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  1. I use Tapatalk on my Android - simply awesome ! Can't believe more people haven't responded .........
  2. Great images !! Must get around to going off into the bush myself sometime. Glad to hear you enjoyed your trip to our country.
  3. I stayed at Hippocampus recently. Clean rooms, great food. Aircon, hot showers but not in all of the rooms. Dived with Sea Explorers, no complaints.
  4. Thanks all !! James - I went to Moalboal, Dumaguete (Dauin), Alona Beach, Cabilao, Malapascua and Anilao.
  5. Went off to the Philippines in Oct / Nov, thought I would post some pics. All with the E-3, 50mm macro 1.4 or 2.0 TC.
  6. I just put some heat shrink on mine - sometimes two or three layers till it makes a snug fit into the F/O port of the housing.
  7. I use 2mm OD fibre optic cable with a 1mm core and it works Ok. I guess anything that transmits light will do. I also modified the Inon cap as Bill describes and used heat shrink to increase the OD to fit the port on my housing.
  8. This happened to me a few months ago as well. I hadn't even noticed that the o-ring had slipped out of place untill I did a final inspection of my setup. The o-ring was shot, so I used the spare and have had no problems since. And yes, I only use Inon grease.
  9. Hi Simon Have you considered firing the Z240's with fibre optic cables? The STTL mode works really well, no need for a converter. I use them very effectively with my E-3.
  10. I agree on the Athena port for the 50mm - it is threaded on the outside so you can add Inon close up lenses like the 165. Plus you can also attach a ring flash as well.
  11. Hi Carlos I have the Nexus housing for the E-3. I am really happy with it, the ergonomics work well for me, I have realtively small hands and manage 4 diives a day no problem. I use the internal flash and can usually get 3 dives out of it before changing batteries (around 60 shots per dive), I could probably manage 4 but was not willing to take a chance. I fire my strobes as Phil does, via a fibre optic cable. The only downside to the housing is that if you need the internal flash you cannot raise it once you have closed the housing. Unfortunately I cannot offer a conparison between the two as I have not seen the Seatool housing. Please ask if you need any more info.
  12. Here are some pics shot wjth the 8mm FE http://www.flickr.com/photos/andrews_under...57607008835804/
  13. Here are two links that may help. http://www.kelpfish.net/tip_edge_light.htm http://www.kelpfish.net/strobe.swf
  14. That's exactly what I use - very useful if diving off a RIB. I also throw in a couple of ice bricks if it's warm topside and I know the water is going to be cold - helps prevent fogging.
  15. Hi Phil Which other lenses will this port support - the 8mm and 12-60 ?
  16. Thanks for the heads up on the 2700mAh batteries - I have just bought two Z240'S Type II and have a plie of 2700's. Think I'm gonna change to Eneloops just to be safe
  17. Thanks Phil, I appreciate the effort you have gone to to keep us informed on developments. I am considering doing a Trimix course next year, just looking ahead.
  18. Hi Phil What's the depth rating on the Nexus housing?
  19. Thanks for the heads up. Please keep us posted when more info becomes available, I'm definitely interested. My E3 should be on the way soon.
  20. FWIW a friend of mine using an Oly SP-350 and a YS-110 reports the same inconsistencies when trying to use TTL with a F/O cable. Hard wired with H/W bulkhead, no problem. I too am interested in hearing the response from S&S.
  21. Hi Phil Once again thanks for the info. I used F/O when I first got my 5060 and am using it temporarily again now (problem with bulkhead) with my 7070 so I don't have an issue with manual strobes. I enjoy being able to experiment with different lighting effects. However the Auto sensor on the YS 90 Auto plays havoc with exposure, especially on macro stuff - the strobe keeps on making adjustments to it's output, even on successive shots of the same subject. The Auto function is cancelled with wired strobes. I wonder if masking off the sensor will get more even results ? I know, replace the strobes !!!! Also the water temp here gets down to 7 deg C (45 deg F) so I have to wear 5mm gloves, the combo of the two makes operation of small buttons difficult to say the least. The exposure dial on the YS 90 in particular can become difficult to operate with semi frozen hands. This is why I like to use TTL locally, where I do 90% of my diving, so any input re the conversion is greatfully appreciated. BTW Given that some E-3's are showing focussing issues, after having read your review on the 410 I almost pulled the trigger on getting one as a start to DSLR. But I think I will wait a while.
  22. Thanks for the info Phil. Any more info or a link as to how wired strobes can be supported? I have 2 x YS 90 Autos. The E-3 and housing are just about going to bankrupt me, so as much as I would like to I cannot change to Inons yet.
  23. Does the housing support hard wired TTL ? If so for which strobes? It seems to suggest it in the pics, but my Japanese just aint up to scratch. Thanks
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