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  1. is the D7000 but the D90 can do with the nauticam. with the ikelite for DSLR you can't use optical
  2. actualy lot of new housing can be use with optical cable exept ikelite seacam and subal. For the new nikon, 3 of the 5 housing (aquatica,nauticam,ikelite,subal,hugy) use optical.
  3. Very beautiful pictures, for me the first and the last one are my favoties
  4. Very impressive picture, for me the best is the first. And like diggy i think you are crazy for the last one... Muchas gracias sharing
  5. the last one is amazing, it 's like we are in space
  6. very great and the best for me the 3 & 4
  7. it's possible to buy only one?
  8. They discovered the man and he had died
  9. One of my best photos I love it because I dream about it before dive and it was realize few minutes later. Set with G9 + UWL100 + Z240 / SB105
  10. in this french topic you have pictures of the modification, i think you can contact this man for more information http://forum-photosub.fr/forum/viewtopic.php?t=889
  11. normaly i think you can, i know people in France who convert sea&sea for D80 to D90
  12. I really love the wreck picture and the sea horse
  13. Je te remercie ,la prochaine fois peut ĂȘtre
  14. great pictures Damien now you can try to do the same in macro
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