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  1. I am using the Tokina 12-24 in the AD7000 housing, with 8" dome and what I thought was the correct extension ring (28.5 mm #18453) and get a halo in my shots when shooting below ~15mm. Checked the camera/lens and definitely only occurs in the housing. Do I need a different extension ring? Am I doing something wrong? Any tips/help would be appreciated. Thanks! Just to be clear...
  2. Yeah I'm not sure what is going on with the halo, and need to look into it. I dont think the internal flash was on unless I popped it up by accident (and even then I think it should just be using the external strobes?). What do you mean when you say lens cover? Thanks.
  3. So I managed to shoot a little video as well... all of this is shot above 100' to give you an idea of the size of the wreck (it's on its side in 130). My first try so be kind
  4. Had awesome conditions yesterday on the STOLT DAGALI (130 fsw), with 30-40 feet of visibility with plenty of ambient light and 43 degrees on the wreck. Finally got some quality time in with my D7000 in Aquatica housing. Shot some video too but that will probably take a while to edit since it's new territory for me.
  5. Brand new (unopened), Sea & Sea YS-02 strobe package. Includes YS-02 strobe head, fiber optic cable, and Grip Stay S. Sells for $450, will take $400 (shipped in US) OBO. -b
  6. Strobe has been sold. Thanks for all the interest.
  7. Sorry was out of town for a bit... strobe still available. No charger or cables, just the strobe and diffuser. Will take $500 and cover shipping in the US. Can also email me at brandon@downtoolong.com Thanks.
  8. I am selling a used Ikelite DS125 strobe. S/N 16111. Diffuser and Ikelite mount included. Strobe is in great working condition with some light cosmetic scratches from use. NimH battery pack with 5/08 date. $530 and I will include shipping in the US. Any questions feel free to ask. Thanks, Brandon
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