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  1. I'll have to totally disagree with clivefrancis about the manual settings. I've only done one dive trip with my 4040, and I'm very pleased that I took the time to learn about aperture/shutter speed. There are some excellent guides on the internet on using Olympus cameras underwater, just do a search! As a rough guide I always had my settings something like this: Macro mode as default shutter 1/125 aperture 7-10 flash -0,7 As the internal strobe is only good for macro(ish) shots, these settings work most of the time. Of course, if you want to take pictures from further away, set the aperture to a lower number, increase the flash, maybe a slightly slower shutter speed, and voila! Like marscuba wrote, the point of higher f-stop numbers is depth of field (as far as I know anyway), so that makes the f1.8 useless (because only the head of the fish will be in focus, the rest blurry - if it is a macro shot).
  2. How many days/nights is that? Itinerary?
  3. Then perhaps it's just me having a thing about crops? In a way I do agree that the crop is better, but it still looks strange to me.
  4. Thanks for the kind words and the work on the picture. I find myself being a bit conservative when it comes to cropping though. I think with such a tight crop the fish almost seems carved out, and there's too little environmental elements to appreciate the fish. Not only true for this particular pic, but also other peoples pics that have been cropped on this forum - quite often I think they're being cropped to much. Apart from that I like what you've done and I appreciate the critique.
  5. I don't think they've closed down, but it might be difficult to get there, as martial law is in effect. I was planning to go in July, but will wait until things calm down. I reccomend you email the Lumba Lumba diving centre on Gapang beach, lumba2@aceh.wasantara.net.id. The dutch owners are very helpful and friendly.
  6. Taken in Pulau Weh, have done some auto-levels/colours + some healing tool for the black areas. Exposure time 1/125 s F-number 8 Exposure program Manual ISO speed ratings 100
  7. I'd have to recommend Pulau Weh, off the north tip of Sumatra. I'm going for the third time in July. The diving is amazing, accomodation and diving is cheap. A boat dive is $16 (if you do more than 6 dives) incl all equipment. The house reef is not bad at all. There are two beaches, Iboih and Gapang. I've stayed and dived at the latter, the divecenter is called Lumba Lumba, run by a very friendly dutch couple (web page www.pulauweh.com - don't be fooled by the crappy design of the web page ). I suggest you email them and ask them about whatever you want to know. They are also more than happy to help you with flight schedules and such. You can fly from Singapore to Medan and then on to Banda Aceh ($40), and on tuesdays and thursdays there is a SMAC flight to Pulau Weh ($7). So it's only a couple of hours from Singapore. Although there has been some fighting between the separist movement and the indonesian army in Aceh, Pulau Weh has always been safe. It's really a nice place, and the diving is spectacular. I'd recommend it to anyone. Paul, Sweden
  8. It's settled then. I'm getting the dx second hand this weekend. It's not for me to try out new technology, other people are more than happy to do that. I can always ask people at this forum for advice, which is trickier with new stuff that nobody uses yet. Now I just have to figure out a way to get some money so I can afford to go diving. Suppose this is the wrong forum to discuss that matter.... Thanks for your views, useful as always...
  9. When you say the strobe has no manual control...wouldn't the f-stopdial work as a manual control? Of course theres always the sensor, and it can't be bypassed? Hmm...might go with the dx after all. But then I'd have to learn when to use what step on the strobe, could be a drag.
  10. I suppose I just might NOT be the 'test case' after all.... Hmm...decisions
  11. I'm getting one from Japan, and from what I understand it's basically a ys90dx with some sort of "almost-TTL". I'd also like to know if anyone has used it, and what they think of it. It's only marginally more expensive than the dx, so I figure it's worth it.
  12. It's true that the macro lens doesn't have a neck, so I'll have to figure something out there. I think the gbundersea is worth the money, but it only comes with one savealens? But an extra steel wire should be easy to find.
  13. Probably... I'll have to get down to the local photography dealer and see what they've got.
  14. I think there already are some pre-drilled holes on the bottom of the tray. Seems a bit risky though to have the lens there...would definately need the neoprene cover like you say. I wonder if it'll work to have the gbundersea for two lenses, both attached with wires to the housing. I suspect I'd either use the wide angle or the macro, i.e. I doubt there would be a time where I would like to use neither. And how to protect the macro lens? Not very easy to get a fitting neoprene cover for that one.
  15. That's a clever device, but like you say, it wouldn't fit Loc-line.
  16. Will the Inon thing fit the pt-010/fisheye tray/locline arm, and the olympus lenses? I'm leaning towards the gbunderwater.
  17. Thanks guys! I checked out the gbundersea thingie, but it'll be quite expensive with shipping and all. Especially if I want two of those, one for macro and one for wa. The step-up-step-down construction looks good, I'll see if I can find the parts where I live. But I should still try to attach a wire of some sort to the lenses right? Also, I have to find some sort of lens cover, the one that came with the lens won't do, I think. Tricky business, this.
  18. I just bought the pwc-01 and the pcu-01, and I am trying to figure out a clever system for being able to change between these while diving. I think they would have to be secured with a line of some sort, so I don't drop them in the sand or even into the blue. Has anyone come up with a genius system for this and would like to share? Also, do you use lens caps? The glass surface could easily become scratched if I was to swim into stuff. (yes - i know I'm not supposed to swim into stuff, but I might). Paul
  19. Hi all! I just recieved my new gear from Japan. The Olympus WA-lens, the Macro-lens, one fisheye tray/locline arm. The ys90dx is on its way. Previous equipment is the 4040 + pt-010. I've only been playing around a bit above-surface, and all is looking good. A question about the macro lens. Do I have to take the picture from exactly 10 cm to get the subject in focus? Thats what is seems like when I'm playing around with the thing. Isn't that very difficult? Without the lens, the camera does the focusing, but now it seems that I have to make sure the distance is right. About the Wide-Angle lens. From what I understand reading this forum, one ys90dx will not be enough to take good wa-shots. I accept the truth in this, and since I won't buy another one, what kind of pictures should I go for with the above setup? Surely it is possible to light a smaller subject in the foreground with the strobe, and get the blue surface as a background? How about pictures in shallow waters, with a great deal of ambient light? What settings would I use for WA? I have absolutely no idea, but I suppose the settings I've used for macro won't do. The loc-line arm is kinda short. It should be possible to simply buy an extra 5 units or so, to make the arm longer. Anyone with experience of this? And lastly, night settings. I wish to take some night pics. For this a need a flashlight to light the subject so that the camera can focus etc. How strong does this flashlight have to be. Will a small pocket-torch be enough or will I need a $400 Kowalski 50 watt lamp? Settings on the camera when taking night shots? That was all (for now ) Thankful for any advice or experiences.
  20. How would you like your Periclimenes Tenuipes?
  21. Not much to say. The only decent shot I got of anything bigger than my fist.
  22. Did the suggested cropping. Hopefully the resolution is good enough to show the ribbon eel face in focus. All the other shots I got of this geezer were suffering from motion blur. Anyone know who the pink shrimp on his right is? (our left, the ribbon eels right)
  23. Any critique on this one welcome. Oly 4040, pt-010, internal flash. This is one small pufferfish, probably about an inch long.
  24. I've used the oly 4040 and pt-010 on my first dive holiday with a uw-camera. You can definately take some good pictures with that setup, as long as you learn how to use it. There are several good tutorials on the internet, such as www.jaytreat.com that tells you what settings work and what don't. However I've ordered an external strobe and some lenses, but I would recommend you wait until you've learned to master your camera first. If you follow the advice given on the internet, you'll definately have some pictures with you back home to impress your friends. If you look around for pictures taken with a setup similar to yours, here, and on www.digideep.com and elsewhere, you'll get an idea of what's possible, and what's not.
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