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  1. Please be aware that www.Plazalens.com is not in anyway related or authorized to sell Aquatica/Amphibico equipment, we never heard of them and never sold to them directly. I would highly recommend no one attempt to purchase any Aquatica products from them, it would be at your own risk!
  2. Hi Espen, We will consider the metabones speedbooster housing compatibility as it definitely adds more lens flexibility, we do want to keep the housing form factor as compact as possible. Their will definitely be an auxiliary power solution inside housing.
  3. A happy and prosperous new year to all!! It has been a super busy end of year and a big jump start to 2014 for Aquatica/Amphibico, We have a dedicated engineering team for the new mirrorless interchangeable-lens camera housing division. This being said we are proud to announce that are working on a new compact housing for the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera. More details and press release to come.
  4. Hi Jim, Just a quick note to confirm what JimG has answered is correct, the Aquatica bayonet port opening has not changed and and all your ports, extensions and gears will work on the Aquatica 5D MKII. Lucky Jean our technical guru is off at The Digital Shootout in Bonaire, he will be back next week.
  5. Here are some clips that were shot with the Sony FS100 in a Genesis housing. I will admit there is a learning curve towards these new super 35mm sensor video cameras and once mastered they can and will achieve excellent underwater imaging. https://vimeo.com/49757188 https://vimeo.com/46491638 https://vimeo.com/46487991 https://vimeo.com/46487990 https://vimeo.com/61721292 https://vimeo.com/39102598 https://vimeo.com/58836639
  6. The Odyssey 7Q looks very interesting and invites a now simpler 4K solution for the FS700, We are looking at this recorder/monitor closely and coming out with a top mountable housing for it would make sense,
  7. When the FS700 was announced we did study its true values to the underwater videographer and the main benefits to this camera are its high speed capabilities, which presently at its level no other camera would offer. We did understand how the video pros would appreciate this feature especially shooting underwater, that is why we conceived the Genesis FS700. Understandably the FS700 is capable of shooting 4K RAW but in no way a practical solution to this system. Beside the FS700 camera you will need the HXR-IFR5 interface which than docks with the AXS-R5 4K recorder which connects to the FS700 via BNC. A real spaghetti type of system above and underwater, and not to mention the cost for all this is over 15K. If you really want to shoot 4K than look at the RED Scarlet it’s a true 4K camera with no add on's. So bottom line looking to shoot high speed in HD the FS700 is a superb choice, in the interest for 4K than nothing really matches the RED Scarlet or Epic cameras today.
  8. Its unfortunate but we have no control over the discussion of Sony, as we never were advised of this issue when updating the firmware, we now have an FS100 camera with firmware 2.0! This being said we have found a work around solution. The housing does offer full menu control access, so simply enter the menu of the camera go to the gain control and select desired level. I do agree it requires further menu sequences but bottom line it is achievable. Unless Sony decides to fix this issue with a new firmware update. We will inform our customers if Sony does come out with it.
  9. Unfortunately no newer camcorders would work in the Phenom FXZ1, it was solely designed to accommodate the electronics and mechanical aspects of the Sony FX1 & Z1 camcorders.
  10. I wish the answer and option would be a simple one, but unfortunately the newer Sony camcorders are not compatible with your housing, they changed the type of connector that send both the remote and video signal in one. Also Sony has removed the on screen display info. when using an external video source as the rear monitor back on the housing. At this point I would suggest selling your housing and video kit and investing in a newer system.
  11. We just received our FS700 camera last week, the engineering team will be starting design soon, I figure fall release,
  12. The tables turned when Atomos introduced the Ninja II back in April, as we were about to release the housing for the original Ninja, the communication protocol has changed on the new Ninja so we are at work on it, should be launched in fall.
  13. Hi Peter, We will have an optional housing designed to accommodate the Atomos Ninja II recorder / monitor it will be able record video at considerably higher Bit-Rates( up to 220 Mbps) and color (4:2:2). 10 bit Uncompressed to Apple ProRes. regards Joe
  14. Just a heads up that the Amphibico Genesis for the FS100 is in full production and is shipping. The FS700 will be in design stages soon.
  15. The new Genesis for the Sony FS100 is now shipping, there is more info. on the Amphibico site.
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