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  1. Reunion Island in august-september is a very good place to snorkel with Humpback whales .
  2. fish life If you like to see more picture here is my Flickr album : https://www.flickr.com/photos/paolobl65/albums/72157675925072047 all my best Paolo Isgro
  3. Hello , here are my memories from my last trip in raja Ampat - January 2019 . I stayed in Papua Explorer Resort and I had a very nice stay . All were great there : from accomodation to food , from staff to diving operation . What I like specially is his position : right in the center of Dampier strait ! It was my second time there and I cant wait to come again . But ... why Raja Ampat is so special ? Because a fantastic shallow part of the reef and so nice fish life ( sometime very well "organized ") This is my point of view .... and of course I prefer to show you some photos rather than words The shallow part of the reef
  4. Yes , I had the same problem in my old S&S MDX-7D for Canon 7D , and I changed the original screw with a bigger one ( 10 mm ) . That kind of work was made in a mechanical tool shop and now the housing works again perfectly . hope this help .
  5. Hi Martin , thanks for your comment . I made some macro shot also ... but not really a standard macro because I used some vintage lens ( Helios and Oreston ) to get some special effect . about macro there were some mimic and wonderpuss , frog fish , some nudi , shrimps , crabs , the highlight for me was a junenile zebra batfish . Not so bad but I do not rate this place as good as Tulamben , Anilao or Lembeh . No manta because the water was so clean , but some shark . Incredible dive at shark montain h 06.30 at 34m FULL of fish but so dark ( no sun that day ) autofocus didnt work properly !!
  6. Hi Wolfgang , thank you for your comment . #1 : setting 3th photo is F20 - 1/250 - iso 100 ( see exif data here : https://www.flickr.com/photos/paolobl65/47980304126/in/album-72157708873533293/ ) and with this setting the sunburst is OK , but the real secret to get a good sunburst ( without cyan halo ) is to dive very shallow ( 3 m - 7 m ) . In this case I dont remember exactly but for sure 5-6 m . And you need to stay very close to the subject ( CFWA is better ) and flash full power because the close aperture ( F20 this time , sometime I use even F22 ) . I just made postprocessing in Lightroom so nothing special . #2 : I used Orchardz Bandara hotel near Jakarta airport , check in available from 08:00 ( booked trough booking.com ) ! hope this help all my best Paolo
  7. some more photos : in natural light with Magic Filter early morning and deep dive at shark mountain ( sadly non sun ! ) , too much fish ! all photos with Canon 80D and Canon 8-15 mm in S&S housing with Zen 170 Dome port + 2 x INON Z330 If you like to see more photos about this place here is my Flick gallery : https://www.flickr.com/photos/paolobl65/albums/72157708873533293/with/48109615808/ Finally let me say a special thanks to all the Weda Resort Staff and to my super dive Master Demos for their professionality and courtesy . All my best Paolo Isgro
  8. I was in Weda Resort ( http://www.wedaresort.com/) Halmahera – Indonesia for a 12 days dive trip in April 2019 , and I’d like to share my experience . Reservation : I contacted the resort directly and discuss accommodation and diving . Payment possible on check out but I preferred to pay in advance so I get also discount 10% . Get there : I flew from Italy to Jakarta , stay some hours in an Hotel near airport and take late at night a direct flight to Ternate ( Halmahera Island ) landing the following day h 07:25 . Pick up in the airport from the Weda staff and then 15’ by car + 45’ by speed boat + 2 hour 30’ by car so I arrived h 12:00 in Weda resort . Smooth and well organized . Accomodation : Very comfortable even without aircon because the roof leave the air to enter . I’d say is not a luxury bungalow as some other resort , anyway all what you need for a perfect diving vacation is well provided . Very clean room , confy bed with mosquito net , a large table to work with the camera , big bathroom with hot shower . A nice veranda to enjoy the sunset . And just few step from the diving and from the restaurant . My only complain was the frogs were very noisy at night ! ( also becuase it was a lot of rain at night ) Restaurant : the food was very good and plenty ! Lunch and dinner was in family style and fish , chicken and at least 4 vegetarian options were served every time . Afternoon snack was served directly on the bungalow veranda ( this was a nice touch ! ) Wi-Fi works only in the restaurant and was just enough for some wathapps . Birdwatching : I'm not a big fan of birdwatching but it's worth an early woke up end join the expedition to see the Standard Wing Bird of Paradise in the jungle . A big professional monocular was setted up by the guide , so I saw wery well his dancing ritual . The guide had incredible eyes and he showed me many others birds I cannot count . Diving operation : 2 dives in the morning starting on 7:30 for reef dive and 1 dive in the afternoon 15:00 usually for macro . Night dive available ( but 3 dives was more than enoug for me because 70-90 minutes each one ) . Dive boat was very confortable , fast , semicovered , easy to get in and out , plenty of space , and also rinse tank on board for 2 big DSLR camera ! Snack on board , as well as water , coffee and tea . Great crew , as always in Indonesia , take care of all . Group are small , max 4 divers for 1 dive master , but usually 2-3 . Diving : As underwater photographer I was there for wide angle photography and I was not disappointed !!! No other dive shop around , no big boat transit ( just some small fisherman boat ) …. all the sea was only for us ! Even if there was a lot of rain at night during my stay ( unusual for the period ) the visibility was from great to excellent . Anyway we had to dive mostly the off shore dive site ( Loleo , Tidore , Elmoos ) for best visibility . Hope next time I will be there ( … and yes , I have to came there again for sure ! ) I'll be able to dive the dive site close the coastline . Macro dive was also good with some dives really "muck style " on sandy slope in search of mimic octopus and frog fish . Very special dives were Gorango and Shark Mountain in early morning dive . So many fish ! Dive condition was perfect : flat sea , warm water ( 29-31°C ) , great visiblity , none to moderate current . Great snorkeling possibility as well and fantastic shallow part of the reef . It was really a great experience : one of the best place I ever dived for wide angle photography because the combination of three key factor : fantastic corals and very good fish life / great visibility / moderate current ( to be able to manage flash positioning and accurate composition ) , ..... anyway more than thousand words I think it is better to show you some photos :
  9. interesting images Ajay ! thank you for sharing
  10. Perfect Pavel ! I only need the Optical ( standard ) Kit ! thanks again Paolo
  11. Hello Pavel , thank you for answer . I saw new new article ( May 5th ) in wetpixel : https://www.tripadvisor.co.za/ShowUserReviews-g312559-d4431592-r388696566-Pro_Dive_Centre-Port_Elizabeth_Eastern_Cape.html price is 450$ but in UW Tecnichs website ( https://uwtechnics.com/index.php/online-store/ttl-converters/for-canon/11044-ttl-converter-for-canon-for-sea-sea-underwater-housings-detail ) the price of same item is 495 $ maybe the website is not updated to new correct price ? ( ... I'm going to order but this mistake stopped me ... ) thanks Paolo
  12. Hello Pavel , do you know if UW Technics converter works in TTL with the new strobe ONE 160X ( https://www.oneuw.com/en/one-160x-strobe/ ) ? many thanks Paolo
  13. And we were lucky the baby wanted to play with us : ... but no problem baby .... big mama is always watching at you !!! and always take care of you !! finally my favourite image .... just another point of view !! If you like to see more Tonga photos you can see my Flickr album : https://www.flickr.com/photos/paolobl65/albums/72157701111669905 all my best Paolo Isgro
  14. I was in Tonga last August with Naia liveabord and I'd like to share my experience . Naia is a well known liveaboard cruising Tonga during July , August and September and Fiji during the other months . All on board is great : cabin , food , service , professional cruise director , wonderful fijian staff ! The trip was 10 days - 9 nights - 8 full day in water with humpback whales . A lot of time with only one target : .... whales !! Seeing whales above water and underwater as well ( snorkeling only allowed ) I must confess at the beginning I was afraid to get bored , but day by day I understood that all that time is necessary to " get in touch " with the whales . This means not only take a snapshot but let the whales accept me in water ! As per tecnical details , I ask many friends had done same experience as well as internet research and I finally understood that is useful : -use fisheye on Dslr ( or mirrorless ) : I used Canon 8-15 on Canon 80D -use mid dome or minidome : I used ZEN 170 dome : a big dome is not really necessary because not possible many half-half and no worry about soften corner , and the cons is you have sto swimm a lot ! -use manual exposure with center weight metering and -2/3 compensation - F8 - 1/125 to 1/200 ( I used usually 1/160 ) - auto ISO -use autofocus ( with all points active ) , water was very clear so no really problem with autofocus I balanced ( neutral buoyancy and perfect trim ) my housing with some close cell foam all around it and it was very useful during the long hours in water . Last important points : -try to have the sun behind my back , because the only light is the natural light ( no flash allowed ) . -go close !! ... or better , let the whales came close to me ... and the first days I made the mistake to use fishyey at 15 mm .. at the end I used only 10 mm ( on crop sensor ) and try to fill the frame to have to less water as possible from whales and my lens . -be prepared to swimm a lot and a lot , so I trained myself intensive before this trip . here some shots , hope you like : some great moment of interaction ...... :
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