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  1. wow! thnx for the advice! that bundle's price is just great! that's exactly what i want!!!
  2. hmmmm... getting crazy i wish i could afford to test these units and compare but they aren't available in a shop in Mauritius! .... LX-5 is the better one of the 3 with an UW housing of $600 :/ almost twice it's price .. is it really worth the extra ? + i don't know if it's worth mentioning.. but i don't really care about portability .. whether they are compact or not.. i just want the best product for the price ... and they are all in the price range i am willing to pay.. compact is not a major +
  3. i didn't decide to avoid the Ys-110 only because of that !!! it's more expensive too! and S-2000 has been recommended to others too! that is why i am avoiding it
  4. Ok here is my shortlist Canon S95 with Ikelite housing - total to around $675 from what i've researched Panasonic LX-5 + Ikelite housing - total to around $970 Olympus XZ-1 + oly housing - Total to around $705 Should i conclude with the S95 ? it's cheaper and have read some good comments about it... Thank you everyone for helping! i wish i manage to decide 1 between these 3 and for strobe.. i'll go for an Inon S-2000 and i prefer macro shots... i'll see what macro lens i can add on to that
  5. ok.. avoiding the YS-110A hmmm thanks
  6. hmm thanks for all the advice.. some people are also recommending the Canon S95 over these 2 :/ my shortlist for camera is the only problem actually for the strobe.. i'm thinking about the Inon S2000 or the S&S YS110a ... that will be an upgrade as soon as i believe i can progress if i'm a total noob at this.. i'm not gonna invest more
  7. the casing for the XZ-1 is just 211$ on amazon... that would make my set cheaper than going for the LX5 but now i've taken a liking to the LX 5 camera + housing for XZ-1 around $650 camera + housing for LX-5 around $950 ps... i love close up shots... my budget can extend to the $900... but.. is it worth ?:/
  8. ok i've been comparing a bit.. can i allow myself to ask these questions about these 2 Based on many reviews and comparisons on the net.. the LX5 is better... but the lens of the XZ1 itself appear to be much bigger and impressive! ok ok.. no more questions abt that one.. the LX5 is better based on many reviews on that ! which casing to get for the LX5? :/ their UW case looks expensive .. the camera itself is $369 .. very nice price! UW case.. only the ikelite? :/ sold around $600! that's expensive :/ what lens / strobe is totally necessary add on?
  9. alright! i'm unfortunately not wealthy and still young to be able to afford these full sets.. one part at a time maybe if i do get more passionate about this.. but the moment it's just a coincidence that all my cameras are dead.. so i need a new one for land and uw. i'll be checking up more comparisons between the XZ-1 and LX-5 ... they are in my shortlist or... i don't know.. this is complicated :/
  10. ill be looking into both these models.. thanks a lot
  11. This is just what i want to achieve.. Mamel! the pics look clear and good ! can you please tell me the whole set your daughter used for these pics ? I'd just get all that
  12. Thanks a lot for all that info!! That really helped!!! i'll start looking into those brands.. and go on that path Thanks a lot TomR1
  13. haha ok! if i do go for the G11 i'll get the lens But for the moment... i'm still reading! all those models and soooooo much differences between them ... it's hard choosing cam + casing !
  14. totally agree with you Johnjvv ... but the thing is... i want to minimize my investments in the future on that.. so looking to get a camera that just provide options for Wide angle or Fish eye modes in their settings... i am trying to minimize my spending on the set as i do not dive that often... it's just a must for me to be able to dive though.. i won't dive without a cam...
  15. hmmm G series doesn't seem to be a good option What i like abt the Canon series are that they provide underwater casings at affordable prices for their models. Other brands for UW casings are quite expensive! still investigation a good combo camera + casing at an affordable price - total around $600 would be great
  16. the raw thing is just a + not very much needed for me... please let us know what setup you decide on
  17. woooo thnx a lot ! i will check in to these 3 cameras! the one that i prefer, based on what you wrote, is the 7100! i will definetly look into that one. I'll be ordering 1 camera in a good price soon, get the underwater case immediately.. i just hope i get one cheap any one of them and then after... ill get a strobe.. i'm no expert photographer.. but just like the facts having as much options i can use.. for instance the 570is (when using the cracked firmware) allowed for RAW and some other manual settings... i like to play with the manual settings.. looking for that as a feature in any camera i'm getting.. + would want to save costs by having the opportunity to take fish eye angle pics without having to buy a separate fish eye lens... thnx i'll research a bit more based on what you guys told me if anyone has any suggestion.. would be great budget being around $700 for both camera and casing.. don't wanna go pro.. just beautiful underwater pics
  18. Hello, I would really appreciate if you could help me choose a new camera. My brother managed to destroy 2 Canon cameras i had.. so now.. 2 underwater casings are useless.. but they were very old models a570is Now i want a new camera to be used both for land and underwater... can anyone please help me in choosing the right camera. I haven't been into the market in a long time and feel kinda lost with all those new gadgets! I wish it to be budget limited < $500 ... Can anyone tell me if i should get the Canon G12 and it's casing ? it looks suitable for its price.. but dunno if there is any other better models out there.. help plz regards
  19. 1 still left? price of the 1 left would be? :/ i wanted the pair ..
  20. Hello, Does anyone know where in China or hong kong i can buy an underwater strobe and some other underwater equipments? Targeting the Z240 Inon . If anyone knows,.. and can tell me.. it would be great Thanks
  21. another amaziiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing picture!!! Love it sooooooo much ! very nice thread.
  22. Omg! that image is so creative and soooooooooooo beautiful!!! Love that picture a lot!
  23. if you are looking to start.. in my opinion - you'd want to start with a good camera and a strobe the setup i found and which was recommended to me by many pros was the canon a570 - with the canon casing an underwater strobe and a fish eye lens (on the admount) i believe u get this set for about $700 and there are lots of people still selling the camera for very cheap on ebay or here in the classified ads.. i found mine here ! it's great! your camera will definitely need a strobe pictures are kind of very poor without the strobe.. so at least consider a strobe in your budget just my opinion.. might not be useful
  24. eXeC-

    YS110 strobes

    hi what would be the shipping cost to Mauritius? :/ would you ship international? please let me know thank you
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