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  1. Hi Bartrigger, Thanks so much for your reply and for checking this out! :-) I have personally not seen anything, but two persons who where there with me saw three metal cages full of concrete blocks, apparently for fish feeding. So, I am afraid you are right! But the funny thing is that one of them told me there was no fish around the cages...just three ugly, useless metal cages full of concrete blocks nearby a lovely reef full of amazing marine life! As far as the possibility to involve eminent marine scientists, this sounds like a great idea to me, but to get in contact with them does not seem so easy, at least if you have no access to the right channels. Maybe we can post our comments on the webistes they write on or are likely to visit and try to catch their attention. Any other idea anyone? Cheers, Monica
  2. Hi Barrtrigger, First of all I would like to tell you how sorry I am for what's happening to your place...:-( Second, I can see from your reply that you are very well informed on this subject, so maybe you can help me. Do you know which companies are part of the joint venture which is running the project? Or do you know at least from which country the capitals are coming from? Also, I cannot find any news on the web with a more recent date than November 2008. Do you know what happened after? Has the final ok been given by Sabah's authorities? Do you know at what stage is the project now? All this information are very important if we are to write a credible petition. I will be very thankful to anyone who is able to provide them to me! I am concerned! I loved Mabul as very few other places in the world... Cheers, Monica
  3. Hi all, I'm just coming back from Mabul/Sipadan too, and I am disgusted by what corruption and greediness are planning for this amazing spot of the world.. I understand that the economic and political interests behind this devastating plan are immense, but it's many of us thinking that Mabul should be preserved and no oceanarium ever built. If you are not already aware of this, a cause was posted on the Facebook account of the Project AWARE Foundation and was already joined by 4,367 members. This can be found at http://apps.facebook.com/causes/152265/52420811?m=6d54c0aa If you have not done this already, please join. I am aware that this might not go too far. But I strongly believe that boycotting could be a key of imposing on Sabah authorities a careful re-thinking on the oceanarium plan. If divers and tourists would make clear that they do not intend to visit the oceanarium, but are only attracted by the natural beauty of Mabul, there might be a chance that the plan can be stopped. It's only about money, isnt'it? ;-) I am evaluating with friends and helpers the opportunity to post an online petition on divers and travellers forums, eg. the Lonely Planet. A student of suistanable development has granted me that the political impact of the opinions expressed on the Lonely Planet's website is huge. Any suggestion or contribution to this project is greatly appreciated!! Monica
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