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  1. Peter, where is the wreck shot taken, in tropical waters or up north somewhere? Looks like the noise isn't too bad. I wonder if the difference between the d70 and 20d would be noticable uw.
  2. Talking about ISO, this is slightly off topic, but I'd be very interested in seeing some ambient light high(~1600) ISO shots. I know someone posted some of a wreck interior a while ago, and that looked great. Has anyone used high ISO for shooting dolphins, rays, sharks with no strobe? (That is taking the picture with no strobe - most dolphins, rays and sharks don't own a strobe )
  3. Haven't posted here for a long long time, simply because I haven't been diving. Spent a month in North Sulawesi and would like to share some shrimps.
  4. I couldn't wait so I did the cutting last night, worked out fine. Just started cautiously and kept cutting until it fit.
  5. Hey Laz! You don't think there is any chance you can repost those? I'm about to perform that delicate operation, but the pictures have been taken down. That is, if you've still got them. Otherwise I could just go by your text, although the pics would be much appreciated.
  6. If I'm not mistaken, it was on the BBC series "The blue planet", and you can get it on DVD.
  7. Yes, I saw an article in the Jakarta Post the other day. I've been hoping for quite some time this would come. I've been there twice and would recommend the place to anyone. If I hadn't already made Sulawesi plans for September, I'd go to Pulau Weh. Well well, it's manta/whale shark season in Jan/Feb, so I'll try to go then instead.
  8. For any Orca lovers, I can really recommend going to Lofoten, Norway in October. I went last year and swam with them 4 out of 5 days and got a few decent photos. Some of them came within a few meters, and one calf stopped about a meter away from me, looked me in the eye, turned his head and made a strange noice before he caught up with the rest of the group. Truly awesome. I went with www.lofotdykk.no and will be happy to answer any questions regarding practicalities etc.
  9. I have a question. Does the S&S 90dx work with the Ikelite housing for the 300d? How about the Inon 220s? Oops, that's two questions.
  10. Then I shall get to it! Those black o-rings look a bit salty.
  11. Great stuff! I think I'll get started right away. That will keep my mind off ideas about getting new and expensive gear. Or maybe I should wait for your pool test...
  12. What are the odds? A Vasteras Roedeers fan at a UW photo forum!!! I must say right now I'm leaning towards the 300d, even though I might change my mind tomorrow. The TTL is mighty tempting, especially since I don't get to dive very often. Of course, I could do an insane amount of pool diving taking pictures of rubber ducks and dead sea shells on the pool floor, or aim to master the art of shooting perch and pike in <1m viz... I just might end up flipping a coin to decide!
  13. luminary - this is certainly one of the things I want to know; the UW useability of Canon lenses. No need for a new thread.
  14. So lenses might or might not be an issue. I think that what Craig said makes sense, that a 14-16 mm fisheye will be enough for most people. What about that thing I don't understand, the flash sync speed? What will it do for me UW? (compare: what have you done for me lately) Burst speed I think might be useful for non-strobe shooting, but will hardly be of importance otherwise. Also, I'd really like to hear from the handful of current 300d users as to what extent the electronic crippling of the 300d is a hindrance UW. Noise performance is also of significance to me, as I will try to shoot in low light conditions with no strobe. I know the 300d produces some excellent pictures at iso1600. Is there a reason to believe the d70 won't be as good? I really like the way this thread is turning out, and I'm getting some useful information. The confusion, however, has not gone away. Which I guess is normally the case - more knowledge; more confusion. I judge housing options to be roughly equal, so it still comes down to TTL and lower price vs. extra features and (possibly) more lens choices. The difficulty lies in evaluating what these factors will mean to me. That would be great, James!
  15. My brother lives in Tokyo so I get him to buy all my gear. What I normally do is I do a price search using either www.kakaku.com or www.gaz.co.jp to find the best prices. For more specialised UW-items you could check out http://www.uwdigitalcamera.com I don't know where they are located but they have a decent variety of products. Or you could just do a google search, limiting it to japanese pages, searching for the item you wish to purchase. That should yield a few hits.
  16. That would mean the kit lens plus something like a xx-300mm for topside? Regardless of camera? In light of your offer, I'd better go with the Nikon, in case I really like one of your Nikon lenses.
  17. I can't afford those two, but I guess what you're saying is the kit lens + a 100 mm macro would be your recommendation?
  18. But there's a Sigma 12-24 for Canon, right?
  19. And if one were to go with the 300d + kit lens and one more lens, would the other lens be a macro or a WA? In other words, is the 17-55, although obviously inferior to a dedicated lens, better as a macro or as a WA?
  20. Maybe a little premature, since the d70 has yet to hit the market. At dpreview there has already been a lot of discussion about the pros and cons of these cameras. I'll probably get one of these this spring (even though a housing will have to wait). Before I can make a decision I need to know what the UW implications are. I'll be buying in Japan, where the 300d is around 110 kYen with kit lens, and the d70 should be around 140 kYen with kit lens. The 300d has already produced some stunning UW shots, as proven by several posters on this forum. It's a bit cheaper than the d70, but has been electronically crippled, so it has some limitations regarding amongst other things AF modes if I have understood it correctly. What I do not know is how these limitations affect UW use. But it will do TTL with the Aquatica housing, which to an inexperienced photographer like myself sounds great. But I really can't know how important this is. The d70 costs a bit more but has a better kit lens (at least that's what everyone is assuming). The choices for WA lenses are better, eg the 10.5 dx lens. Burst mode is better, which should be useful when shooting with no flash, for instance trying to shoot fast moving marine mammals (I was in Norway in October swimming with Orcas, and with only 10 seconds with them within sight at a time, with the shutter lag of the 4040 thats about 3 shots). But TTL is not possible with the d70, so an option there would be to house a Nikon flash. How powerful is one of those flashes compared to UW ones? Is it only enough for macro shots? And how much are the flash housings roughly? There something called flash sync speed, which I don't understand, and apparantly this is better on the d70. Practical consequences? At the dpreview forums there's been a lot of childish Canon vs Nikon arguments leading nowhere, but I think that is unlikely to happen here since people here aren't into this because of identification with a logo. In a way I realize I can't go wrong with either of these, but I'd still like to make an informed decision based on pros and cons. And I believe I'm not the only one trying to decide between these two cameras. Any input appreciated!
  21. I like all of your pictures, especially the octopus and the blenny. It certainly makes me want to get on the dSLR wagon. Good work!
  22. I'll second those emotions. I wonder if it is realistic to hope that Olympus will make a housing for the E-1. Realising that it's not as easy as making housings for point-and-shoots, I still hope for it to happen. After all, they went through quite a bit of trouble in making all the gear for the 5060, with flash housing, housed lenses and such. Surely a housing for the E-1 made by Olympus would be considerably cheaper than the dSLR housings around today? <$1000?
  23. Unless, of course, you're a really poor swimmer.
  24. As a European, or rather a member of the rich world, I can also feel shame for the unjustices of the world and the destruction of the natural world. Sometimes, the feeling of shame is eased by pointing ones finger west, to the other side of the Atlantic. This once I guess I pointed east. Good to hear you've done some convincing! Paul
  25. D'oh! Sorry, Eric. Didn't mean to offend anyone. Hell, I'm Swedish, and there's no point in denying Swedish weapons are being used in many wars, even though Sweden remains hypocritically neutral. And then there is the cheezy Swedish music. In no way did I mean to imply that all Taiwanese are responsible for the whale shark hunting done by some. I just think the incident was funny enough since nobody got hurt. I'm gonna hold it there, and apologize again, before I make things worse trying to make them better.
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