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  1. in spain sagadive.com http://www.sagadive.com/product_info.php?c...q9ijjjoee5llu86
  2. you can use the SB105 but only on manual you lose the TTL
  3. great shot have you use a snoot for the number 3?
  4. Sorry i don't know this housing we can't find it in France
  5. but the only housing for D90 with fiber optic systeme is the Nauticam . yes the Inon is a better choice than D160 who is more heavy and nedded specifical battery
  6. If you would like fiber optical command chose Nauticam another good choise with cable only the Aquatica or Hugy and the smallest price Ikelite for macro the nikkor 60mm AFS or AFD and for WA the tokina 10/17
  7. What is your camera? you have the UWL 100 Inon but is not good with all the camera, Dyron make WA
  8. Hi everything is in title send me pm thanks
  9. The S2000 is a good choice in this poste all the pictures are take with S90 and 2xS2000 http://wetpixel.com/forums/index.php?showt...mp;#entry275094
  10. Very good job .. could you give more detail and plan on this
  11. Very great pictures and test What is the distance to the blenny to take this pictures ?
  12. One for D70 here http://www.plongeur.com/scuba-deal/showpro...at=7&page=1
  13. for me it's not a good choice ,you can have better for the same price or little more . the Canon S95 is a better choice .
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