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  1. Hi Luiz I have just ordered this flip adapter from Divervision, especially based on the great reviews the company has. Hopefully it should arrive within 10 days and I can give you some feedback if you haven't already bought and tried one. For $101 including shipping to South Africa it was half the price of a Subsee adapter available here, it looks a lot better too.
  2. Not sure how these compare price wise in the USA http://www.ikelite.com/accessories/4501-fiber-optic-cord.html
  3. What housing are you using it with? There are a few 67mm adapters for various sized front ports.... Personally I have used (as have many colleagues) the Ikelite 67mm adapter on Ikelite G series housings with the Inon UCL165 M67 with great results, especially as you can stack them (the lenses). The only SLR 67mm adapter I have tried is the subsea with a +10 Subsea lens, advantage of this is you can swing it out of the way underwater instead of having to unscrew it. The adapter and lens is expensive though.
  4. just re-read your message: Are you using the 6" dome port? if so, #5503.90 is not the correct dome for the 18-105mm lens, you need #5503.82 dome have a look at the port chart here: http://www.ikelite.com/web_pages/2port_nikon.html regards Nick
  5. Hi Andy, You need the special zoom ring for the 18-105mm lens, Part number is #5509.18 regards Nick
  6. It might fit, but you'll find some of the buttons won't line up correctly. Ikelite will say on there website if a housing can be used correctly for more than one camera model. http://www.ikelite.com/web_pages/camnikchart.html cheers Nick
  7. I have received a few of these enquiries from my customers here in South Africa, I spoke to Mike in repairs at Ikelite and they have now made up a 'Toggle Pawl Replacement kit'. It includes a new locking mechanism, Toggle Pawl (the part that breaks), nut, silicon grease and a small socket screwdriver for the nut with an instruction card. The part number to ask for is #9457.62 Remember to keep the two springs and metal washers though! regards Nick Ikelite South Africa
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