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  1. I am selling a brand new never used Inon snoot set for Inon Z-330 or D-200 originally packed for USD 180, buyer pays shipping and PayPal fee. All the best, Pascal
  2. interested in Camera and Housing - without lens. Do you ship to Switzerland? All the best from Zurich, Pascal
  3. Hi Wolf, which are thouse? Retra pro? All the best, Pascal
  4. Anyone to sell? All the best from Switzerland, Pascal
  5. Interested in the flip holder. Paypal? Best Pascal
  6. Hi I am interested in: 1. Sony FE 28mm + Nauticam WWL-1 (includes ports and the wet lense, including float ring to provide buoyancy support). Price? 2. 180 Glass dome port. What price? Best Pascal
  7. Are they still available? Why do you want to sell them? All the best, Pascal
  8. I am looking for MK III housing - Aquatica, Seacam, Nauticam, Subal, if possible. All the best from Switzerland, Pascal
  9. Hi Is it still available - I am interested Do you also sell am 14mm, f: 2,8? Best, Pascal
  10. Looking for Mk III housing inkl. Strobes, Tranks for offers, best Pascal
  11. Hi David I am very interested in housing and ports please send PM or email: schumacher@swissonline.ch All the best from Switzerland Pascal
  12. Hi everybody I am looking for a housing for my Canon 5d Mk II, preferably by Aquatica Thanks for offers All the best, Pascal
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