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  1. Thanks cor + ckchong! ckchong - had a look at your flickr site, nice photos! do you have any companies/shops you can recommended buying gear off in Kuala Lumpur? (or elsewheres in Malaysia). I don't know anywhere in Vietnam - so may as well fly overseas to buy it! Thanks, Hannah
  2. Hi, I have been putting off buying an SLR underwater set up for way too long! So, I'm booking a trip to Sipadan at the end of March, and I want a new set-up by then. Currently I have an old Nikon D-80, but it is not very reliable any more and I don't want to take it underwater. I'm really interested in the Nikon D7000, and then what bits would I need to get? So far, I have been taking photos with an Olympus point+shoot, and really enjoy Macro photography underwater. From looking through the forums I guess a good start up might be: Nikon D7000 (body) 60mm (or 50mm?) Wideangle/Fisheye (10-17 or 12-14?) Strobe kit (two - one will make shadows?) Sturdy case! Any advice on equipment; or dealer recommendations in Vietnam/Singapore/Hong Kong/Malaysia/Thailand would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Hannah
  3. Hi, I lived on Christmas Island for nearly 4 years. It's a beautiful place to dive, and to explore the jungle and caves. It is tricky to get there some times, the flights from Perth are expensive (or as of last week the airline has gone bust, so not at all available), the flights from Asia are intermittent... but it's definitely worth it! When I lived there 2004-2008 there were two main dive operators: CI Divers Wet 'n' Wild Adventures Both operators were very reliable and spoke a variety of languages. The accommodation available varies from year to year, with hotels opening/closing etc. The resort reopened in 2008, which is a lovely place to stay, however I'm not sure if it's still open. Despite all the frustrations of getting there... you will definitely enjoy it when you are there! The people are very friendly and accommodating, the climate is beautiful... and the diving! Fantastic visibililty (often ~50m), lots of whaleshark sitings (Novemeber - February) and pristine reefs all around! A good place to start is the tourism association website [christmas-dot-net-dot-au]. I hope you get to experience this paradise at least once in your life! Hannah
  4. Hi Steve, Thanks for the quick reply. Hmmm... it's probably not worth my while, or yours either. The shipping will probably be close to $200-$250, plus I'm likely to have to pay customs tax in Germany. I had a plan, if you were still in the US to get it shipped to an APO address here, but from Indonesia that's going to cost as much and take too long. I think I might look at buying a brand new olympus maybe 1030SW or Tough 8000 and get the housing. Thanks anyway!
  5. Hi, Has this already sold? I've already got a 770SW, it's a great camera, but I can't seem to buy the housing any where any more. I'd be willing to buy the camera and housing just so I can get a housing for my current camera. Thanks, Hannah
  6. Hi, I was in Mauritius a few months ago, my two favourite dives were: La Cathedral - close to the town Flic-en-Flac (beautiful caves and photography potential) Passe de St Jaques - south near Le Morne (great current - shark dive) Hope you have a great time
  7. Hi, I'm new to this forum, great to read everyone's ideas and advice. I'm looking at buying a whole new set of gear, possibly Nikon D90, Ikelite Housing, Nikon 10.5mm and Nikon 105mm and strobes... all before a planned holiday in Easter! I don't really know what to ask, but has anyone tried the combination of camera, lenses and housing above? Thanks, Hannah
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