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  1. they were from cozumel. they were blue in color, as the picture shows. all the jack pictures i have looked at show the fish as a silver color. Plus the top stripe or bar is yellow
  2. i saw these while snorkeling. I cant find it in my book. waiting for the reef set to arrive. saw about 6 of these swimming together. they were about 2 to 2 1/2 feet long. all small fish vanished when they swam in. they were very very quick.
  3. just got back from my honeymoon. We stopped in roatan on a week long cruise. I took about 300 digital pics underwater while snorkeling with my C-50 & pt-014. I wanted to dive, but the wife isnt certified. Anyways, these are not the highest resolution, because they were shrunk down for the web. There hasnt been any retouching either. I found it hard to get decent shots while snorkeling. the waves moved you around too much, and the sunlight made the lcd hard to see.
  4. the maha is one of the best chargers on the market. They will allow you to get the most out of your charges. From my experience, the energizers are rated at a higher capacity than they perform at. The energizer charge is also a piece of crap.
  5. Today I was able to jump in a pool to play around with my Olympus PT-014 and C-50. Since its brand new, I wanted to play with it in some shallow water before my first dive with it. I found that in the pool (10 feet deep), the LCD was very hard to read. Is this a common problem, or do I have some sort of setting set wrong? My first "real" usage of it will be in the carribean for snorkeling, and the next day for a dive. Will I have similar problems when snorkeling?
  6. thanks for the reply. i had almost given up. i ended up getting one on ebay for 135 NIB. I cant wait for my next dive!
  7. I am going to be purchasing the pt-014 housing for my oly c-50 zoom. I am a beginner, so I am looking for info to help me achieve the best possible shots. My first few trips will be snorkeling in the carribean. I am also planning on a few fresh water dived this summer in some inland lakes and the great lakes (i am from michigan). What types of filters should I use for the carribean to get my best colors? What about for frshwater? I am assuming I will need an external strobe for deep dives, and possibly in some of the shallower inland lakes due to lower visibility. what about exposure settings? Do most people always use the macro feature underwater?
  8. I recently bought a Olympus C-50 for very very cheap. After buying it, I stmbled across different hosuing for the camera. As a beginner diver, I would love to start taking some pictures in digital format instead of with the good old disposable kodak cameras. So, my question is, how good are the olympus housings? Thye are pretty affordable, and seem to target the beginner, plus they can go slightly deeper than the ikelite housings for my camera. What about the flash difuser. Does this actual help some? What settings do people program their cameras for when they do dive? How well do cameras focus underwater What filters are recommended for underwater usage? The cheapest i found the PT-014 housing was at samsclub. They want 142 plus 6 or so to ship to me. Everywhere else seems to want 150 plus shipping to 199. Am I overlooking any reseller with good pricing? I am going to do some snorkeling in the carribean on my honeymoon (wife to be isnt scuba certified) in august. Will this setup perform decently for a beginner?
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