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  1. Hi, I am selling a zoom gear by Subal to be used with the Nikon lens 14-24mm. This gear will work with housings like the Subal ND700, but not with newer housings like Subals housing for the Nikon D800. So please check first if this gear will work with your housing. http://www.ebay.de/itm/111141890593?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1558.l2649 Starting price -> 9€ Best regards Sebastian
  2. Hi, I am selling my Subal flat port for the Nikon lens 105mm AF-S VR on Ebay. The port has not been used that much - so it's still looking good. Starting price is 199€ -> http://www.ebay.de/itm/111129344294?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649 Best regards Sebastian
  3. Price drop -> http://www.ebay.de/itm/Unterwassergehause-Subal-ND700-fur-Nikon-D700-/111119204568?pt=Tauchzubeh%C3%B6r&hash=item19df3880d8
  4. Hello, I am selling my used housing Subal ND700 for the Nikon D700. The housing is in good condition and it has never leaked when I used it. http://www.ebay.de/itm/Unterwassergehause-Subal-ND700-fur-Nikon-D700-/111119204568 A spare main o-ring and a strap you can use to attach the housing to your BCD is also included. Starting price is only 999€. Best regards Sebastian
  5. Ok, seems to be that I have to ask them to make one of their housings for the Nikon D800 with a Subal port mount - just for me. I guess they won't do that or it will be very expensive - making the Subal housing for the D800 attractive again for me...
  6. I have got a few flat ports and a big dome port (Zen 230mm) all with a subal port 4 mount. I am now wondering what image quality I can expect when I have to use an adapter with an isotta housing. Does anybody have any experience with this or a similar setup? I am especially interested in the following setup: isotta housing + subal adapter + Zen dome port (Sigma 15mm lens). I checked ISOTTAs Facebook page and found this video. It shows how they make their products (housing, lights ...). https://www.facebook.com/video/embed?video_id=1886836261314I
  7. Hi Stewart, I don't know what this guy did with his housing - seems to be that he didn't treat his housing very well. Maybe he is never washing his car, too? I guess the buttons on the back of the Aquatica housings are made of "stainless steel"? Why not cover the buttons with some sort of plastic/paint like Subal and Seacam do it? This should help to avoid any rust on the buttons and I am sure that these special buttons are not that expensive, too. Best regards, Sebastian
  8. Hi, during my last holidays in Manado/Lembeh 9/2010 one guy showed me his one year old Aquatica housing for the Nikon D700. Nearly every button on the back was already starting to rust. I don't know if this is generally a problem with the Aquatica housings. But maybe it's worth spending a bit more money and buy a housing from Subal or Seacam instead, if you want a housing that suvives ~5+ years. Just my 2 cents. Sebastian
  9. Hello, month later the port is still available - didn't put it on Ebay. Just tell me what price you are willing to pay (via pm). New price was more than 700$ including the protection caps. Example -> Subal Focus Port for Nikon 105mm Payment via PayPal is possible! Best regards, Sebastian
  10. Hi, I am offering a used dedicated Subal macro flat port for the Nikon 105mm AF-S VR. The port has got the new version 4 port opening. The port is in very good condition (just 25 dives). There are no scratches on the glas. The o-ring is like new. Protection caps for rear and front are included. No extra gear is necessary to manual focus. I am also adding the one page manual supplied by Subal. Just have a look at the pictures. 349€ including shipping (no express) Sebastian
  11. Hi, during my last holidays at NAD Lembeh (very relaxed diving, funny management btw.) I tried out the 105mm with Nikon's TC-20E III teleconverter => not easy to handle Maybe I just need more practice - this was the second time I was on holiday with a DSLR underwater. The new Sigma 150mm is anyway on my wishlist. Sebastian
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