  5. Hi folks! Thanks for your input! The trip to canada was my first every journey into underwater video. As a matter of fact we bought the camera and housing just for this trip (honeymoon). I only had two pool session before we left. Nick, yes the file is big but isn't bigger better....? ;-) Actually I choose the HC7 because of the HD video and I really want to enjoy the video at the best possible compromise between size /resolution/quality. Your videos up on Stage6 look really good. I will give the recommended settings a try... wagsy, yes it was very cold (about 8C) I cut the stuff with Corel VideoStudio11 (PC) but will swap it next month for Premiere Elements 4. VS is too much "Birthday Party" oriented. :-/ We are going for a one week trip to Marsa Alam, Red Sea in the middle of November. I will work on focus lock and steadiness on this trip! I found WA scenes very difficult with the HC7. The colorcast was very greenish and I expect something similar in "blue" water.... The Topdawg housing unfortunately gives me no control of MWB. I will try different WB presets next time. Is a filter with automatic WB worth it? Or will the picture be plain red?
  6. Hi everybody, some time ago I bothered you with some footage of our trip to the Canadian West Coast. Your remarks where very valuable to me! At that time my computer rig was not able to edit HD-footage. That has changed! I just recut the old footage, removed some bits, added some others and prepared my first HD DIVX video. Its 5 minutes and now available at Stage6. http://stage6.divx.com/user/ChristianFries...nderwater-in-HD Do view it in full resolution you need to undock the video player by clicking the 3rd icon from the right in the lower control panel. I would love to hear your thoughts of the choosen material and its quality! PS: Do enjoy it in its intended quality, please check if your DIVX codec is up to date… ---> http://www.divx.com/ PPS: I did all of the footage with autofocus on. I will use focus lock on my next trip!!! B)
  7. Wags, I also had trouble downloading the files. The DL stopped several times before the file was complete. I ssemed like timouts to me. When downloading, speed was fine. After a few tries I managed to get most of them. Quality is very nice!
  8. Hello everybody! Thanks for your advise. Autofocus was always on auto, next time I will use focus lock. Lesson lerned! Also the auto white balance setting on the HC7 produces very greenish water. Next trip I will experiemt with the other settings also. Ah, before I forget: I implemented the jpegs and translated the text to english. BTW there is now a second video online of a nice nightdive at the local lake (germany) and the water again was cold ;-)
  9. Hi Erik, here are two more samples of the HC7: http://www.belowthesurface.de/media/FlexVideoPlayer.html Shaky footage is because of me... not an camera issue... :-)
  10. Yes, flash would be great. I like the format most for "internet show off" :-)
  11. Hello folks, I just want to give you a feedback on our Canada trip back in may. Some of you might remeber the thread were I asked for advise: http://wetpixel.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=16607 We stayed for 4 days at dynamike and had a really, really great time!!! Mike and Darlene were fabulous hosts, diving was incredible and the weather was sunny and warm... During the trip I made my first steps into video. At the enclosed link you will find my first ever underwater video of the pristine waters around Quadra Island. http://www.belowthesurface.de/media/FlexVideoPlayer.html I did all the editing in DV because my PC rig is not able to edit HDV. Software was Ulead/Corel Video Studio 11. Camera is a Sony HC7. Topdawg UW-Housing with Topdawg Light system (2x20W). Please feel free to comment on my work! I like to learn.... :-) Thanks again for pointing me to dynamike!!! Best regards Christian PS: Is there any chance to embed a flv (Flash) video?
  12. Hello guys, thanks a lot for the links. I already did a quick check and think we will find some very good spots allover vancouver island. Do you have any ideas if there other worthwile dive destinations in BC farer to the north? We are not decided where our trip will take us. Thanks again!
  13. Hello everybody, I did not write for some time but right now we are planning our honeymoon trip to the canadian west coast. We will fly to Vancouver in may 2007, get a camper and travel around the west for 3-4 weeks. Of course we will dive and "take some pictures". I am looking or any good recomandation of dive shops which organize daily trips and the best places around. From what I already researched Port Hardy on Vancouver Island is a must. But which dive shop? How far north is it worth to travel? From my understanding may might be still pretty chilly We are looking for at least three different location to go diving along our journey. I am looking forward for your response... PS: Liveabroad is no option because we have the camper for the whole time.
  14. Hi, I am looking for an DS-125. Please pm me with the details of your offer: - SN# (TTL able) - accessories (charger, difuser, arm...) - price - shipping to germany I like to pay by Paypal.
  15. William, you developed quite an interesting technique! I guess with my "little" DS-50 I have no chance at trying this. Not enough power to light an object on those settings. Actually the shutter shadow bothers me quite a lot. I will try to get some results with 1/250 when I am in the water again. Had you any success with a slower setting? At Bali my best sunballimage was the attached image. But it was just "a shoot" and not part of serious tries to get the best result at a sunball. 1/100 @ f11 ISO200 @ appr. 5m depth. Your shoots are far advanced and "crisper" with more natural colours.
  16. Hi William, the sunball loks good but the flash position was off. Can you please post the camera settings son this shoot, that was we can learn how to archieve such an sunball. I am heading to egypt next month and sunballs are subject I plan to train...
  17. Hi! I had the same to choice to be made when I started with my Digital Rebel. I went for the DS-520 which was plain WRONG! If you buy the DS-50 instead of the DS-125 you will remember my words each time you miss the power and the angle of the big one. PS: You can safe on the sensor, the build in power steps of the DS-125 are enough.
  18. Hi Julian, I you want to buy Ikelite stuff import it directly from the states. I did it and saved big times without any hazzles. What Werner Voelker and ProSub are doing is absolutly ripoff! Both need to be avoided by any means!!! I recommend Ryan or bhphoto. Best regards Chris
  19. Hello Herb, actually we are going to Tulamben between April 29 an May 15. I booked two weeks at Joes place. Joe runs an very individual dive center and now has some bungalows of his own. He has very good offers an is highly praised on ther web. http://www.joesdivingbali.com/ I haven´t been there before but we have very high hopes about diving and relaxing at bali...
  20. Imagening you doing so is even worse..... :-) Just kidding! Have fun and show us some pics!!!! PS: Which port will you use and does the normal zoom ring work?
  21. Hi Simon, if the D60 supports FAT32 (which I doubt) you can go everywhere. If it supports only FAT16 2.2GB is the limit. Here are some specs: http://www.ntfs.com/ntfs_vs_fat.htm My guess is: 2GB will work; 4GB and above not
  22. Sorry I can not resist: Leave your parents at home... and tell them you got to florida ;-)
  23. I bought the DS-50 at the beginning and regret now that I did not invest a bit more into the DS-125... DS-50 is fine but you can´t have too much power UW...
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