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  1. buceo

    light UV Dyron

    You can suggest a price if you are interested
  2. buceo

    light UV Dyron

    FS light UV Dyron with filter 500€
  3. Zoom gear N°18770 for Sigma 10-20 f3.5 40€ +shipping
  4. Adapter macco lens for Aquatica port 20€ +shipping fees
  5. Aquatica port extension ref 18453 50€+shipping fees
  6. On some french dealer we can pre-order the new strobe Inon Z330
  7. I use only the 85mm it's a good compromize and you can use a wet diopter, with it , with 60mm if you use Subsee the suject are to much closer of the lens, it's became difficulte to put your strobe and some fish or other are scared. and with aquatica you can uses the same flat port of the 60mm
  8. for me the first it's little bit dark ,it less light on the eyes the second is the best for me the third ,the first blurred plan attract to much my look
  9. have you try with Yuzo www.uwdigitalcamera.com
  10. it's the same today for me with windows 7
  11. A goup of surfers accused the Reunion marine reserve created in 2007 to attract the shark, when you heard them before this date there is no attack but it's wrong...they are ok for shark but not on their playground !!! They don't want understand if they kill some shark another replace them. For a lot of people against this killing the main problem is the waste water traitment , the waste water who comme from the ravine when it rain Yes
  12. great picture here and in your gallery ,i like the 4th
  13. KirkD send a mail in spanish to jose of sagadive he can product what you want
  14. and if someone compare it with the subsee ?
  15. you can but you need an adapter (dyron, Reefnet or sagadive...)
  16. in a french forum some divers have test it http://forum-photosub.fr/forum/viewtopic.p...mm&start=40
  17. very good movie, one of the best i have see about the Rubis
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