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  1. Great shots, I dived Pyramid Rock a few years ago encountering many of them too. I had a macro lens on!! It seems the magic filter picks the reds up very clearly. Was the viz as good as it is in your shots, or did the filter do some "magic"? I also enjoyed your blue shots on Fickr. I am a very frustated diver as I just cannot seem to get my timing on these palegic trips.
  2. Went last year with Chris and Monique Fallows. Chris has some awsome shots of breaching whites. Both are very involved with research and document every incident (predations etc) in the area. They are very involved in education programs with locals about the importance of shark ecotourism in the area. I spent 3 days photographing whites, in a cage and from the boat. It is a vacation I can recomend to anyone curious about sharks. Here are some pics i took. I am returning this year in July to perfect the breaching shots. Enjoy Sean
  3. I am planning a business trip to Thailand and as luck may have it I happend to have two days off to explore the diving oppostunities in Pattaya. My problem is that I will be landing in Bangkok on Saturday morning at 06H00 and will not waste a minute in getting to the Pattaya beaches that I can catch a day boat to sea. Most of the day boats leave at 09H00 and since the transfer from Bangkok is more than 2 hours I will be late for the dive. I was wondering if there is anyone out there who knows of a day boat that leaves later, or any dive shops that offer good shore based diving. I am traveling solo with camera and no dive gear. I will book a day boat on Sunday and most certainly opt for a night dive. Any recomandations? Regards Sean Sequeira
  4. Hello Does any person know about a strobe that one could fire manually. In Other Words a strobe that you can fire underwater at your command by pushing a button. The other option is to know about a housing that houses a manual strobe where one can "test" fire the strobe underwater? Regards Seanseans@toshiba-sa.co.za
  5. Thanks for the possitive on the new 105. In fact I have already ordered mine. Can anyone point me in the right direction as to where I can buy an old 105. Supermacro is still what I like. Nikon also produces a 1,4 teleconverter which may work if the 105VR fits?
  6. After flooding my Nikon F100 this weekend I have decided to move on and replace my F100 with digital. This is a long term goal as I am hoping for a possible upgrade to the D200 with mega frames per second or a slight increase in megapixels. The same happened shortly after I bought my D70. What is the most painfull about my flood is that my 105 macro lense also went swimming, and now I am looking for a new 105. What are the forums comments on the new nikkor 105 macro lense? I am also going to replace the existing one I have as I am a super macro addict and I know the new 105 cannot fit onto the a teleconverter. My questions are this; Can one still buy a new "old" 105 macro lense and where? What are the comments from members who are using the new 105? Regards Sean Sequeira
  7. As one of the larger housing and underwater photography manufacturers, I am puzzled as to why they have not released a housing for the D2x. I wonder why??????
  8. Heres mine. Taken with a D70 60mm lens. Guinjata Bay Mozambique.
  9. I am about to purchase a YS 15 strobe which I would like to use as a slave strobe complimenting my existing macro setup. My question is; does the AUTO function mean that if I had a larger strobe connected set on half power, will the YS15 fire at the same power setting as the larger connected strobe. or if I had the connected strobe set on TTL will the YS 15 fire at the same power as the connected strobe?
  10. When is Sea and Sea launchine their version for the D2h? I wish I could change but most of my "legacy" camera equipment is S&S. Any rumours or hot news someone can share?
  11. Is there a specific time that we could determine when fish mate. i.e. Is there a time of day, or month, or year? Or are there specific places on the reef where fish congregate to mate or spawn? I am aware of the full moon thing when coral spawn. We have also been adorned with images of fish "shooting" eggs into the water with the males fertilising them, on TV. But the more common guys we see on the reef should be a challenge, or is there a secret time or place?
  12. Got delivery of my new D70. Was not very pleased with the results, but one has to get into the wate more often. Just a few picks i have posted for comment, first real ones I can start displaying. I have worked on some, I am sure you will be able to see it. Anyway I am trying to identify my pictures through "effective expression" Tell me if you think these guys are "effectivley expressed"
  13. Great website, fantastice shots. Is there any way you an share with us how you got the lighting so special on the juv batfish? :?:
  14. First few exposures on my D70 produces good pictures but very bland results. The pics are there, however the the colour, saturation and contrast is very different to what I am used to on film. I find myself shooting at exposures way out of sync to what I know works on film. (F32@1/350) I use the highlights setting to avoid overexposure, and this is my main criterea to judge whether I keep the pic or not. I have only shot with a 105 macro lense with an Ike 50 strobe on manual, and a S&S YS90 strobe whitch I toggle between half and full dump. The reds are orban, blues are matt and yellows are gray! Varieng the distance between the strobe and subject yeilded slight improvement but still no satisfaction. My question is; will changing the strobes to the type that you can vary the f stops on the unit make things better or will a "digital photography" book increase my understanding, or am I just missing the digital plot? Will knowledge of functions like the histogram increase my underatanding? I have been using the TTL function on my film camera's for exposure and now I am forced into the manual options. Any suggestions on how to make this learning curve quicker?
  15. I am new to this forum, still got a F100 in a Sea & Sea housing. I decided 3 weeks ago to migrate to digital. A phone call to my local supplier told me that Sea & Sea have discontinued their DX100 housing range! That was an indication to me that Nikon must be discontinuing the D100. I have kinda decided to go for the D70 with S & S housing purley so that I can migrate the existing lenses, ports and accesories I already own to the new system. The DX70 housing seems like a downgrade to the DX100 such as one sync port and no manual and autofcus change buttons. I cannot seem to make out from the pictures S & S supply. Anyone using this system? Can anyone share their experiences. Particully fromthe housing point of view?
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