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  1. I've 3 items for sale.  All are in great condition.

    1. Nauticam zoom gear for Nikon 16-35 f4.  N1635-Z  Asking $150,  free shipping in USA.  Will ship international at cost.

    2. Tokina 10-17 Fisheye for Nikon with Nauticam zoom gear. Asking $350,  free shipping in USA.  Will ship international at cost.

    3. Sigma 17-70mm f2.8-4.5 lens for Nikon with Nauticam zoom gear. Asking $300,  free shipping in USA. Will ship international at cost.

    Both are DX lenses for Nikon, and they are mint.



  2. Ok both domes big and small + the compact port are gone. It is price reduction time on the 2 DX lenses for Nikon. Both lenses are mint.


    1. Tokina 10-17 Fisheye for Nikon with Nauticam zoom gear. Was asking $350 + shipping. New price $300 + free US shipping. Will ship international at cost


    2. Sigma 17-70mm f2.8-4.5 lens with Nauticam zoom gear. Was asking $300 + shipping. New price $260 + free US shipping. Will ship international at cost.


    Photos of the sigma is in my other post: http://wetpixel.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=64239


    Make me an offer if you want both!



  3. I'm inspired to clean out more of my gear closet after selling my Z-240 strobes + my backup strobe. Spring cleaning 2019 a few days late.


    First up, a little used Nauticam 8.5" acrylic dome with shade, rated for 150m. With original box and accessory. The dome has some typical wear, but no scratches or nicks. Nothing that shows up in my photos even when there's a lot of blue in the frame. I'm sure if someone else is asked to describe it they'll say it is very clean. But I want to be conservative so nobody is unhappy after purchase. The bottom plastic lens shade has the usual wear, as that's where the camera sits on a table or floor.


    - New $590 Asking $350


    Next, Nauticam Compact Port Base & Compact Port 30. This is my backup macro port, didn't see a lot of use. Here I'll say it is mint. Glass is perfect and no marks on the body. Together this is for a 60mm macro. If you add a Compact Port Extension 40 it'll work for a 105mm macro. So 3 small parts for 2 macro lenses. This compact port system has 1 advantage over the normal Port 60, if you unscrew the base from the port, you can essentially nest the port inside the base. Which makes it about 1/2 the size, saving a lot of room in your carryon bag.


    - New base $240 Asking $150

    - New port 30 $200 Asking $125

    - Buy both together for $250


    Lastly I've my backup wide and macro do it all, Sigma 17-70mm f2.8-4.5 Macro HSM DC lens for Nikon. Wow that's a mouthful. And the matching Nauticam zoom gear. This is a useful lens for those dive where there are both big animals and macro subjects. Or if you've have not idea what might be interesting. Ever asked a divemaster if this is a macro or wide dive, and they shrug and say it depends. Not helpful :) This is the lens for those dives.


    I don't have the box for this anymore, but the glass is absolutely clean since it is only ever used behind a dome. Never used on land.


    - New lens $500 and gear $175. Asking $300


    All prices does not include shipping, but it does include PayPal fees. So these are pretty good deals. And I ship fast, you can ask the buyers of my Inon strobes.


    Thanks. Happy diving and shooting!




















  4. This is an amazing combo of light weight, flexibility and performance for your Nikon DX system.


    As you know the Tokina 10-17 Fisheye is unique and one of the most recommended wide angel lens for crop sensor camera UW. This lens is for Nikon ($479 new). No marks on the glass or on the body. Really mint. I'll include the Nauticam zoom gear for this lens ($155 new).

    - Asking $350 + shipping


    The Zen DP-100 glass dome for the Tokina 10-17 is amazingly light, only 1.1 lbs. It revolutionized UW wide angel photography by letting you get close to small subjects for that CFWA look we all love. ($900 new) It is like new, absolutely no marks on the glass or on the body. It is truly mint.

    - Asking $550 +shipping


    You can take both together for $825 + shipping


    I'm selling this because I went full frame. Love the FX sensor but I really do miss this zoom fisheye and tiny dome combo. There's just nothing like it in the full frame world.











  5. Selling my 2 trusty Inon Z-240 Type 4 strobes because I got tempted and upgraded to new strobes (bad me :)


    These are very lightly used, only 2 dive trips. Both work perfectly, some typical scratches on the plastic outside. Have original box with manual, all accessories including all 3 diffusers: 4600, 4900 and normal -0.5, etc.


    In the second photo you can see I'll include the 3rd party knob I added to the strobe power knob, which makes it much easier to turn with gloves. It is really a must have for those tiny hard to turn knobs.


    $375 each + shipping. Prefer to sell the pair together







  6. Happy New Year! I am downsizing so I'm selling gear I no longer use or use rarely.


    I'm selling my Inon UWL-100 and its matching dome. The UWL-100 is super sharp to the corners but it only has a 100 degree field of view. With the addition of the Dome Lens Unit II, it brings it up to a nice 145 degree.


    Both are in near Mint condition. The Dome is very new so only has a few dives. I've the original boxes for both units.


    I prefer to sell both together but will consider breaking the set up for the right offer. New these 2 together are $825. I'll take $450 obo. Please feel free to PM me if you have any questions.







  7. I got my Nauticam D7000 housing in mid-Dec just in time for my trip to Palau. I loved it and got some great shots on my trip. However I had some problems with a few controls. Fortunately none were critical and it didn't get in my way during the trip. I don't mind a few bugs given I got one of the first housings off the line in time for my trip. It's fair trade to be a beta tester for early access :P


    I sent the housing back to Backscatter after I got home, and they were super helpful. Sean was able to reproduce my problems. It turns out 3 out of 4 of my problems were traced to the screw that mounts the camera on the tray not being turned tight enough. I was only turning the screw to finger tight. Nauticam is saying it should be 1/8 turn past that. I waited until I got official word back before posting here. So for all the new owners of the Nauticam D7000 housing, make sure the tray is on tight and not rotating if you experience any problems with your buttons.


    The last problem had to do with the Live View level. I was having problem activating LV reliably. During my trip I "fixed" it by taping a band-aid on the level to help push the lever on the body more. Word is Nauticam is making a new part for that function. Maybe that's the reason some of your orders are delayed. They're probably waiting for that part before shipping more housings.


    Overall, I think it is a great housing. I can't wait to get it back next week for some more dives. Hope this info will save some time and headaches on your first trip out with the new housing.





    PS. Almost forgot I had 1 more issue early on. I was using my Sig 17-70 with a pretty stiff zoom ring. The main gear for turning the zoom ring was slipping when I was testing it. I looked inside and found 1 of the mounting screw to be a little loose. I tightened it and everything worked fine. Again, mine was one of the first off the line. I'm guessing others won't have this issue. Nauticam does supply a nice hex key set whichcovers all the screws on the housing. It is pretty easy to check nothing has gotten loose before or after a trip.


    The inside of this housing is very complex. But it feels very solid. I think it'll stand up to even heavy use very well.

  8. A few have shipped already, and more being built every day.


    I haven't gotten to dive with one yet though!!!




    I got mine over the weekend. Thanks to Sean from Backscatter! I've only tested it in the bathtub, but so far I'm very happy with how wonderful it feels in my hand. I'm off to Palau end of this week, can't wait. I'll post some photos when I get back.

  9. Hi,


    I use a sea & sea YS110 strobe today, and think about getting a SB105 as an off camera slave. They do have different colour temperatures though, will this matter much?


    The YS110 is 5400 ° K compared to the SB105 4700 ° K






    You can always use a gel to bring the 2 closer to each other. I think a 1/4 CTO on your YS110 behind the defuser should get it close to the SB105.

  10. Thanks everyone for your replies. Any more opinions are much appreciated.


    When the successor to the D300s comes out, what are the improvements expected over the D7000? As far as I can tell, slightly better AF, better video, higher frame rate, sturdier body... Anything else? It doesn't look likely that they will improve much as far as resolution or low light performance. Of the likely improvements, the only one that seems useful for UW use is the better AF. Am I missing something?


    I think you're right and Thom Hogan said pretty much the same in his 2011 prediction post:


    D400: announced late in the year (August or later). The real question is what changes from a D300s?

    The D7000 16mp sensor, but with faster frame rates (both still and video)

    A new focus sensor, likely a derivative of the D4's

    1080P/24/25/30, 720P/24/25/30/60

    Hard core pro body (more gasketing, possibly integrated grip)

    Integrated GPS?

    EN-EL15 battery?


    That's why I decided to jump now instead of waiting for the D400 and commit to the Nauticam D7000 housing. I hope to keep that rig for a long time.

  11. Emnmm....."I'm upgrading from a D300 to D7000 " it is consider "UPGRADE"!!!!!!!!! :D:P :P


    In fact it's a big upgrade because I'm going from an D300 Ikelite housing to Nauticam :P


    After taking Dr. Mustard's workshop earlier this year I finally feel like I can invest in a better housing. I could have gotten the D300s Nauticam, but I'll have to upgrade from my D300 to D300s, and each successive Nauticam design has gotten better so why not get the best Nauticam. Finally I'm not a video shooter but I've to say I'm intrigued by the possibility so all around it seems like a no brainer to "upgrade" to the D7000

  12. Just posted something similar since I already have a D300s and finally ordered a housing and all the accourtrements for it (that should be here next week)...now I see Alex's review and I feel torn between just getting my new housing and jumping into the water with a camera again after a two year hiatus. Versus back peddling and getting the very latest and greatest, which probably means waiting a bit for the Nauticam d7000 to be distributed. So torn!!!




    I'm not sure you've to wait very long. I'm upgrading from a D300 to D7000 for my trip to Palau in less than 3 weeks. The nice folks at Backscatter are working hard to get me a Nauticam D7000 before that trip. So the Nauticam housings will be available really soon. I'm really looking forward to it.

  13. Mine stick constantly.


    I just decided to go with the Inon LE550W instead of the Sola 600. Alex's review made me want a Sola 600 badly. Cost is a factor, but mostly I was scared off by the 4 early deaths that needed replacement, and sticky switches reported here. I'm heading off to Palau in 3 weeks and I won't have a chance to do testing beyond the old bathtub dunk. It would be a bummer to get a bad unit 8000 miles from home.


    I'm hoping the red filter is nearly as good as the red LEDs for not scaring off shy creatures. I really like to get some better shots of mandarin fish on this trip.

  14. The 80-400 is a good option, but it is slow to focus as it is not an AFS lens. Nobody mentioned the 300mm f4, I used that along with my 500 f4 on a recent safari to Namibia. The 300 f4 is very sharp and works well with my TC14 and TC17. I don't have the new TC20. It's a good tradeoff considering it's price, size, and performance. It's only missing VR, but that's not a big issue if you use a bean bag.


    Have fun.




  15. Hi there,


    Anyone still shooting D2X underwater? Or have you all upgraded to D700? This will make a great backup body for your D2X system.


    I like to sell my D2X body. It is in great shape, I totally babied this camera. This is my land only camera, it's never been underwater. About 16000 actuations. So plenty of life left in the shutter which is rated for 200,000+ actuations.


    Original box with all accessories, it has the Giottos professional screen protector installed ($35). I'll also throw in an extra 3rd party battery, and a Really Right Stuff D2X L-plate ($183 new)





    Asking $1500.00 US, Paypal only please. Shipping in US $40.




  16. $5000 + for a 12 megapixel camera. This thing had better be able to shoot in total darkness ^_^ , and the pictures should look like they were taken in broad daylight. Otherwise, it seems rather high priced. I am sure the "pre-production" pictures will soon be posted.


    Looks like it will shoot in the dark. First impression of the D3s here: http://www.bjp-online.com/public/showPage.html?page=870011


    ISO to 12800, with boost to 102,400. That's crazy!

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