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  1. Nice report, I've been twice to Turks and Caicos (last one last March 2005) and it was fantastic. We even saw Humback whales from the boat during a 3 dives daytrip. French Cay is a nice day trip for diving and lot's to see. As it was lobster season we saw quite some in the water as well as on the BBQ. Fantastic trip this Beach BBQ daytour including snorkeling for the whole family. I absolutely agree the food on the island is great. The Coco Bistro is one of my favorite. Beaches are very beautiful, but I recon that there are quite some new constructions here and there. There is lots of money to be made with those condos. Greetings from the UK, Chris
  2. Hi, When I use the camera underwater (28 degree Celsius) I can easily make 150 pictures a day for at least 2 days. (No use of internal flash) Then I did recharge it, cause I don't like the experiance under water without bat-power during my holiday. Above Water in 30 degree celsuis environment I made maybe 200 to 300 pictures with one battery fill splitted up through several days. In other words the battery is excellent and it last long enough. As I usually use an external flash (above and underwater) the battery of the camera has never been a problem to me. If you have access to power during the night just charge it for the next day. I did think about buying a 2nd spare battery just in case and it might be recommended. Best regards, Chris
  3. Stunning! Really great. There is a lot I can learn from those shots. They look like there was a lot of work & knowledge involved. How did you let the mirror appear on the ground? Was is air under a plastic foil? Or is this a secret? Thanks for sharing those pictures. Greetings, Chris
  4. Hi Woody, I'm using the D70 in the Sealux CD70 housing and I'm fully satisfied with it. I have the Grand Viewfinder attached to it and I can really recommend it. That was worth every penny. When I compared the Subal housing versus the Sealux housing, I felt in love with the sealux housing, but then my bank account put me back on track and I bought the Sealux version. And I did not regret it. The extra cost for the dom-port and the (same!!) viewfinder just set me off. Don't worry about any TTL circurits.... manual flash settings as easy as everybody is telling about. More important is the leek warner, and I would definately go for this option. Also add the setting switch manual or auto focus as you might need it. All important settings (apperture, shutter, zoom) are easily accessable and it is fun talking pictures with this housing. Also the Sealux housing has more link/connection points for a flash attachment then the Subal housing. I hope you get the chance to hold both housings in your hands before making a decision. That was very important for me, at least. Chris
  5. I've been to Turks and Caicos twice and both times I dived with Dive Provo (@ Ports of Calls). The last trip was just 3 weeks ago. I have very good experiance diving with the Dive Provo team, but I recommend to have a dive buddy who does photos as well. The dive groups are smaller than 13 people (that was the one day max. out of 2 weeks) and usually they split up into different teams. We stayed at the comfort suites next to the dive center. The hotel is a 5 min walk to the beach across the road. That was enough for us, but if you need more comprehensive facility then the beaches or British West Indies Resort or Ocean Club West or The Sands are higher in class (and price). I like the ports of calls location as there are many restaurants (all price levels) in walking distance nearby. Dive Provo has two busses where they pick up the people from the hotels. I had a good time and would like to go back soon. I envy David who lives there.... ;-) Greetings, Chris
  6. I returned from Turks and Caicos just before Easter, but now my new pictures are online. I'm not a professional, but I'm quite satisfied with some shots. Have a look yourself and feel free to comment. I'd love to improve my skills. Chris See a few samples: coney: 105mm, 1/100sec, F/8 flamingo: 70mm, 1/160sec, F/8 queen: 70mm, 1/100sec, F/8
  7. Hi Jim, Nice pictures. Well done. Where did you dive in Malta? I met two dive guides recently and they recommended Malta a lot. According to them almost every spot would be in reach from the island. Where did you take those nice shots. Greetings, Chris
  8. Hi folks, During a Dive in Turcs & Caicos our diveguide pointed out this critter, but I don't know if this is really a Neck Crab or just an illusion.... <_< I would appreciate your help. Click here for the high resolution picture. Thanks in advance, Chris
  9. I went to Provo in April 2001 (Dive Provo Divebase) on Providenciales. North Point and French Cay were excellent spots. Sharks, Barracudas and Eagle reays. Grace Bay diving is cool for lobsters. April was too late for the whales. The dive center is really recommended and as a matter of fact I'm going again next week Also the surrounding restaurants are outstanding: Caicos Cafe, Cuba Bella and the COCO Bistro. All of them just a few minutes walk from the comfort suites hotel. The dive base and a few smaller restaurants are just opposite the hotel. The hotel provides you with the basic comfort and if you require more there are plenty higher class hotels where you can leave lots of money. Grace Bay beach is excellent for chill out naps and beach running. Greetings, Chris
  10. Hi Alex, I got the D70 last May and yesterday I got the CD70 sealux housing. I'm still very excited about it. And the best ..... next Monday I'm off to Turks & Caicos to flash everything that is moving under water. I like the idea with the caps and the "wetpixel.com" logo. Need to find a company who does custom caps <_< See you folks soon. Chris
  11. Hi folks, I have dived with Alex Mustard @ Cayman Islands in April 2004. We were also on the same return flight to Heatrow. I didn't know him at all, but when I returned I recognized him as he supplied the front cover for the German Tauchen Magazine. Very impressive. That's my story how I found to wetpixel. I hope to see more of you people in the future. B) Greetings, Chris
  12. Hi folks, I've been to the boat show in Duesseldorf/Germany in Jan and took a close look to the Subal housing as well as to the Sealux housing for my D70. Those were my favorites here in Europe. Just the great viewfinder on the sealux is a few hundred $ cheaper as on the Subal and this difference in price is the same on dom ports and housing.... The sealux housing does' t look as sexy as the subal, but the price performance is really good. When I hold the sea&sea housing in my hands I felt like holding a massive box in front of me. Did not really satisfy me as well as their high price. For me the sealux was my favorite choice and I can't wait to take it down. Greetings, Chris
  13. Hi folks, Do you apply the same cleaning process to the inside of your housing lens ports? Is this enough? I wonder if they require a special treatment to keep the lens clear. My biggest concern is going from the high air humidity environment into the cooler water. I would expect a thin fog film on the inside of your port. From time to time I'm using anti-fogging lens solution (supplied by my DSC-P9 housing manufactor, SONY). This works very well for the DSC-P9 housing. I'm expecting my new SEALUX housing (for D70) with different lensports soon. Shall I continue to use this anti-fogging lens solution? How do you keep a clear vision with your ports? Greetings, Chris
  14. Hi folks, thanks for the hints... Looks like the Coolscan 5000 should be evaluated. Usually the device cost is a bit higher here in Europe (definately in the UK). I need to wait for the next oversee biz trip for my next electronical device shopping experiance. Digital it goes.... Greetings, Chris
  15. Chris


    Taking the camera down keeps the fishes away. That's what I think sometimes..... Chris
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