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  1. I'm happy to announce the camera set finally is in my hands! June, 10. So I'll switch to a review thread if I had something relevant to say. Now I'm bussy reading user guides and studying different user configurable options of this little marvel.
  2. Thanks for your answer ktwse. I contacted the retailer and I was told to wait for one more week... I'll keep this thread updated when I'll get the camera in hands!
  3. Thanks a lot Mike! It would be more significant for me if I'll get an answer from a UK/Europe based retailer/diver/representative. I'll appreciate any information about this issue.
  4. Not received yet!! I'm waiting for ages to receive my camera from a UK based retailer. I ordered it in April and still is not in my hands! Dear UK fellow divers and retailers, is this normal? At this time, are there retailers to be first time served yet? I'm deeply concerned about this issue because I'm not UK based and can't go to UK underwater photagraphy shops to see with my eyes whether or not there is actually stock or shortage of this camera. Just in case this post is read by a Sea & Sea representative, can you put a little of peace of mind with a good new? Best regards
  5. Good news! A UK based retailer whom I ordered one of these cameras is to receive them late next week! So I expect to receive that camera at home at the end May.
  6. Hopefully, Backscatter is saying "Sea & Sea DX-2G camera and housing Now Shipping from Sea & Sea" in its website. Any news from Europe?
  7. Anyone has news about this topic? What a silence....
  8. OK I also felt in love with these soft sided AOCoolers, especially the fishing series (I neeed it!). But, european wetpixelists: Is there something equivalent available in this side of the ocean? A waterproof cooler able to deal with rude treatment and dirty water that usually flow everywhere in a roocking and bumping RIB? Shiping cost from the Americas is expensive, even equals the prize of the cooler itself! As I did a lot of unsuccessful google searching about this topic, I'll be very grateful if somenone is kind enough to post some link probably I missed. Thanks a lot.
  9. In what maintenance of delicate equipment concerns, the most urgent thing you must do after a dive is: Avoid as much as you can the salt water drying into difficult to reach parts of housings, flashes and everything, as are the control mechanisms, springs and o-ring containers. If you miss it then salt crystalization occurs very quickly and consequently corrosion starts almost immediately. Not to say crystalized salt deposits are very (very!) difficult to remove later, even with hours of rinsening. And, just in case a rinsening tank is not available, here is my trick: Even at risk of being blamed of having a love affair with your equipment, blow, blow and blow away all salt water trapped in whatever part off critical parts. I mean blowing in close contact! You'll be surprised of how much water gets retained there. After this, if you can, drop, spray, etc. some fresh water, even small amounts helps to solve/remove the reminder salt water, that will be better. Off course, this is not a substitute for a correct maintenance procedure cycle! This only helps to delay the start of corrosion processes when rinsening is not possible immediately. Hope it will help next time! Regards.
  10. Wired TTL vs. optical TTL, that is the question, al least for me. I'm blocked about this deep dilemma because each one has either advantages and disadvantages. Just help me to make a good choice. What follows is my little contribution. I own a Canon PS A620 with its OEM house and a Epoque 230S strobe. This was just a starter set I enjoyed a lot, but it has bunch of limitations. One that annoyed me a lot was absolute lack of any TTL control what means too many lost opportunities. Deffinitively I want to upgrade to a G10 and its 10Bar housing. But what strobe choose? Wired TTL solution goes to a Canon brand housed strobe. This is an economic and convenient solution: Speedlite 220EX and 10Bar housing kit including e-TTL sync cable is the cheapest set. Although this strobe was not designed for UW photography purposes offers a very valuable true e-TTL with a GN equivalent to what offer the next candidates, works topside (2 for 1) and it packs in a very compact size and weight. But this don't come without dissadvantages: Not aiming light, limited if any WA coverage, more O-rings to worry about... Of course there are more poweful and sophisticated housed Canons and other, housed or not, brands, but they are out my budget. Did I miss something? Optical solutions are three indeed: Sea & Sea YS-110 alpha and the Inons D-2000 and Z-240. Connector for sync cable in the S&S and Z-240 only give emulated (not true) TTL if an external (and expensive!) converter or circuitry (Ikelite housings) is intercaled somwhere in the way of signal (more o-rings!). I say emulated because digital TTL protocols can be only emulated by independent brands as these protocols are absolute industrial secret. The same is valid for optical TTL being another kind of emulation, even if both converters and opticals work marvelously! Having into account that I want to do a further upgrade for a wide angle kit, perhaps lens and dome, in one or two years, what will be the expert's choice? I have to admit that I'm slightly tilted for the cheap set, but I don't like to pay twice for wrong decissions! Best regards.
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