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  1. Hi Wolf, which are thouse? Retra pro? All the best, Pascal
  2. Anyone to sell? All the best from Switzerland, Pascal
  3. Interested in the flip holder. Paypal? Best Pascal
  4. Hi I am interested in: 1. Sony FE 28mm + Nauticam WWL-1 (includes ports and the wet lense, including float ring to provide buoyancy support). Price? 2. 180 Glass dome port. What price? Best Pascal
  5. Are they still available? Why do you want to sell them? All the best, Pascal
  6. I am looking for MK III housing - Aquatica, Seacam, Nauticam, Subal, if possible. All the best from Switzerland, Pascal
  7. Hi Is it still available - I am interested Do you also sell am 14mm, f: 2,8? Best, Pascal
  8. Looking for Mk III housing inkl. Strobes, Tranks for offers, best Pascal
  9. Hi David I am very interested in housing and ports please send PM or email: schumacher@swissonline.ch All the best from Switzerland Pascal
  10. Hi everybody I am looking for a housing for my Canon 5d Mk II, preferably by Aquatica Thanks for offers All the best, Pascal
  11. Hi I am interested in everything but the two strobes, inkl. arm set. Would that be possible? To which price? All the best, Pascal
  12. Dear Peter Thanks alot for your comments. Looking foreward seeing some clips. Wish you a very nice trip and good shots with your xf100!! ! All the best from freezing Switzerland Pascal
  13. Both cameras are excellent, indeed, but compared to the xf100 the EX1R and the xf300 are too bulky to travel with. The xf100 - the smaller version of the xf300 - has also very good test reviews for its price (almost the same as good as the xf300 - there are differences, of course, smaller zoom range, no ND filter and so forth). The xf100 seems to be a very good underwater camera, infact, I do not know whether the low light ability of the xf100 it good enough for let's say 90 percent of normal dives. Equinox offers two different housings for that camera, one for approx. 1200 $ (HD8), the other (HD8X) has a wide angle lens built in for approx. 2200 $. (both affordable prices) I am intending to buy the xf100 with the HD8X - but I am not sure yet. best, Pascal
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