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  1. I've been to Anilao multiple times - and there is very good reef diving there as well as muck. PG is also nice - but frankly I prefer the diving in Anilao. Koala (in front of the ghost house - ask a local the story:) ) has very nice bommies and soft coral and often turtles - one of my favorite dives. Several dive sites around Sombrero Island (across the channel from Anilao, but all the dive ops in Anilao will go there as a normal 2 tank dive - much closer than Verde) has excellent bommies and soft coral. Twin rocks (by Buceo resort) has large trichnadea clams and the twin rocks have some nice wide angle with a swim through (visibility very dependent on current). Mainit (on the point before Secret Bay) has nice rock topography and soft corals. Cathedral has good wide angle opportunities. Verde island (long boat ride) has definitely nice wide angle - but will be an upcharge for the boat ride. I have spent 2 weeks at Anilao with 40 plus dives each trip - and never got macro burnout. There is plenty of variety in the area - just make sure you let your dive op know what you are interested in. Balicasag is also very good if you want some more variety. There are also some nice beaches in the Cebu/Balicasag area - Anilao doesn't have much in the way of beaches.
  2. Both for $225, 40mm for $150, SX for $100. Paypal. Shipping included in US.
  3. Two extension rings for sale: Sea & Sea 40 mm and Sea & Sea SX (approximately 20 mm). Perfect condition. Switched to a Nauticam housing; so these are now available. Both extension rings for $250 including shipping in US. Paypal. 40 mm extension ring by itself $175 US including shipping US (289 new) SX extension ring: $125 US ($189 new) including US shipping Will ship overseas, but buyer pays shipping.
  4. It doesn't fit : ( At least in Nauticam Housing per Reef Photo. They tried, and the larger size caused some interference with existing controls causing camera to lock up.
  5. So far none of the reviews i've seen give actual dimensions of the two bodies. The Q and playback buttons are smaller on the 80D, but look to be in the same position. Based purely on pictures - it sure looks like it will work. Intrigued by the claimed improvements in low light autofocus and video capabilities. Probably wouldn't be in a hurry to upgrade - except I suddenly have a need for a new body. To make a long story short, I put a box filled with packing peanuts in the garage with my 70D camera body in it (had just been returned to me from a housing service and was trying to get it out of the way of the big boss at home); and my son put the entire box in the recycle and now a $1000 camera body is in a landfill : ( My next trip isn't until June so not an emergency - but would like to know so I can decide which way to go.
  6. Very nice - I love the ghost pipefish shot also. Haven't been to Bangka in almost 10 years - hope they can keep it protected.
  7. yes - you can shoot ttl with different Inon strobes. I have shot type 4 and type 2 both TTL together. Type 4 are more sensitive - and they use the smaller diameter slave sensors. The type 4 can use either Inon fiber optic cable end, the type 3 needs to larger one I'm pretty sure (I know the type 2 uses the larger one).
  8. I went to Anilao (Crystal Blue) and Puerto Galera (Atlantis) - and booked through Island Dreams in Houston. Advantage of Island Dreams is you can pay by credit card - and avoid all the hassles of wire transfers. Both locations are first class - Anilao has a little better muck (more critters), but PG is very good. We were there in June (off season) with very warm water - and still saw tons of critters. Frogfish; harlequin, coleman, emporer, tiger, crinoid shrimp (and lots more); seahorses everywhere (thorny and pygmy); mimic, wonderpus, blue ring, coconut octopus; countless nudibranchs, wide variety of different gobies, and healthy coral reefs with all the usual reef fish available at both locations. Crystal Blue has a great camera room and dive area and excellent food; you do have some stairs to negotiate between the rooms and the kitchen/dive area. Absolute freedom for dive profile - we had as much bottom time as air would allow. The boats are roomy with shade, and very stable. Mike keeps the dive groups small - usually no more than 4 divers per guide. The guides are world class, and you never handle your dive gear once you set it up for the first dive. Absolutely some of the best diving I have ever done - right up there with Komodo and Lembeh. Atlantis in Puerto Galera is a much larger resort, right on Sabang Beach which is a tourist area. They offer up to five days daily - but limit dive time to 60 minutes to maintain schedule (although when we were there, we had a small group and they accomodated our desire for 4 dives/day with more bottom time). There is a wide variety of diving here as well - with most dive sites within a 15 minute speedboat ride. They return to the resort between dives (unless you book the day trip to Verde Island). Service at the resort is first class - and the restaurant was very good. My wife is not a big fan of native food in Asia - but she always found dishes she liked at every meal. Atlantis has a nice camera room and dive area - you board the speedboats right off the beach in front of the resort. They handle all your gear. Again - depending on which room you select, there can be lots of stairs between your room and the dive shop.
  9. Ports Sold. I'll lower the price to finish out the sale: 40D housing and 40D camera body: $ 1200 US and I'll ship it to lower 48. Housing stand alone $ 950 - 50D body for $350, 40D body for $300. Cameras both in excellent shape - less than 15000 actuations. Includes OEM Canon battery and charger. Housing supports fiber optic triggering or manual sync cord triggering.
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