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  1. I do not understand why jim abernathy is still in business. In the past several years, he has had one diver die aften a tiger shark bite him, and now he has been attacked, He is also the rudest man i ever met and so full of himself!
  2. i am looking at buying a nikon slr d90 camera and am not sure it is the best choice. what do you think? ladydi
  3. weellll, the diving for the tiger sharks is done in 16ft of water. they come to you. no, i would not say it is advanced, but they do require advanced certification. diana I believe you are right, Alex. I was more afraid of jim than the tiger sharks.!!!! [EDIT by moderator - format only]
  4. Jeff. i was not afraid of the sharks, but i was afraid of jim! diana
  5. Beware all you LIVEABOARD TRAVELERS: As an avid woman liveaboard traveler, I felt compelled to add a warning to those who might be considering going with Jim Abernethy out of Palm Beach, Florida. Here is an account of my experience.: This boat is 65 ft. long and there were 14 people on it. The cabins were so small that my friend and I had to take turns going in the room. There was one camera area with one table which would seat one person only if they had their camera gear spread out.... On Monday, our first day out, I had to go wake up Jim A. at 4:30 p.m. to ask him when we could dive. We anxiously waited all day. We then dove 1 time. Now I usually dive 5 times a day, but on this week trip, I only dove 8 dives. Sometimes, I would wait and wait to dive, then go lie down, ask Jim to awaken me when we were going to dive, and he would forget and I would miss the dive. We were not offered more than two dives a day. I was afraid to ask Jim about how we were supposed to know when to dive, as he would get angry at just about anything and I was afraid of him. We were promised that our equipment would be hosed down when we arrived in Palm Beach, but that never happened. We had run out of enough water.....I asked for two hangers to hang up some wet things, but there were none extra. We were constantly moving our camera equipment out of people's way on the floor..Way too crowded....Very Bad Experience. I could add much more, but this is sufficient for now.
  6. i have twin ys27 strobes and dx8000g cameara ( all sea and sea products). i took a mini-light and used rubber bands to attach it to my strobe,but it left a hot spot in my pictures....... so i bought a fantasea 360 led FOCUS light but can't find a way to attach it. i would like it to swivel so i can move it around. i could use rubber bands again...but there must be another way. com'on guys, you know how to do it... lady dianabret
  7. What rechargeable batteries do you think are best? pansonic, energizer lithium, ansmann???or what have you found to work.? i want to know to get my underwater camera to recycle it's flash system quicker. all use aa batteries.
  8. i have a sea and sea dx 8000g camera with two strobes ys27 sea and sea. i found that the camera flash recycle time is 13 seconds on the camera. i need to speed this up to film tiger sharks in the bahamas. i thought of turning my flash off, but really think i need it for color. what do you think?
  9. i gently roll into the water while sitting on the side of the boat. gently is the key word. sometimes i even slide in.
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