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  1. Interested, can we talk by phone, i live in hong kong too, my phone is 94273068
  2. i finally tested it underwater, it didn't jumped to low power after 15 mins., you were right, it was overheated. Overall it had 120 mins (low power) when turned to red.
  3. i bought one a month ago, never decend yet, but i check it in tube, the light with full power(3) last only 5 min. and automatically went to low power(1). i turned it back to full power again all around for 4 times till it went out. It totally last for 120min., i don't know is it in normal condition?
  4. Sorry! it should be http://en.item.rakuten.com/scubadiving/100...mpus+underwater
  5. At least u have to consider the zoom gear for 1454... Inon dome +per-e01 fit 918 (quot by inon web) ,and 5020; i think it fit too....
  6. Dear all master, i use inon dome for 8mm FE, i wonder if it can fit 9-18mm...... can 11-22mm work in this combination (inon dome +per-e01)..... Peter
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