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  1. OOH dude thats awesome!!! Thats super helpful
  2. one question i do have about the I-Torch... is what parts would i need to mount it to the hand grip of an ikelite housing? this is the handle i have http://www.ikelite.com/web_pages/vcompact_acc.html (under compact video handle)
  3. yeah ive kinda been in between that light, and the ikelite V8.... but i think i like AA's better then C's, and with 1.5hr burn time on max i should be ok
  4. hmm those look nice... maybe a little more then im looking to spend though..
  5. Just wondering if anybody has used this light. The I-torch Video http://www.itorch.ca/i-torch-vido.html saw it at the store today and it looked like a really smooth and even lighting system at a decent price >300... i have a FlipHD cam with an ikelite housing and am looking for a light in this price range. just wondering if anyone has experience with this light or something similiar. thanks!
  6. http://www.imagebam.com/image/08cf46109800164 My friend saw this at the Vancouver Aquarium and had no idea what it was... im not sure either.... any help?
  7. yeah haha, a quick photoshop of something like a super tiny ruler and this things 8 feet long! haah
  8. ooh i agree with that, looked it up on fishbase and that seems to be the closest thing ive seen yet too it
  9. its so sad what people will do to rare animals. Its hard to tell what it is more specifically i wish i would have seen it that might have given me a better idea at if it is a ghost shark or not.
  10. my friend sent me a pic of this creature washed ashore... i thought it must have been some type of eel. although i cant find anything beyond that. and maybe its not even an eel. This was seen in Puerto Vallarta
  11. So i found an old Sony camcorder video light... its obviously not optimal for diving A - its not waterproof B - its not super bright but its cheap and its what i have... so as my first dive light DIY i figured it might be a good place to start. Just wondering on how you think it would be best to waterproof this guy?
  12. ill have to check that out... i definately plan to use it in saltwater mostly.... im starting to think this may be something i should wait until christmas for...
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