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  1. Thanks for your thoughts guys and season's greetings. When I posted I hadn't even considered the Venom 50 as it was priced well above the others that I listed. Turns out that the Venom 50 was on special shipped from the US so after adding the postage and relevant taxes it came up to the price that the store which I have credit with was selling it for. Although their website listed a much higher price. So in a long winded way I've gone for the Venom 50. I realise that the UV is gimmicky and that is before getting the chance to even try it but it is there along with the red light at a couple of levels. The Venom 50 however does punch 5000lm (manufacturer rated).
  2. My rig is a Canon 5Dmk3 in an Ikelite housing with two DS160 strobes. I mainly dive reef down to 40m. Since upgrading to the 5D I've been playing about with the video, a feature not available to me with my previous setup. Video is something I'd like to keep shooting but not so seriously as to consider a dedicated video cam (well, yet anyway). I'm after suggestions or recommendations for a single video light. I have credit with a store which stocks I-Dive. So are any of the following worth considering: Venom 38 venom 35s Fish Lite V50 Something else? I like the idea of the 38 with the UV light, not for anything other than viewing pleasure, but I'm probably leaning toward the V50. The difficulty lies with my lack of practical experience with the levels of light output, would 3800lm be enough? Is 5000lm still short of anything practical?
  3. For Sale: Ikelite Housing #6871.50 suitable for Canon EOS450D/500D (Rebel XSi) including: Standard 6" Dome Port #5503 (with neoprene cover) Dual Tray Handle Standard Zoom Clamp and Sleeve #9059.8 Special Zoom Clamp and Sleeve #5509.28 Original Literature and Instruction Manuals Housing O-ring and 3x spares Port O-ring Maintenance Kit (as included with OEM package) Silicon Grease The housing is in excellent condition. I used a Canon EOS450D although this housing should be suitable for the EOS500D but check compatability on the Ikelite website - the housing part number is #6871.50 The housing has not dived since being serviced where the front polycarbonate case has been completely replaced along with the housing locks (now a four port lock system). This was my first UW setup and has been fantastic. Simple to use and reliable with plenty of features to snap some great shots. Asking AUD$800 ONO plus shipping+insurance. Post, PM or email my username at gmail dotcom. Camera NOT included.
  4. You've got options as far as cards go with the MKIII. I use a 64Gb CF card and a 32Gb SD. You can play with the various options of which card you write to. I have also copied from the CF to the SD when on safari and download the SD to the tablet therby eliminating the need for a CF card reader. Another option is to use a CF to SD card converter in-situ - there are CF housings that allow for an SD card to be used thereby taking the CF out of the equasion entirely. I haven't had much dive time with the 5DM3 and therefore haven't fully explored the use of video however it does chew through memory quickly in 1080. So high capacity cards at the specs mentioned in th eprevious post may be what you should aim for.
  5. For Sale: Ikelite Housing #6871.50 including: Standard 6" Dome Port #5503 (with neoprene cover) Dual Tray Handle Standard Zoom Clamp and Sleeve #9059.8 Special Zoom Clamp and Sleeve #5509.28 Original Literature and Instruction Manuals Housing O-ring and 3x spares Port O-ring Maintenance Kit (as included with OEM package) Silicon Grease Also included Canon EOS450D Camera with original packaging including: Digital Camera EOS450D Zoom Lens EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS Wide Strap EW-100DBIII Battery Charger LC-E5E Battery Pack LP-E5 Interface Cable IFC-200U Video Cable VC-100 (only if I can find it) Software (CD-ROM) Both the housing and camera are in excellent fully-working condition. The housing had a minor flood event (completely operator fault) a couple of years ago. The housing was serviced by Ikelite with strobe electronics replaced. The housing was also upgraded to a four port lock system at the same time. The housing has since been serviced (last month) where the front polycarbonate case has been completely replaced along with the housing locks. This was my first UW setup and has been fantastic. Simple to use and reliable with plenty of features to snap some great shots. Asking AUD$1300.00 plus shipping+insurance Post, PM or email my username at gmail dotcom.
  6. I had a look at the Archos. Not too bad but I haven't seen them available locally. I keep jumping between the Galaxy Tab 10.1 and the Transformer Prime. I think the Prime would be the winner now if it had 3G. Of course the next generation Galaxy Tab which looks like it will be called the 11.6 may very well be around the corner. I know that there will always be something around the corner but rumour is for it to be announced in the next couple of months. It's a step up with a reported Dual core 2GHz double the 10.1 and increased screen res of 2560 x 1600 allowing for 1080P HD. Surprising though because the Tegra Quad core 1.4Ghz chip is already in the Prime. Just waiting to see if the Tab 11.6 will have the HDMI and USB ports so sorely missed.
  7. I'll take a closer look then. For me though it would need to be a full size SD reader or it might as well not be there.
  8. I wonder if I'm not better off waiting another few months for the next generation. I owned the Galaxy S phone and the Galaxy S2. The S was/is a very good phone but the S2 included features that we were all wondering why they weren't on the S in the first place. Best example I can think of is the inclusion of a flash for the camera. So maybe the next Galaxy Tablet will include user replaceable battery and storage along with a USB port (hopefully powered) and fingers crossed there is an HDMI port too.
  9. Thanks for taking the time to offer your thoughts and try a few things out guys I had my doubts that the USB would work for anything more than one item and then provided it didn't need to be powered by the port but it is always good to hear a confirmation. I do notice that the market has a new portable HDD product connected via wi-fi. Obviously it would be independently powered. The transfer speed may be slower but I haven't looked closely enough to quote any specs (the only brand I've seen is a Seagate). I'm sure that in short time there will be more products on offer for less and I imagine that it would go the same way as the earlier generations of portable HDD where a cradle or wi-fi capable hardware is available to mate with whatever HDD one would have on hand. Thanks for your thoughts. At the moment I don't think it is an issue as a single 16GB card does me on a trip but it looks like there are options to future proof the tablet. Incidentally the tablet will be used for work purposes as well and not exclusively for u/w photography. ____________ Thanks. I've downloaded Rawdroid to my Galaxy phone and it views a RAW file I transferred to the phone. I didn't look any further than that at the moment but I have bookmarked the Rawdroid forum dedicated to that app.
  10. I've been trawling through the forums looking for thoughts on a tablet for primarily viewing and storing pictures when OS. There are a few threads but not recent and nothing about the Android tablets available nor the Samsung specifically. I usually go away for a week to ten days at a time and so far have found a single 16GB SD card to be adequate. I pack a 4GB spare as well because I have it. All pics are taken in RAW only using a Canon EOS 450/xSi. So I've been looking very closely at the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1. I realise that there is no dedicated USB port however available is a USB and SD card connection kit. My thoughts are to make use of the connection kit allowing for more storage whilst away. I can't see myself going for longer than what I have been to date however I am thinking of the 5dmkII as my next camera body with CF card and larger files. A laptop is out of the question due weight, encumbrance and size. I will not consider the iPad either. I have checked and confirmed (by trialling on my Galaxy S2 phone) that there are a couple of Android apps available that will view the RAW files. Even considering my current needs I think that the 64GB version of the tablet will still be limiting in time. I was hoping for the ability to continue to make use of the USB converter and be able to run an external drive or thumb drive to increase capacity. From my investigations so far it looks like that is possible but confirmation from people having used the tablet would be good. I should also say that I'm not too interested in being able to perform any post processing just the two requirements I spoke about above. Any thoughts/experiences appreciated. Particularly if the SD converter has any problems getting the files to the tablet.
  11. Actually I'm feeling like a little bit of an idiot since I realise that my questions have been answered in post 2.
  12. Thanks for the input Haggis I have not got the lens yet. I was thinking of versatility but maybe the fisheye is the way to go. However, would I get away with a 6" dome?
  13. To kick off my first post I'd like to say "Hi" to everyone here. Sorry to dredge this topic up from the past but I am looking at starting out at underwater photography. My plans at this point include an Ikelite housing for my 450D and I have been eyeing off the 10-22 Canon lens. I will probably stick with the standard 6" port 5503.50. However the specs for the lens specify a diameter of 83.5mm or 3.3" which is also the maximum specified for the port by Ikelite. I read somewhere but can't remember where that a lens with a diameter at the maximum may still be too big for the Ikelite port. Can anyone confirm that this lens is compatible with the Ikelite standard port. I understand that this lens will require the special zoom ring clamp set too in order to use the zoom function if it fits at all.
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