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  1. I think I will next time. Actually on my last dive I used the SHQ setting, and the pictures were slightly better even on the monitor.
  2. With the mermaid and the diver, this is one big ray. Blue spotted manta ray. Sensational new discovery. I'm not sure i quite understand what you mean, echeng, should I note have posted the pics here? It was my wish to recieve critique, not to show off. Since I'm a beginner, I don't feel I am that sensitive. When I come back from my next trip though, I'll do some showing off, so I'm grateful for any non-sadistical critique now, so I have a chance to improve.
  3. Thanks a lot everyone for the very constructive critique. I'll definately bring it with me on my next trip, along with a macro lens and a strobe (already ordered). I haven't really been working with cropping at all, which I guess is a shame. The original size was HQ on the oly 4040, which is...about a meg. I think on the original picture the eels head doesn't suffer from motion blur, but the downsizing gives the impression. This weekend I'll do some photoshoping and cropping and such and such, and will post some more pics after that. This forum rocks!
  4. Apart from changing the colour balance you moved a piece of rock to behind the stingray?
  5. Here's one, I think it looks crap. Still, any critique is welcome, but it looks kind of lego-like.
  6. I'm at work so my access to software is limited. I'll have to change my username;)... One more try, same pic...wait a minute, just saw this Maximum file size (in bytes): 65536 thats 65 k, that's why i couln't PASTE before.... Oh, well, the pictures are bound to look crappy when compressed so hard? Non-Paster
  7. hmmm...it's not working out. I'll just wait until someone can tell me how they usually resize their images before posting.
  8. I can see now that it looks much worse than before I made it smaller. Why is that? What size would you say is ideal for posting?
  9. Oly 4040 in pt-010, internal flash. Took this shot on Pulau Weh, Indonesia. Going back this year, but with some lenses and a strobe.
  10. OK That answers the question well enough for me. As a newbie I have been told to get really close to the subject, and when I saw those distances I just wanted to make sure I wasn't missing the whole point. It certainly would be easier to take pictures of those fast and shy fishes if one could take it from 20 meters away... Paul
  11. A question. I'm looking at Erics gorgeous pics, and see something in the info called subject distance. First I thought it was the distance from the camera to the subject, but the clown triggerfish for instance, has the distance 21 m. Surely it isn't possible to take pictures from that kind of distance? So what is is? Paul
  12. And also, fisheye tray/arm, are they any good? Paul
  13. Found it, after I had my coffee. So if I decide to go with the ultralight, what do I need? Something similiar to what is on their page with the olympus housing? Two 5" arm segments, a bottom tray, 3 clamps and a sea&sea adaptor? Paul
  14. Thank you! The URL led me to: "The www.ulsc.com website is being further developed as a localised directory portal of HealthClubNet your ultimate UK directory of local neighbourhood gyms, fitness, physique, aerobics & health clubs" couln't find any trays, and only arms with big biceps So longer arms are better? How about those flexible things, that you can bend, are they any good? I have no idea what to look for in an arm/tray. Paul
  15. Hi I need some help. I just started w/ uw-photography last summer, and this summer I plan to continue. I presently have the Oly 4040 in a pt-010 housing. My brother lives in Japan so I can get cheap japanese stuff from him. I am planning to buy both Olympus uw-lenses, and a ys-90dx flash. What I would like to know is about the fiber optic cable, if I decide one day to buy one more ys-90dx, will I have to buy another fiber optic set or do I use the same one? I don't know how the thing works. Also, what sea&sea arm, tray-thing do you recommend. It doesn't have to be sea&sea, but it has to be japanese. Do they all fit the Olympus, is there a standard fit? Thankful for any advice, summer is closing in Paul, Sweden
  16. You could try the "force flash" mode. Just press the flash button until a flash appears on the lcd on top of the camera. Paul
  17. This Inon d-180, does anyone know anything about that, how does it differ from the ys-90dx?
  18. How about the sea&sea 120? Will that work with the 4040/pt-010? Or is it only the ys-90dx that will?
  19. Thanks very much guys. The beauty and value of internet forums like these. I'll just go with the ys90dx then. Hopefully my brother can get one for me in Japan, because they┬┤re so expensive in Sweden. But you reckon this flash is too weak for wide angle? Paul
  20. Hi all I need some help regarding what flash to buy. My setup is the olympus 4040 in the pt-010 housing. Soon I plan to buy both the olympus lenses, the macro and the wide angle. As for flash, I was thinking of the ys90dx, but recently I saw an ad for a used ys300 at about half the price for a new ys90dx. I haven't been able to find too much info on the flash as it is discontinued, but from what I understand it is much more powerful than the 90dx. Then again, there might be disadvantages with the ys300. Surely it would be nice to have a powerful flash sometimes, maybe while doing wide angle photography. And at the price it's mighty tempting, but I want to make sure first I don't miss out on some great feature on the ys90dx that would be very useful to me. So, do any of you have experience with these things, or have some knowledge that might help me. I'd be very grateful. Paul
  21. Thank you for the information. I hope that is possible in Sweden where I live too. Will look into it. I also assume that means your opinion is that the 4040 is a better uw camera than the s40?
  22. Hi all! I'm planning to try some underwater photography, and am trying to decide whether to get the s40 with Canon housing, or the 3040/4040 with the Olympus housing. The thing is, my brother is currently in Japan. I would rather have the 4040, which is only slightly more expensive than the s40, but on the former, you can't change language from japanese in the menus, while you can on the Canon models. So, I guess my choice is to get the Canon at about $450, or the 4040 at maybe $500. Both housings are around $150. Does anyone have experience with both cameras? I have the notion the 4040 is better, but how much better? Has anyone tried a camera with japanese signs in the menus? (could always get an english manual) Thankful for any advise. Paul Johansson
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