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  1. Clearly this is nature having her revenge on the Taiwanese for their whale shark hunting and such and such. Poetic justice.
  2. What do y'all think the chances are of using TTL with the d70? I was planning to go with the 300d, especially after Aquatica announced their housing will do TTL. Now the d70 looks better than the dRebel, but maybe TTL will tip it over? Opinions?
  3. I think they are trying to be funny here. AS in if you try to chnage ports on a DSLR you flood the housing. Paint or not, your camera would be screwed. And I was trying to push the joke a bit further, pardon my dry humour. 8)
  4. "I don't see any problem here, the housing is exposed to the salt water from the outside all the time, so why from the inside its different?" It's because the housing is usually painted on the outside, whereas the inside is unprocessed metal, which is much more prone to corrosion. Plus the inside is more difficult do get dry.
  5. I've considered getting a 300d and this talk about being able to get TTL with the Aquatica housing is plonkin' great news I think. Does anyone know how much the housing will be? What port to use with the standard Rebel lens and how much could I expect to pay for that little piece of plonk?
  6. Hi all I'm currently using a ys90dx with my 4040/pt010. I'm considering getting another strobe. Is it always to prefere getting an identical one or could it be a good idea getting for instance a ys90 auto, or one of the Inon ones? I should also say that I'm planning to go dSLR in a year or so. Thankful for input, experiences etc.
  7. I am also considering the 300D, does anyone know of a place that would ship to Europe? The difference in price is pretty massive, especially now with the free falling dollar. I suppose there's a risk customs will charge me VAT, but it'll still be cheaper than getting it here. Anyone had experience with this?
  8. Zip-tie? Can you explain that or post a picture of it? I'm going to Norway in a few weeks (around 5 centigrades) so I need some advice!
  9. That was some very impressing photos, especially considering your equipment. I would dare say though, that they would have improved from better gear like external strobe etc. Nice job! Paul
  10. Thanks for your reply Robert. Regarding budget, I'm a bit cheap as I've got used to Pulau Weh prices after I've been there twice. $2 for accomodation, $16 dollars for a boat dive, equipment included. I realize those are not the prices one can expect in the rest of Indonesia, but since there's a war raging in Aceh, I can't go back there. The Wakatobi resort is roughly $200 per day incl all diving. I find that a bit steep, and I know there are liveaboards in Sulawesi that are $120-$160 per day, which I find very reasonable. Safety might be an issue, or other things, which is why I would like to hear from someone who's been on these trips. Still it's a long time till June (sigh!), but one needs to dream to survive the Scandinavian winter. I've heard about the Raja Empat, and it sounds spectacular but both the flight from Europe and the diving is more expensive than in Sulawesi, so it'll have to wait. These two week transfer trips you are mentioning, do you have any idea how much one would pay for one of those? Paul
  11. I certainly would be interested, but it would have to be sometime late June or in July. How long is the liveaboard, price, route etc? Paul
  12. Ok, thanks for your views. It makes sense what you say, rdelfs, that in order for at liveaboard to be worthwhile, it has to reach other areas than the dive centres do. I've seen there is a liveaboard to the Togian Islands. But I've also heard that the reefs there are quite damaged by dynamite/cyanide. It's difficult to estimate the value of those reports via the internet though. Maybe there are other operators in the south of sulawesi, around wakatobi for instance? I'm aware there is a dive centre there, but they are above my budget.
  13. I'm hoping to go to Sulawesi for a month next summer. Planning to dive Bunaken, Lembeh, but I would like to top it off with a liveaboard. I've found a few operators by searching the internet (wallacea, murex, liburan), but maybe some of you can help me with tips. I want what I guess most others would want; good, varied diving, reasonable comfort and not too expensive. Thankful for any input! Paul
  14. OK, thanks for the help. I'll just get the standard, cheaper one. Hopefully there'll be a post in a different thread later on.
  15. There seems to be a standard series and something called HMC, does it matter which one I choose? Just so I don't get one that won't work underwater.
  16. Thanks! And this lens can be attached to the pt-010?
  17. Hi all! I'm going to Lofoten, Norway in late October, hopefully to snorkel with Orcas. From what I understand, there is not much point bringing a strobe, because the chances of getting close enough are slim, and the Orcas don't like the strong flash I am told. So I thought I might try a filter. I will shoot at 0-10 meters depth, the avaliable light from the sun will be weak, the visibility will be good though, about 20-40 meters. Hopefully I will have 6-7 meter long black and white mammals swimming not too far away from me. Could filters be the answer? Which one? What about other settings on the camera, I'm using a 4040. Aperture/f-stop in those conditions? Is there any point bringing a wide angle lens, or am i better of without it? The waters at Lofoten are greenish i think. The questions, as you can see, are many. Thankful for any help.
  18. I think it looks better with the darker blue, more dramatic somehow.
  19. Paste


    Due to popular demand, may I present....my dog! Or a small part of him. I had to compress the original image pretty hard, but I couldn't see any blurry corners in the original. Eric, if you'd like I could email you the big file. Btw, my dog is absolutely delighted to finally be on the internet.
  20. Paste


    I'll look for a picture of my dog or some flower, or maybe even an underwater one that is sharp. I may be wrong but i dont remember seeing that kind of blur on other pictures. Will post another picture soon.
  21. I'm going to either of these two destinations this christmas. Never been to the Red Sea before. Does it matter where I go, or are the two spots about the same when it comes to dive sites within day trip distance? Will probably do 2 dives per day for 5 days. Recommended dive centres? Thankful for any input!
  22. Paste


    I still believe it was due to the claws being within the minimal focal distance. From what I understand the UN macro lens does not suffer from blurring in the periphery, and the pictures I've taken of flowers, my dog, food (YES, I DON'T GET TO DIVE MUCH, I LIVE IN SWEDEN), were fine in the corners. Just ordered a trip to Sharm el Sheik for X-mas, hope to post some pictures here after that...strictly for glory!
  23. Paste


    Hi randapex! Thats sounds highly likely! Never even thought of that. I thought it was depth of field or maybe even motion blur, or the lens. But your explanation is more probable.
  24. Paste


    Thanks for the feedback. I can honestly say, that without the info I've found and the help and feedback I've recievedon this forum, my pictures would have been absolute crap. Like you say, the eyes are sharp but the claws are blurry. Unfortunately, F10 is as far as the oly 4040 will go. Maybe I should've zoomed in a bit more to only get the head. I do use Photoshop, on this pic I think I did a bit of auto levels/colours, but I didn't try the Unsharp mask.
  25. Just got back from my trip to Croatia, which divingwise was highly disappointing. This picture, one of the best ones I got was actually taken snorkeling. Depth~0.3 meters. Crab is about 5 cm between claws. F 10, 1/125 sec, ISO 100 Thankful for comments, as this is my first try with external strobe and macro lens (well it's only my second trip with a camera).
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