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  1. Hola buenos dias,

    Veo que tienes un housing para el Canon 5D Mk IV.

    Puedo estar interesado si el precio es accesible por mi, los tiempos son muy dificiles actualmente.

    Cual es tu mejor precio?


  2. Hi, I have one . The dome port is the ZEN DP-100 NT for Nauticam and comes with a rubber cover (not neoprene) in very good condition. ​Price 650Usd + shippment from Chile. ​Thanks
  3. Interested, what is the price of shippment to CHILE? Thanks
  4. Hi I am interested , what is the cost of shipping to Chile? Thanks
  5. Hi. I am interested by one sea&sea ysd1 What is the price with transport to Chile? Enviado desde mi iPhone utilizando Tapatalk
  6. Hi, I have one In Pristine condition. 650Usd + shippment from Chile Pictures on demand
  7. Hi, Sell you only the 8" Dome and the adaptator Nauticam? If yes what is the price? Thanks
  8. I have send you a PM for the Dome and extension 70mm Jean PASTORA
  9. hi. Send you to Chile? If yes , what is the cost? Thanks
  10. Hi I am interested, send you to Chile? If yes what is the cost Thanks
  11. Hi. I am interested by you set. Have you an email to contact? Thanks
  12. Hi. What is the price without port and focus gear? Thanks Jean PASTORA
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