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  1. Thanks to Dave Johnson at the Smithsonian I think we have it figured out. http://www.animodivers.com/news/images/kiankou.jpg Here is is – Lophius.
  2. Is this what I think it is? Went diving yesterday and this is a still taken from my video. The water was 59 degrees and was full of jellies and other particulates. Ok, this guy, he or she was at about 20 feet and I saw it fluttering and as soon as I dropped in on it it bowed up at me. It looked a lot like a lion fish however it had long trailing tentacles like it may have been specialized and had adapted to look like a jelly in order to catch unsuspecting prey. Cool stuff out there right now. Amazing actually. By the way, I'm in North Carolina, USA
  3. I wish tey had of told me when I bought my WP20 a few months back. Thanks for every ones information.
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