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    Nikon D800
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    Subal ND80
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    2 x Inon Z240; 2 x S&S YS90; 1 x S&S YS120; 1 x Ikelite D125
  1. Hi Aquanomad Which colour temp is this light? And your location? Cheers Craig
  2. Thanks cneal I am waiting to see what Subal says but think maybe a 28mm might be the go. Unfortunately there's one distributor in Australia & pretty much every EXR needs to be specially ordered. Although no direct comparison, I know, the Canon 14mm on a 5DII needs a 40mm EXR. Canon's website says that lens is 94mm long & 114 degree view. Nikon 14mm is 86.5mm long with same view. jono I used to love my 10.5mm fisheye on my D300S - nice & sharp right across the frame. Can't buy a 16mm fisheye until I can fit the port to the housing though. Cheers Craig
  3. Hi Alex Diopter is out of the question. This lens won't take filters. I did wonder about whether the extension ring is the correct length & the dealer is referring back to Subal in this regard. I was half inclined to give it a go without the extension ring (if the lens would fit) but I discovered much to my dismay that my FE/3 port will not fit directly onto my ND800 housing. The type 3 mount on the housing fouls the port preventing it attaching. Apparently I now need a new back for the port, retaining the same glass. Yet another nasty surprise from Subal! Cheers Craig
  4. Hi all Tested my 14mm yesterday & took some sample images at varying apertures. Still not particularly happy with the results. The edge & corners are very soft even at f8. Sample photos below. I took some land shots as a comparision & found that the lens is quite soft at the edges at anything under about f8 but I would expect better results underwater than what I've got so far. Any hints/tips would be appreciated. Using D800, Subal housing, FE/3 port & EXR20. I'm waiting for an EXR for my 17-35mm f2.8 to arrive & it will be interesting to compare the two. Cheers Craig
  5. Hi Guys I tried my D800 & 14mm lens on the weekend. Subal housing with 20mm extension ring. Have to say a bit disappointed with the results on the first outing. Very soft at the corners at f7.1 - f8. Seems to be some improvement at f22 but it's really not viable to shoot at that aperture all the time. Taking it out for another splash this weekend & will try & run some test shots at varying apertures. Cheers Craig
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