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  1. Hi Simon, I can highly recommend the HAMMERHEAD II, maledives. I did a one week trip december 2002 and it was beyond everything I did before. Sorry, no photos in those ancient times... The crew is great, they do two week trips and usually there is (in addition to the maldivian one) a german diving guide on board. You can book two weeks for appr. 2500 Euro incl. flight. Drinks come extra. http://www.aquanaut-tauchreisen.de/de/safa...safaris_set.htm The don´t have dates for devember 04 yet on their site, but give em a call to see what is planned. I really consider the Hammerhead for my 30th birthday also :-) This would be february.... Best regards Christian
  2. Hello all! One port to fit all would be to good to be true :-)) But perhabs the #5503.50 will fit the mentioned two without vignetting?! If Ike can´t tell us anything about it right now, I guess we have to wait until the housing is available and find someone who is willing to try... David? :-) Best regards Christian
  3. Oh oh it´s getting tricky... After researching the offical specs for the canon lenses I own it seems like I measured the wrong dimensions... On canon.com I found the following specs: - 18-55m -> 6,62 cm max. - 50mm macro -> 6,3cm max. - 50mm + lsc -> 9,79cm max. If these are the dimensions I use to find my ports I guess a "#5503.50 Lens length less than 4" (10.1cm)" would fit both of the 18-55 and the 50mm nicely. David: Do you think the kit lens will work with this larger dome port? Will I need a diopter when not using the #5503 port you mentioned and used? After all even the lzk+50 could work (with minimum distance to the glass) but my ambition now is to find one port for the 50mm and 18-55 to start it all. When I am more experienced to DSLR shooting I will give the lsk a try and might need another port for this. I am very thankfull for any advice David or other can give me... Best regards Christian
  4. Hello David, thanks for your nice response! As for the measurements. They are as I stated above (all fully extended) and only the "#5503.80 Lens length less than 5" (12.7cm)" dome would physicaly fit all lenses but I guess the optics won´t be right... How far away can a lens be away from the port glas, are there rules or stuff like this? If not, why not choose the bigest port and you can fit all lenses in it? I know it is stupid to ask but I like to (and need to) understand the function of those port systems... Do you think I will need three ports in different dimensions to fit all lens combinations? For the sigma, I think it would be a nice macro lens but I already have the cann ones and will stay with them for a while. Best regards Christian (still very confused)
  5. Hello all! The diving season in germany is (at least for me ) over and I am thinking of my equipment for next year. Especialy the port choice give me headaches... I recently bought the Digital Rebel (300D) including the 18-55mm kit lens. From JamesW I got the 50mm macro with lifesize converter (thanks again!!!). That leaves me with the following possibilites and lens lenghts: - 18-55m -> appr. 7,6cm max. - 50mm macro -> appr. 8,9cm max. - 50mm + lsc -> appr. 12,4cm max. Unfortunetly Ike can´t give me more specific information until the housing is available but I guess my questions are more generic and going the "How do ports work and what to have in mind buying one?" way. Just reading the measures the easiest way would be buying one "#5505.45 Lens length less than 5.1" (13cm) flat port" that would fit all of my lenses.... but some logical thinking tells me that it can´t be that easy. Will for example the widest 18mm setting of the kit lense still work in a port that long or will I picture parts of the port instead? Same question für the 50mm macro.... What if I consider a dome port like the "#5503.80 Lens length less than 5" (12.7cm)"? Or, my worst thought, do I need different ports and change same during trips? Can someone give me some thought how Ikelite housing handle the port change? I hope you can give a converted "consumer cam" photograh some advise and help me to get the right ports with Ikes housing. Thanks in advance Christian
  6. Hi, I use a 1GB MD for over a year now (topside and UW) and took several thousand pictures with it. I dropped it several times and handle it the same (rough) way I do with my CF cards. Until now there absolutely no problems. Just luck or are MD better than their reputation??? Best regards Christian
  7. Hi, I own a Canon S40 with Canon housing. I used it for four holidays and was quite OK with it. + ease of use + CF memory + price of the housing + picture quality - internal flash is limited (as always) you should get an external flash) - I don´t like the often blown out areas of sand and corals in UW pictures, the blues go often into cyan I am now switching to a digital rebel (waiting for Ikes housing actually) and won´t go the p&s route again. But two years ago there was no price alternative... If you like you can look at some pictures from different locations on my homepage: http://www.aquamaniacs.de/html/____tauchen.html ...just select the holiday (not the 2001 trip) you want Best regards Christian
  8. Hello everybody! I like to give you an update on my sensor issue. Due to Ike´s absolut fast and superior service I can exchange the automatic sensor with an manual one without extra costs! Also I should note the perfect service of my german dealer: Nautilus Equipment who was also very obliging! It should arrive next week. I will have you informed how my results are... but I only expect the very best now and will definitely stay with a company who is delivering that kind of customer service even for us folks in "old europe" :-))) Best regards Christian PS: Can´t wait fpr the Digital Rebel housing....
  9. Hello everybody, I did it and ordered my Canon 300D (Rebel) Kit today and will get it tomorrow or the day after... Until now I shoot with my S40 underwater and am consideríng Ikes housing for the Rebel when it´s released. Because it´s my first underwater SLR I am not that familair with the whole port and lens "thing" on uw-housings. BTW I have an DS-50 flash. Can the community here please give me some general hints for what lenses to look and what port(s) is/are neccesary? For the start I am looking for a good macro lens, because that´s what I like most and the flash is powerful enough. Thanks or your help! Christian
  10. Hi! I have exactly the same problem with my Canon S40. If you point the sensor extremly towards yourself and the flash extremly away from you it works. But only on land. Under water I couldn´t get it to work in any position. Otherwise the main flash does a full burst but not insync with the camera. I will talk to my dealer today and try to return the flash... Best regards Christian
  11. Hi everybody, today Canon announced the new EOS 300D for a very, very attractive pricepoint: http://www.canon.co.jp/Imaging/eosdigital/index.html You will get the body for 1099,- Euros/$ SRP and the set including an lens for 1199,- Euro/$ SRP. Is this camera the logical step from a highend consumer cam to digital SLR? Who will build a housing for this cam? Which lens will be the best? (Old EF ones are compatible!) I am looking forward tor read your impressions Best regards Christian
  12. Gordh: The Photos on your homepage are looking different (in terms of lightning) to the one you posted (very nice btw!). I wonder if all of these were taken with the Epoque flash? Best regards Christian
  13. Hi, I use the Canon S40 with housing and no external flash (could not decide yet...). The handling is very easy and you get some decent pictures out of it. The most important settings IMHO are the MACRO button and the manuel flash control. I prefer slightly underexposed pictutres over overexposed ones. This is easier to correct in PS. I usally shoot in the P mode with flash -0.5 to -1.5. The only downtime I see with the Canon S-Series is the very limited macro possibilities... You can´t get near enough for the real interesting stuff. If you like to take al ook at some pictures (internal flash) check out my website: http://www.aquamaniacs.de/html/____tauchen.html You have to select the different journey-topics to get to the pictures. Take care Chris
  14. Hello out there! I just managed to snap a JVC GR-DV 1 camcorder plus Ikelite housing for 400US$ on Ebay. This is my start into UW-filming. Until now I am taking digital stills with my Canon S40. Some samples if you are interested: http://www.aquamaniacs.de/html/____tauchen.html To make the gear complete I think about adding a light source to the combo. Has anyone recommendations for a light system (one light for the start) for the Ikelite housing? I searched Ikes homepage and stumbled over the VIDEO-LITE 45. The price range is just what I was thinking about. The price point for the (for sure better) Pro Video Light is just to high at the moment. Has anybody of you experience with the VIDEO-LITE 45???? I am open for any hints and tips! Best regards! Christian
  15. Hi! I am using a Canon S40 with Canon WP-DC300 housing and planning to upgrade my setup by a external storbe and an two lenses. In this posting I like to ask if anybody can give me some advise on the strobe setup to choose. My plan ist to buy a strobe with stay with me even for the next camera system in 1-3 years (depending on what comes available). but also I like to stay within a certain budget. Right now I consider these three Sea&Sea YS90DX Ikelite DS-50 Ikelite DS-125 Each with a fitting arm system of course. I know that the strobe question is a matter of "believe"... :-) but like to hear some opinions of the different setups, preferably with a canon S-Series but any other P&S would do also. I especialy wonder about two things: 1) In rather bad visibilty the internal flash tends to lights a lot of small peices (snowflakes) right in front of the lense. Therefore photos in that water a mostly not doable. An external flash whichis farer away from the lense should fix this at least a good bit. BUT the internal flash is used to fire the external and THEN I have the same snowflakes again... In case of the Sea&Sea the internal flash is partl bloked by the fibre cabel but on the Ikelite setup there is no cabel.... Any Experiences???? 2) The canon oven tends to "overexpose" bright areas like sand and parts of corals/stomes. I dont like this effect and want o get rid of it. Sometimes it ruins good shots... You can see what I mean in the first pictures in my Egypt galery http://www.pixum.de/viewalbum/?id=421062 This was my first diving with the setup. Does an external strobe change this effect or make it even worse (more brighter light)?? I hope you can give me some helpful informatin and am looking forward to read from you... Best regards Christian PS: The perfect Ikelite service in the US does not matter for my because I live in germany.
  16. Hi! I am using a Canon S40 with Canon WP-DC300 housing and planning to upgrade my setup by a external storbe and an two lenses. In this posting I like to ask if anybody has experience and some sample photographs witth the Inon lenses UCL-165AD and/or Inon UWL-105AD. Preferably with a Canon camera but any oter P&S Digital would do either. Can you please also give me your opinion on handling the system under water (where do you put the 2nd lense?) Best regards Christian
  17. Hi, I own a S40 with the Canon Housing and NO external flash. After 50 dives with the setup I have mixed feelings. Pro - easy to use - very accessable and easy to learn, you get good pictures very fast Contra - very limited macro range (you can´t get nearer than 15-20 cm) - very limited wideangle - the "blue" sometimes gets somewhat "funny" on some pictures, it then looks artificial You can look at some pics from my trip to egypt at: http://www.pixum.de/viewalbum/?id=421062 To be honest: I will sell the S40 within the next weeks and consider a Nikon Coolpix 5000 plus case and external flash. I know the budet is "different" but the sample pictures I looked at (macros!!!) are far better then the S40 stuff. I hope that helps.... Bye bye Chris
  18. Hello everybody! I just bought a Canon S40 plus Canon housing and will take the system to a first test within the next days. I know that I need to invest into an external strobe and will discuss this at a later time with all of you... :-) Right now I wonder if anybody had the chance to test the sea&sea conversion lences with any digital camera? Is the "connection" to the housing any good or is their a good chance to loose it under water? Is the picture quality still OK? Would you recommend this system over the standard package of your camera? I am interested in hearing from you.... PS: I LOVE macro pics and taking them will be a main goal of mine!!! Take care Christian
  19. Hello again! I did it and bought the S40 plus canon housing..... I will get an external strobe at a later time (1-3 month from now). In about 10 days I can take the set to the first dives and will tell you my progress. Aengus: I visited your site and was very impressed by the UW-pictures. Did you take them all with the S40? Actually I am not from Sydney -> more like germany... :-))) Thank you all for your constructive feedback! I´ll be back... Bye bye Christian
  20. Hello again. MikeO: I was actually worried about the physical connnection, but it seems like I can connect a shoe to the canon housings and attache the strobe arm there. -> fine! Are the connections "standard" or do I have to go with a special vendor? AengusM: Thanks for the the tip with the YS25DX. Can you email me the sample you talked about? At last I like to ask if anybody out there has experience with the Ikelite DS-50 strobe working with the flash sensor rather a snyc-cord?! I guess it might be the best solution to start with. The 30m limit doesn´t bother me that much because usually there isn´t much to photograph beneath that depht. Besides some wracks of course. But that´s OK with me. Take care Christian
  21. Hello everybody! I am an experienced diver and want to start UW photography. Because I like to also use the camera on land and UW I decided to go the digital way. My two considerations are: 1)Canon G2 Ikelite Housing Ikelite DS-50 Stobe + very good feature set and quality (reviews) - very very high price! (actually too high) 2) Canon S40 Canon Housing Ikelite Strobe DS-50 + sensor + good price/quality ratio - can´t find find enough infos.... My biggest concern is that the considered strobe wont "connect" to the housing?! I really like to here your opinions of my choices (mostly the 2nd) and listen to your experience.... Take care Christian
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