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  1. These images are so Great! Complete newbie here. And I am sorry to taint your post with such a crappy question. I just want to know how you get such beautiful all black backgrounds?
  2. Quoting from http://www.digitalphotopro.com/tech/...-speeds_2.html "Image sensors have an innate “native” sensitivity, generally in the ISO 100 to 200 range. When you set a higher ISO speed, amplifiers in the image sensor’s circuitry increase the gain before sending the image data to the A/D converter to be digitized. The sensor’s sensitivity doesn’t actually increase; the camera is just amplifying the data it produces. In the process, image noise is also increased, making the image “grainier”—sort of like what happens when you “push” film speed. But generally, digital SLRs produce better image quality at higher ISOs than film, especially pushed films. If you set a lower ISO speed than the sensor’s native sensitivity, the camera’s image processor adjusts the image data after the A/D converter converts it to digital form. In the process, the dynamic range is reduced. So it’s best to shoot at the sensor’s native ISO whenever possible."
  3. I am looking to shoot some UW portraits. I have seen a lot of people using simalar lighting setups. I am looking to try out some "UnOrthodox" lighting. Has anyone ever used a flare, sparklers, bright glow sticks, or fireworks? Any thing that burns bright, and still works underwater? Is this a bad idea? Sure these things get hot, but if used in a way that the model does not actually touch them, it may look cool.
  4. I have done quite a bit of long exposer shooting top side. I have found that using the camera's native ISO setting is always best in time exposures. Use the shutter speed to get the fstop you desire. The HDR shots will thank you for this. The native ISO will get you the "clean" Low noise shots you are looking for.
  5. I used to work at a pro photolab. We had a slide scanner and it did a decent job. Much faster than a "at home" scanner. It was really reasonable too! I think we charged .39 each? I dont know about you, but that is a lot better than sitting there and taking hrs up feeding slides in one at a time, or those bulk loaders that jam all the time. Just google slide scanning, and you will get hundreds of options. Make a few calls and I am sure you will find some lab that does just what you are looking for. I would HIGHLY recomend sending in a small sample of slides before you jump in and send off 1000's at once.
  6. Thanks a ton for this post! I am dumb when it comes to this stuff and this helped out! Can someone link me to the sink cord that goes from housing to the floating pocket wizard. Cheers!
  7. Sorry about this! I have shipped Inter. before, and I have purchased Inter. with out a problem. This sucks! Hey a trip over to see him first hand might be kinda fun!
  8. Thanks for all who looked. I just purchased a new dome and port body from ReefPhoto.com. WOW they shipped this out with in 5 min of me placing the order. I am still looking for a strobe unit or two. Ikelite DS-160 Ikelite DS-200 Let me know what you have. Thanks!
  9. Do these come with any arms, extra batteries, chargers, etc.....?
  10. Still looking for these items. Let me know if you have them! Thanks......
  11. I have been using a custom PCs now for 8 yrs. I have someone that I know build them up for me. They never crash, have not failed me yet, and cost a fraction of what a MAC cost. I too own a MAC, I will never go back to them. I have several buds that swear by them (Macs), so I hope you had a better experience than I did!! I think I am the only artist that I know that says PC rules LOL. I am weird like that. Best of Luck!!!!
  12. I am in need of a Ikelite: #5510.24 - Extended Zoom Port Body & #5510.45 - 8" Dome Assembly If anyone has these items for sale let me know. I would prefer them to be in excelent shape and in perfect working order. Let me know if you have anything else for sale. I maybe interested. Thanks, MyEsque
  13. I am not interested in the one for sale, but really sad I just sold both of my 645's. What a great camera! Congrats on the wonderful system.
  14. Wow, this sounds in depth but worth the effort. Did you take any photos of the conversion process? Or could you post images of the final product? Cheers!
  15. Does any one know if it is possible to convert a Ikelite 5d housing to 5d Mark II? Let me know if you have any info on this. Thanks!
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