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  1. I just got a wwl-1 for my oly 12-50, em1-ii. Using it with nauticam's 12-50 port with their funky gear. Only had one dive on it so far, but liked it a lot. I have to train myself not to go too wide on the lens. Had a few shots at 15mm that definitely cut off the corners. I have a few photos (nothing great, just a testing dive), here: https://photos.app.goo.gl/eddX4V4Wznzxk6EW9 Some of these are cropped a little because of the 15mm issue. If you want raws of anything let me know. I'd be happy to send you files. Eric
  2. Just a quick note for anyone interested that I just got my first dive in on a new Nauticam housing for an Olympus E-M1II. I used a 60mm macro lens on a dive in Puget sound. I'm transitioning from a Canon 7dII and an original E-M5 (also nauticam). Only one dive, but I'm impressed so far. Ergonomics on the housing feel a little more refined than my E-M5 housing (but generally similar). I do miss the tilted screen on the E-M5 but the new mechanism doesn't really allow that within a housing. The settings available on the E-M1II are rather daunting so it'll take me a while to figure out the best settings for various uses.. So far I've experimented with Continuous AF/tracking mode. Previously I'd found any form of C-AF pretty useless on the E-M5, but very nice on the 7D-II for macro. It seems to be quite useable on the E-M1II. In particular, with tracking enabled I found i could skip having to move focus points around in most cases. I just used center point, start focus on the eye, reframe while still half pressed (the tracking would keep the focus point on the eye) and just use a focus/recompose style while getting the macro focus correct. These was a huge time saving when quickly coming on a subject. I experimented with some photos using strobes (dual YS-01) and some photos just using higher ISO and a single SOLA 1200. Both came out well (surprisingly so for the YS-01). The Eye photo was ISO 6400 with the focus light, and the Prickleback was ISO 5000. For a small sensor camera i was very happy with the output. Somewhat higher res versions on google photos: https://goo.gl/photos/eXXd3wga4GpF5Dcz7 Eric
  3. I got a chance to take my new 7dMKII to Raja Ampat a bit over a week ago. Overall very impressed. Autofocus and general useability, especially with the nauticam housing, are great. Didn't shoot much above 1600 ISO, but overall tended to feel that as long as exposed well I'd be reasonably happy with up to ISO 3200 if necessary (and very happy with ISO 1600). By ISO 6400 Noise/detail loss started feeling quite problematic. Haven't had a chance to do much processing of them, but I just threw a few ISO 3200 shots and two iso 6400 shots onto flickr(lightroom processed) with the raws in dropbox if you want to play with them yourself (shots chosen for ISO range/exposure, not composition/quality). Note that the one wide angle 6400 ISO shot was using a magic filter but is beyond the range that lightroom is willing to let you adjust tint. https://www.flickr.com/photos/44745326@N02/sets/72157650585841906/ https://www.dropbox.com/sh/bovk5hgd2ys41sd/AACPw6MXgvo4C5ldaFJCU7u6a?dl=0 Eric
  4. Looking at that page I'm sorta interested in the second bullet point: "Do not attempt to activate the flash on the unit with the flash facing downward."
  5. Aside from the other comments, If you may want to shoot any macro video I'd highly suggest the version with IS. I don't shoot video much (snapshot-like work), but like to have the option and the IS makes this MUCH more useable at 100MM without a tripod. I had some bracing for this shot, but the IS certainly helped a lot too: http://vimeo.com/24093663
  6. The downside (speaking as someone who has a 7d and ikelite housing) is that if you want TTL you're more or less limited to only the ikelite strobes (which I have). There's not enough room in the housing to open the built in strobe for optical TTL. Eric
  7. Haven't seen this posted yet.... For anyone who's interested, Ikelite just posted more info on the DS160 -> DS 161 upgrade costs, etc and also surprisingly is now also saying that they WILL upgrade a DS125 to a DS 160 or a DS161 too (for more money). http://ikelite.com/faq/faq_curstrobes.html#ds161 eric
  8. Aside from the fact that you lose one of the major advantages of the 7d (the very good continuous AF servo focus), I don't personally know of any way to move the focus point around in live view on a 7d when in the ikelite case. Outside the case this is done with the joystick thing, but that's the one control the ikelite housing does NOT have.
  9. One thing I definitely changed when going to the 7d from a rebel (400d) is that for macro with the canon 60mm I've been using AI servo pretty much exclusively and have been extremely happy with the results. I'd definitely suggest experimenting with that a bit. Definitely getting much better focus where I want it with that setup than I was getting on the 400d. Never had much luck with servo mode on the 400d.
  10. The Big Blue 1x5 does as well.. Can't say it's completely reliable at shutting off for me, but then the nano wasn't either. Definitely much brighter if a bit oversized. Only two dives on it, but overall I like it so far.
  11. I'm using the ultralight stud with just a single clamp (the normal one) connecting directly to the ball on my big blue focus light. I only have one dive on the setup so far, but it seemed to work reasonably well. Only gripe is that when tearing apart/assembling it's a little tedious to open/close the clamp each time. Really minor gripe though. Edited to show the setup. Realized I had a (poor) photo on hand. eric
  12. Mine seemed to be useable, but didn't trigger the flash. I opened it all the way before putting it in the housing and VERY carefully put it partway down while sliding it in. In the end since the flash doesn't trigger, rather academic. eric
  13. Unfortunately doesn't seem to work. Housing itself is fairly tight and the through-case attachment for the focus light penetrates right there adding another couple millimeters. Flash didn't seem to be triggering this far closed. eric
  14. My new toy on its first "dive". I'm looking forward to playing with the new mounting stud up top for the focus light. So far it looks promising. A little annoying to attach remove though. Hopefully will get it out in the Sound in the next week and a half or so. Eric
  15. Just a quick note that one of the more significant deficiencies listed there is incorrect. The 7d DOES support Auto-ISO in manual mode. eric
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