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  1. I've had an RDX 450 for my T1i/500D for a year and it's worked out really well. The only weak point is the tray that screws into your tripod mount and holds the camera in the housing-- if you're not careful it won't click in all the way, and then the shutter release might not depress all the way. I haven't had any problems with the optical cable popping out. I also have the Grip Stay L. It costs too much and weighs too much, but otherwise it's very well designed, and I wouldn't take my housing without two handles. I don't mind taking it off to open the housing. It's easy to remove (when you want to). I'm considering copying the design and machining a replacement in delrin with buoyancy handles. For now I use zip ties to attach some Stix floats. Elron
  2. I recommend you look into the Inon S2000. It costs more than Ikelite DS51 but less than the Inon D2000. It's small, light and has Inon's STTL which has worked perfectly for me. I assume it'll be able to trigger just as well through your Ikelite housing. Any of the wetpixel retail sponsors should be able to set you up with all the parts you need with prices competitive with B&H. Elron
  3. We flew on Lufthansa three weeks ago, and they weighed every carry-on bag and put a tag on each declaring that it was approved for carry-on. They did this even for a flight that wasn't full. Of course nothing stops one from adding more stuff to his carry-on after checking in and getting the tag, but I guess that would be akin to stealing. Elron
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